Jane the Virgin “Chapter Forty-Four” Review (Season 2 Finale 2016)


Just like any good telenovela, the season finale of Jane the Virgin packed a heavy-duty punch for its faithful viewers because while it was Jane and Michael’s wedding day (finally) there were plenty of other big storylines that came to fruition (or at least made massive progress).

Before we examine the details of Jane and Michael’s wedding, let’s take a look at what else happened in the show’s second season:

• Abuela admitted that her wedding day wasn’t as perfect as she always claimed it was to her daughter and granddaughter, sharing that the wedding veil that was passed done from generation to generation in her family was actually bought at a flea market;

• Rafael – despite loving Jane and wanting nothing more than to be with her – kept his mouth shut before Jane went inside the church to walk down the aisle to Michael; and slept with ex-wife (and baby mama) Petra after the wedding (except)…;

• That wasn’t Petra; it was her unexpected, newly-discovered twin sister Anezka – who took her place – not only a lover to Rafael but also mother to their twin daughters – as part of an elaborate scheme devised between her and their incarcerated mother Magda;

• Michael’s police partner Suzanna Barnett was TOTALLY not who she made herself out to be; she was, in fact, Rose (aka Sin Rostro), in a Mission Impossible-like mask, after what she did to Michael [more on that shortly], she wanted to run away with Luisa, who she started a relationship with under the guise of Suzanna; and,

• Rogelio and Xiomara broke up a while ago and one of the main reasons was because she didn’t want to have any more children, but Rogelio did; that situation will be made all the worse because, at the end of the episode, Xiomara learned she was pregnant and, more than likely, the baby daddy is Esteban (Rogelio’s archenemy) – with whom she had a one-stand.

Now, let’s take a look at the road to Jane and Michael’s wedding throughout the course of the finale:

• Michael forgot – in all the melee to reorganize their wedding – to book a hotel room for their honeymoon
• Rogelio was becoming a father-of-the-bridezilla leading up to the wedding
• Little Mateo started walking just in time for the big day (he was the ring bearer after all)
• Xiomara, Abuela and Rogelio were late for the wedding rehearsal because Rogelio learned about Xiomara’s dalliance with Esteban
• In order to change her thesis to the subject matter she was most passionate about, Jane had to meet with the board at her school about 80 minutes before their wedding with her dad in tow, but – despite his best intentions (keeping the classic limo being used for the big day running with the AC on high to save Jane’s make-up from melting in the Florida heat) – they had to take the bus to get to “the church on time”
• The wedding started late because of Jane and Rogelio’s bus ride, but the wedding did go off without a hitch – being the perfect wedding Jane had always dreamed – especially with Michael saying his vows in Spanish (I’m guessing he took lessons from Abuela given those side glances they shared)
• The reception was fun-filled with none other than Rogelio’s “third best friend in the world” Bruno Mars singing the song that Jane and Michael danced to the first time as husband and wife
• Jane and Rogelio had a great father-daughter dance that could rival any of those videos you see on You Tube
• Rogelio and Xiomara had a touching moment together where they both shared they want to be together, but Xio still doesn’t want kids and Ro does
• Jane and Michael FINALLY got to have sex (well, not exactly; more on that in a second) – and at Rafael’s hotel instead of their Motel 6 room that they agreed upon instead of the $1,700 a night hotel room Michael was able to land at the last minute EXCEPT when he went for ice [you knew something was going to happen when they were separated even for just a few minutes, right?!] and ran into Susanna (aka Rose aka Sin Rostro), who shot him in the chest [OMG!!!] when he figured out she’s not who she said she was.

Wow! Did you get all that? So much telenovela material all wrapped up in one episode with plenty of cliffhanger endings to keep us all on the edge of our seats until next season. What are your thoughts about this season of Jane the Virgin? Please share them below.

‘Jane the Virgin’ will return for a third season on The CW this fall.