The 100 “Perverse Instantiation, Part 1” Review (Season 3 Episode 15)

The 100 gave us the first part of its third season finale this week, an episode that began our heroes’ final assault on Alie and her mind-controlled army. It was an exciting, well-structured hour of television, one that has me excited to see how things wrap up in part two next week. Still, “Perverse Instantiation, Part 1” did have a few problems that I can’t overlook.

Really, these are problems that have been there all season. Much of the third season of The 100 has felt jumbled, to the point that it wasn’t clear until over halfway in what the actual endgame of this year would look like. As a result, there are some character arcs that feel a bit dropped or rushed through. Specifically, Ontari and Roan both never got the chance to develop into fleshed-out characters, and Pike’s redemption arc seems to amount to him just being a trustworthy guy now.

Another problem is that the show has really gotten comfortable working torture into the plot on a weekly basis. It fits with how unfeeling and cruel Alie can be, but watching Clarke get stabbed by her own mother or seeing Abby strung up and choking were a bit much. I think the worst of it was actually Kane getting crucified a few weeks back, but having such events happen so often has left me a bit desensitized and feeling like the torture is needlessly grim to keep going back to.

Otherwise, though, this was a great episode that quickly made it clear just how dangerous the situation our heroes were up against was. Not only were they attempting to infiltrate a hive-minded city, but the surprise reveal of Jasper having chipped himself meant that Alie knew they were coming. This led to a great series of scenes with Bellamy, Murphy and the others desperately trying to stay ahead of a brain-washed army, doing what they could to reach Clarke.

In the process, we got some strong action scenes, which included a great elevator fight for Bellamy and Murphy. Plus, this was in general a brutal episode, with plenty of characters getting shot, stabbed or otherwise injured in the course of battle. Even back at base, Monty took a screwdriver to the gut and was able to walk it off like a champ.

Speaking of Monty and Jasper, though, I did find Jasper’s explanation for why he took the chip to be a bit underwhelming. So much of this season has been built around seeing him get over his grief that it was a shame to hear he willingly threw it all away, especially knowing the harm he was likely to do to his friends as a result. I’m hoping there’s more to the story that we don’t know yet, but as is, it’s an unfortunate turn for someone who was once my favorite character.

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