Quantico “Yes” Review (Season 1 Finale)

Quantico (ABC) "Found" Episode 5

Quantico concluded its debut season in quite a neat manner, something I am genuinely surprised at considering how off the reservation the show’s plot went. If this were any other program, I would have been extremely frustrated with how tightly things were wrapped up, but in this case, I think an almost-reset will help immensely. That being said, Quantico is the type of show that would benefit from a shorter season, and it’s very possible the show will fly off the rails over 22 episodes again. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, executive producer/showrunner Josh Safran mentioned he’d like for Season 2 to feel more cohesive. I’m not sure if his saying that is due to all the complaints about the chaos of Season 1, especially the back half, or if he genuinely feels it. Either way, I find the statement of his to be important and hope he follows up on it. He knows the show has 22 episodes now and can’t use the whole excuse of being picked up for 13 and waiting for a back 9 more than once.

With Alex most likely taking Henry Czerny’s offer to join the CIA, I’m not sure how Safran is going to integrate her story with the rest of the gang at the FBI. The show could follow a more procedural-style approach with her on various missions. That would put the rest of the team out of commission though. It could also attempt something along the lines of the CIA and FBI working together on a foreign-based plot that somehow lands in the US. The other possibility is a mixture of all this: Alex joins the CIA remaining separate from Team Quantico for a bit, only to end up rejoining the FBI or working along the CIA in tandem with the FBI. Most of the choices feel pretty implausible, but let’s be honest, most of Season 1 was that to begin with. If the show can clean up how it handles the timelines, as well as having a more engaging antagonist, it should work.

More Thoughts As I Wonder How Long it Takes Alex to do Her Hair

– The timeline approach: this needs to be rectified immediately. There were just too many occasions were I had to pause and think if it was past or present. Scenes with Shelby were helpful due to the hair difference, but that shouldn’t be the deciding factor. How to Get Away with Murder handles this much better in terms of having the flashbacks and flashforwards physically look different than the present day. Not to mention there are certain visual and audio clues that always precede a flashback or flashforward scene. Quantico would be wise to follow this. Actually, the show should do away with the whole 2 timelines aspect, but Safran mentioned in his interview with EW that that would not be the case. As such, he needs to make the difference between the two more discernible.

– One thing I do give Safran credit for is having Simon be the notable death. I was expecting it to be one of the twins, if nothing to make it easier on Yasmine Al Massri. But Simon actually made the most sense considering his involvement with the bombs themselves. His final moments unfortunately were marred due to the ever cliché “talking on the phone as I commit my last act” trope. It wasn’t necessary to raise the tension and fell incredibly flat. Tate Ellington did well with what he had this season though, and I’m sure he’ll move onto the next thing quickly.

– The major hurdle Quantico will still face is that Priyanka Chopra is the weak link of the actors. She’s engaging to look at, but putting her against Johanna Braddy, Graham Rogers, etc doesn’t do her any favors. And that’s a problem. She’s not Viola Davis (and to be perfectly honest, Team Quantico is nowhere near the Keating 5 in terms of personality).

– Liam’s motivations were paper-thin at best, so I’m glad to see that he was disposed of. In fact, I’m still curious why Josh Hopkins replaced Dougray Scott in the role. Having seen how everything turned out, I think Scott would have been the more believable actor in that circumstance. Now I could get behind Marcia Cross as an antagonist though. She’s more than up to the task.

– Shelby and Caleb seemed wayyyy too chummy at the end considering all the crap that happened between them. Dude, she slept with your dad!!

– I also hope the whole “everybody has a secret” thing is done with now. Some were interesting (Alex). Others… were not (Caleb).

– Seriously, how does Alex get her hair to look that good??