The Originals “Give ‘Em Hell Kid” Review (Season 3 Episode 21)

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On the penultimate episode of “The Originals,” everyone split nearly down the middle to deal with various threats- and losses- in “Give ‘Em Hell Kid.” As most of the Mikaelsons dealt with Cami’s death and subsequent funeral; Kol, Marcel, Vincent and Josh had a small, private ceremony for Davina, which only they attended. Meanwhile, Freya continued to work hard to determine whether or not Lucien’s prophecy still held weight, even in light of his death.

We began with preparations for the two disparate funerals, as everyone dolled themselves up in preparation. It was clear that Elijah and Hayley were getting closer by the minute, but most everyone else was drifting further apart, lost in their own respective reveries.

The differences between the two ceremonies were night and day. Cami’s was bright, bold and brash, complete with, as promised, a marching band right down the streets of the Quarter, followed by a raucous wake where the whiskey was always in plentiful supply- it was an Irish wake, after all.

Meanwhile, Davina’s ceremony was a lowly affair, only attended by those who knew her best: Marcel, Josh, Vincent and Kol. Everyone said a few words, save Kol, who was too overcome by the emotion of what he’d done to speak. Marcel, on the other hand, vowed vengeance against the Mikaelsons for what they’d done.

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Back at the wake, Detective Kinney (Jason Dohring) is in attendance, but is having trouble figuring out what exactly happened to Cami- as well as continuing to have a fuzzy memory in general about things. Though questioning, his compulsion to stay out of things still holds- for now.

Marcel also drops by to pay his respects, though he doesn’t speak to anyone. Elijah wants Klaus to back off and give Marcel some time, but Klaus thinks he should reach out sooner than later, lest anger take root and blossom into something uglier if they don’t watch themselves. After all, there’s still the prophecy to contend with.

Back at the compound, Kol confronts Freya for not attending either funeral, calling her out for what she did. She makes no apologies, really- it was what needed to happen, in her opinion. Now, her main focus was on the prophecy, but Kol could care less- he says he’s done with this family, once and for all, least of all her, who he never really knew or cared about in the first place and storms out, saying they can all rot in Hell for all he cares.

Vincent and Kinney get to talking at Cami’s wake and it’s clear that Kinney isn’t letting his reservations about her death go. Vincent says he only thinks he wants to know, but he doesn’t, really. Kinney begs to differ, so Vincent asks Kinney to come with him somewhere.

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Josh proceeds to get wasted drunk, lamenting to Marcel about this unfortunate turn of events and wishing they could have done more. Marcel says maybe they can, and shows Josh that he has the serum Vincent retrieved from Aurora’s body. Josh rejects the idea out of hand, telling Marcel he’d live to regret it, given what happened to Lucien. Marcel seems to table the idea- for now.

Back at the Mikaelsons compound, Elijah checks in on Freya’s progress, but she isn’t getting anywhere until Elijah touches her and she gets a flash of something. He does it again, and they both get visions of Marcel on a rampage and it dawns on her what has happened: Marcel has taken the serum Vincent extracted from Aurora.

Klaus goes to talk to Marcel, not knowing about any of this. He tells Marcel he’s sorry and that he was against what happened and wished there had been another way, but that his family did what they thought was necessary. Klaus tells Marcel he’s family, too, and asks for one last chance to prove it, telling Marcel to come with him somewhere.

Freya tells Elijah she needs to find Klaus and warn him ASAP- she doesn’t have enough Ancestral power left to combat another uber-vamp. He rushes off to find them and stop Marcel from taking the serum, if he hasn’t already.

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Kol is seemingly attacked by some unknown force, which he realizes is actually Davina, trying to get his attention from the other side. But is she mad at him, or trying to tell him something? He apologizes profusely, whatever the case.

Vincent takes Kinney to the house where his ex, Eva, used to practice her dark magic, pointing out that everyone in New Orleans kept their distance from this place, convinced that it was haunted. He tells Kinney that they’re right to be afraid: witches, voodoo and magic are real, despite what he might think.

Vincent tells Kinney about a magical object that Eva had stashed there and retrieves it from a hidden safe in the walls. He likens it to a mystical battery cell that is able to suck up and retain negative energy.

He says if they can somehow siphon the dark magic of the Ancestors into this sphere, then they can stop things from getting worse and end the reign of terror of the Ancestors once and for all by cutting them off from New Orleans altogether, but he needs Kinney’s help. Otherwise, it’s entirely possible the city might be leveled as the war continues to play out between the Ancestors and the Mikaelsons.

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Klaus takes Marcel to the bridge where he scattered his father’s ashes, who Marcel hated. He mentions how, in doing so, Marcel threw his “hate to the wind,” and left it behind symbolically in the process. Klaus wants him to do the same now, and let this matter with Davina go, before it causes even more pain between all concerned.

Marcel balks at this, saying that he owes Klaus nothing, and if anything, Klaus owes him for all he’s put him through. Klaus admits he’s done wrong by Marcel, but that it was mostly driven by fear that he’d ultimately be a better ruler- and person- than he ever would or could be. Elijah arrives and the conversation immediately stops, as he looms threateningly.

Kinney busts up a voodoo ring in the Quarter at Vincent’s behest, which allows him to sneak in and grab some things he needs in order to perform the ritual to contact Davina and the other side. He tells Kinney how tombs are like a link between the living and the dead and he wants to go a specific one and use it to break the connection between the two.

