The Flash and My Wish List

Barry, Nora, Iris, Zombie Girder, Man in Mask - The Flash

Spoiler alert – I will be discussing very recent episodes of The Flash including “Invincible” which was broadcast yesterday. Bookmark this article and come back after you are caught up with your viewing if you don’t want to read any spoilers!

With only one episode left in the season, I thought it was a good time to take a look at my wish list for The Flash from almost two months ago: My Four Wishes for the Remainder of Season Two of The Flash. I know that I tend to gush sometimes, but in the case of The Flash, I think I am justified – I just adore this show!

When I made my wish list, I was hoping that perhaps I would get one or two of the wishes granted. However, I am happy to report that in one way or another, all four of my wishes were mostly fulfilled! Thank you The Flash producers and writers! Let’s review my wishes and what has happened since I wrote my original list.

Return to Earth-2

Man in Mask - The Flash

Since March, we have returned to Earth-2, but unfortunately we have been limited to Zoom’s lair, flashbacks of Hunter Zolomon’s life, and the mental hospital where Hunter was mistreated. I had been hoping to see more of the wonders of Earth-2, but since all the breaches were closed, it is a bit difficult for our heroes to get there, although Barry did try!

The biggest disappointment for me is that the identity of the man in the mask has not yet been revealed. But, perhaps that is what is waiting as part of a season ending cliffhanger, so I am holding out hope!

No More Lies

The Flash -- " The Runaway Dinosaur"

Lying seems to come naturally to characters on superhero programs. Granted, it is typically done to protect loved ones, but still, it is lying. And, it always causes drama – and breakups.

It does appear that the characters are starting to be more truthful, but some lying remains. Joe was reluctant to tell Wally about Barry and his secret identity, although Wally learned the secret by happenstance in “Invincible”!

And, I am relieved to see that Barry and Iris are finally acknowledging their feelings for each other, but am not in a hurry to see them hook up since I feel that main characters doing that on action-adventure shows just distracts from the main action. And, after what happened with Oliver and Felicity on Arrow, I am not anxious to see Barry and Iris have a messy breakup too, because that looks to be the predominant ending of a relationship on these programs!

More Great Villains

Zombie Girder - The Flash

I happen to think Zoom is a very threatening villain. So far, he seems to be undefeatable, but Barry has now regained his speed force, and he is faster than before. This bodes well for defeating Zoom, but does not lessen the threat Zoom is to Central City and in fact the entire planet! In addition, he has assembled a formidable army of meta-humans; the worst of the worst, including Black Canary’s doppelganger, Black Siren!

Besides Zoom and his army, we also recently had some great one episode villains for the team to defeat. My favorite thus far has been Zombie Girder. I admit to being a zombie geek and find it awesome that not only did The Flash have a zombie villain, but Cisco talked about The Walking Dead – I was in geek heaven! We have also been treated to Rupture, or Dante’s Earth-2 evil alter ego. I also thought the Time Wraith was fascinating, and would like to know more about that species! Finally, Trajectory was introduced as a female speedster, albeit briefly as she did not survive the episode. Still, it was awesome!

I have admitted before that I have not read the comics, and thus do not know how Earth-2 and our Earth interact in them, but I really like it that on the TV show the evil counterparts for our heroes are from Earth-2, at least so far. Of course that could change in the future, but I am secretly hoping that will not happen.

More Great Character Moments

The Flash -- " The Runaway Dinosaur"

The Flash has always been the best superhero program, in my opinion, for character moments. The recent return of Henry Allen has led to some very warm father-son beats, until of course Zoom killed Henry. In addition, the recent episode “The Runaway Dinosaur,” had some of the best character interactions since the show premiered.

In that episode, while Barry was inside the speed force, it manifested itself as his family in order to better communicate with him. I find this truly in keeping with the fact that this show tends to focus on family and the importance of it in the lives of our heroes and in fact the entire team. Barry’s interactions with the manifestations of Joe, Iris, Nora, and Henry were very moving as Barry came to terms with his feelings and life truths.

But, speaking as a mother, I was especially moved by the warmth of Barry and the manifestation of Nora. In particular I was deeply touched by them reading the book together. My children each had favorite books that we read over and over to the point of being able to recite them verbatim, so this resonated strongly with me. The fact it was the manifestation of his mom that finally release his mojo so that he was able to regain the speed force and return to Earth meant so much for his growth.


Have you had any wishes for The Flash from earlier in the season that you have seen fulfilled? If so please let me know what they were and how you feel about them! I love to read what you have to say!