Legends of Tomorrow “Destiny” Review (Season 1 Episode 15)

You know, as much guff as I’ve given Legends of Tomorrow for its lack of time travel rules, I was actually pretty excited when Jax approached the past version of Stein in tonight’s opening. Whether it was the Back to the Future fan in me or the fact that I’ve given up on this show having internal logic, I was ready to just try enjoying “Destiny” on its own merits. Unfortunately, the big moments and reveals of this episode just left me feeling hollow.

So much of tonight’s episode landed with a dull thud. The reveal that the Time Masters have actually been controlling the actions of Rip’s crew from the beginning was beyond ludicrous, made worse by the fact that they ordered the death of his family in the first place. Never mind the snake eating its own tail construction of how that death goes down here, or how the Vanishing Point itself actually works, but their plan is so needlessly convoluted; if they needed to interfere in the timeline to help Savage, just send actual agents to do it instead of turning one of your own against them.

Then there’s the non-drama in having Mick seemingly be turned back into Chronos, or the ease with which Jax is able to return to the future. It’s the same series of easy developments and coincidences that have plagued the show for a while now, where things happen just because the show needs them to. In a warped way, the show’s writers are as manipulative and corrupt with power as the Time Masters themselves.

And all of that would just make for another dull episode, but then the show makes the decision to kill of its best character. Save for maybe Sara, the show has spent more time developing Snart than anyone else, so his death should be an impactful moment. But this show has already brought back two dead characters in some form or another, so how is death supposed to matter? Even without knowledge of actor Wentworth Miller’s contract to appear on several shows next season, why does death matter in this show anymore? And if he is dead, it’s a waste of, again, the show’s standout character.

So, this was yet another disappointing mess of an episode for the show, and one that gives me little faith in next week’s finale delivering a satisfying conclusion. Hopefully, a second season built around fighting the Thanagarians will make for a better, more structured year of television.

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