Kol, who has apparently been following them, comes in and says the only way to do so is for Vincent to die first. Vincent allows that this is true, but says that he will have an anchor to bring him back on this side in Josh. Kinney agrees to hold down the fort on his end by keeping everyone out of the area in which Vincent will be performing the ritual and Kol insists on coming along.

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Elijah asks Marcel for the serum, which comes as a shock to Klaus, who had no idea he even had it. Elijah says it’s time to end this now, before anyone else gets hurt. Marcel says he’s tired of constantly deferring to Elijah and Klaus and everyone else- it’s time for a change. Elijah has a flash of his vision and recognizes this as a moment from it.

Josh meets Vincent and Kol at the underground tombs and they start the ritual. Josh brings Davina’s favorite record for the spell and Vincent takes hemlock to kill himself and both he and Kol lock hands with Josh. In no time, they are in the afterworld, with Josh serving as their anchor to this world, so that they can return when finished.

Marcel tells the Mikaelsons he’s ashamed he used to look up to them and Elijah tells him to choose what he does next wisely. He pulls out the serum and makes as if to drink from it and Klaus rushes him, but Marcel tosses him aside for the moment.

However, Elijah uses the attack as a distraction and stakes Marcel, and he falls off the bridge and into the water, seemingly dead. Klaus is beside himself, distraught with this turn of events, telling Elijah it was unnecessary and could have been avoided. Elijah begs to differ, saying that Marcel was too formidable an opponent to risk him taking the serum.

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Kol locates Davina on the other side and she tells him that she’s in a lot of pain but wants to help. But only on one condition: Vincent needs to return immediately, as they need someone to rule the witches above ground if this works and she can’t take the risk of anything happening to him in the afterworld.

It isn’t really up to him, as Davina sends him back in the blink of any eye and that’s all she wrote for Vincent. Davina tells Kol that he needs to go as well, as if he stays here, he’ll be stuck here once the connection is severed and she could never live with herself if she let that happen.

Once again, she gives Kol no choice and simply sends him back after they embrace and he hands her the sphere. She begins the spell on the sphere, with seemingly no interference from the Ancestors, who have apparently abandoned her altogether. There are a series of explosions, first within the tomb, then without, as Josh, Vincent and Kol scramble to safety.

The Mikaelsons return home, where a tearful Elijah tells Hayley about what has happened with Marcel and she comforts him. She tries to do the same with Klaus, but he’s not having it. She tells him he has to forgive Elijah for doing what he thought was the right thing, and points out that he’s done way worse over the years. Klaus says she sounds like Cami and storms off.

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Vincent finds Kinney and tells him that, as far as he knows, the plan worked and the Ancestors have been cut off. Vincent thanks him for his help and Kinney thanks him in return for opening his eyes to the reality of his surroundings again, which he had sensed for some time to be true but could never quite allow himself to believe, for some reason, i.e. Klaus’ compulsion.

Hayley tells Elijah he has to forgive himself for what he did and they kiss for the first time in many a (full) moon. Josh and Vincent arrive and confront Klaus, who tells them about Marcel’s fate. Josh is taken aback, worried that he might be partially responsible for talking Marcel out of taking the serum- if he hadn’t Marcel would be alive now.

Vincent laughs and says that Marcel took that serum the minute he gave it to him- the rest had all been subterfuge to see how everyone would react to it, or at least the threat of it. Obviously, Elijah didn’t react well to the news. Vincent says, if the Mikaelsons think the threat is behind them, they’re in for a rude awakening when Marcel returns. Underwater, we see Marcel open his eyes again, and that’s it for this episode.

So, as ever, the show managed to deftly walk the line between pathos, melancholy and action, making sure it was evenly distributed between the three in such a way as to have maximum impact. Yes, I’ll allow that I don’t think any of us were fooled that Marcel was really dead, least of all so soon after the death of two other major characters, but the show went a long way towards selling it, nonetheless.

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To its credit, it didn’t drag out the inevitable, as we learned soon enough that we hadn’t seen the last of Marcel. Obviously, the final episode will deal with the fallout of Elijah’s actions, and the Mikaelsons trying to combat an uber-Marcel. From the looks of things in the preview for next week, that will involve bringing back Rebekah, in hopes of talking some sense into Marcel. Good luck with that.

This was a solid enough episode, which gave two beloved characters a rousing send-off, allowing each to go out on their own terms- Cami with a celebration, while Davina went down swinging, as always. I dug the contrast between the two respective funerals and how they mirrored each of the dead perfectly.

I also liked how expertly the show dealt with Marcel’s particular brand of grief and walked us through his process, while at the same time allowing for the fact that he had a tendency to act impulsively and forcibly, without hesitation. Why think about jumping off that bridge when you can just do it? Marcel made that decision long before Elijah took matters into his own hands.

This was certainly in keeping with Marcel’s personality, as well as Elijah, who has kind of switched places with Klaus, temperament-wise, as of late. Now, it’s Klaus that is thinking methodically, carefully, about his actions, while Elijah is the one acting first and thinking later. I like this change in dynamic and it will be interesting to see how it plays out in the finale.

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Who will be left standing at the end of the season? Hard to say. One the one hand, they just took out two major characters- are they really going to go for more? On the other hand, this has been a pretty unpredictable season- and show, in general- so, it’s tough to call. You just never know with “The Originals,” which is why we love it. The show knows how to keep you guessing.

What did you think of the latest episode? What are your predictions for the big season finale? Who will emerge victorious? Will there be more casualties? How will it all end? Sound off down below and see you next week!