Legends of Tomorrow “Legendary” Review (Season 1 Finale 2016)

That Legends of Tomorrow was able to deliver a finale that didn’t cause my eyes to roll back into my head over the insane rules of time travel was a victory in itself. Alright, the chronal displacement that led the team to Kendra’s note and the use of the word “chronothermal” were annoying, but things moved forward in a mostly logical manner to the season’s conclusion. I wouldn’t qualify the episode as “Legendary” per se, but it was about the best-case scenario given the shakiness of this season overall.

There was a nice bit of symmetry to how this finale mirrored the premiere, with scenes of the various characters as they attempted to return to their lives before their adventures in the Waverider. In particular, the scene of Sara learning about her sister’s death on Arrow was strong, as was Caity Lotz’ performance throughout the hour. Sara Lance has long been one of the best Arrowverse characters, so it’s always great to see the show highlight her, both in action scenes and during emotional beats.

Less effective is anyone whose backstory involves ancient Egypt, so it was great to not only see the end of Casper Crump’s Vandal Savage tonight, but the departure of the Hawks at hour’s end. Savage failed to every evolve into a truly great Arrowverse villain, so his defeat in tonight’s episode felt more like a relief for viewers than a triumph for the team. Similarly, while Kendra has been alright, neither she nor Carter ever felt like integral members of the team, and certainly not favorites. I’m certain the Hawks will return in the future, but for now, their departure is a welcome one.

Still, the positives didn’t fully outweigh the weak points in tonight’s episode. There was the way Firestorm’s transmutation power was introduced, struggled with, and resolved all within the space of the hour; the repetitiveness of Stein’s Trivial Pursuit scenes with his wife; the ease with which the team took Savage down. It was a lot of small things, all of which added up to bring the episode into anti-climactic territory. On top of all of that, there was Rip’s sacrificial play that… apparently never really had to be sacrificial in the first place.

However, with Savage and the Time Masters defeated, the deck is clear for season two of Legends of Tomorrow to hopefully re-center and offer a fresh take on a promising concept. If nothing else, the arrival of Hourman gives the promise of an even grander adventure on the horizon.

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