Bones “The Fight in the Fixer” Review (Season 11 Episode 15)

Bones The Fight in the Fixer

I don’t believe we have ever experienced a Bones case involving the death of a fixer before. This was a first! This week’s case featured the murder of a powerful man by the name of Frankie, who was discovered by two frat brothers during a Polar Bear Plunge into the Potomac River. While interviewing the man’s wife, Booth discovers that he is a “fixer” of sorts. The wife wants whoever killed her husband to pay. Her statement makes her seem like a possible suspect. Or maybe she’s just as rough and cut-throat as her husband sounds?

After the usual game of connect-the-dots, the team comes full circle, back to Frank’s assistant, Kerry, who was dishonest from the start when she didn’t turn over all of Frank’s files to Aubrey. In the end, we find out Kerry wanted Frank’s $2 million.

Angela & Hodgins

Their storyline took somewhat of a surprising turn. It seemed when we saw them last that they would be splitting up. Instead, Hodgins was trying to make things up to Angela by buying her a diamond bracelet. She’s not nearly as impressed by her gift as Cam, who comments that Angela is wearing more ice than the victim.

The victim came in encased in ice, a challenge that had Hodgins back to his old self as he comes up with a plan to defrost him. Yes, he is still King of the Lab! All seems well until we see Angela tell Cam that she and Hodgins aren’t the same. They haven’t been intimate. Could something extreme be in their future?

Booth & Brennan

These two are stronger than ever and hilarious when they have to question Christine about her excellent report card. The 1st grader’s marks are written in two different colors of ink. The situation makes for a funny side story that gets a little serious when Dr. Wells gives Brennan a run for her money.

He’s just as cocky and comments that he too received the highest marks at Christine’s age. When he attended 1st grade it was a lot harder than now. Wow, Brennan handled the situation well! Also – Dr. Wells is now my least favorite squint.

Aubrey & Karen

Yes, that’s right! Aubrey and Karen shared some interesting screen time this week when Karen asked him out on a date. He is completely blindsided by her. Later, we see the two in the car together. Karen is open and honest about doing her homework when it comes to Aubrey’s past. The end result – he has daddy issues! And they aren’t over yet. Aubrey’s father is investigating him.