Arrow “Monument Point” Review (Season 4, Episode 21)

Desperate times call for desperate measures and apparently also make for strange bedfellows. That was certainly the case in this week’s Arrow. Team Arrow only had about twenty hours to stop Darhk from using Rubicon to launch all the world’s nuclear weapons. Felicity very quickly realized that she was not going to be able to stop the missiles on her own, so Team Arrow hunted down The Calculator aka Noah Kuttler aka Felicity’s dad to help them. This decision led to Felicity and dear old dad attempting a heist which I’m not entirely sure was necessary. I know they needed that particular piece of equipment in order to be able to stop the launch, but why did they have to infiltrate Palmer Tech to get it? Why not just call Curtis, lay out what’s going on, and have him go get the tech? As far as I know, Curtis hasn’t been fired so they could’ve all saved themselves the trouble. And for that matter, they could’ve asked Curtis to help them with the computer stuff. I don’t know whether he’s as good as Noah and Felicity, but I’m thinking he definitely could’ve been helpful. I know he definitely would’ve been more trustworthy.

The heist was really just to give Felicity and Noah an opportunity to bond over techie things while saving the world. Noah spent almost the entire time attempting to convince Felicity that he isn’t as bad as she thinks he is. He also wanted to make her understand that there were two sides of him and if she would only give him a chance and blah blah blah. The truth of the matter is, he was just a horrible father who abandoned Felicity and Donna when things got difficult. Besides, the middle of a heist isn’t the best time to have the ‘give me a chance and you’ll see I’m actually a great guy and I’ll make it all up to you’ conversation. Granted, with it possibly being the end of the world, he might not have another opportunity, but still. It seems like Noah should’ve been a bit more focused on helping Felicity save the world instead of attempting to justify his failures as a father.

Felicity wasn’t the only one stuck with a father she didn’t really want to have anything to do with. Thea quickly realized that she was trapped in Darhk’s ark because Malcolm insisted on it. Malcolm laid out Darhk’s plan for Thea and, stating the obvious, Thea pronounced that both Malcolm and Darhk are insane. Listening to Malcolm talking about how the world is insane and in need of a reboot, I started chuckling. In the interest of full disclosure, I must admit that I laugh at inappropriate things all the time. So maybe I wasn’t supposed to laugh, but the idea that Darhk and Merlyn want to rebuild the world is hilarious. Two sociopaths picking and choosing who will survive the end of the world and then those same two sociopaths will run the new world. What could possibly go wrong? At any rate, somehow Lonnie Machin got into Darhk’s super secret safe town and was going to blow it sky high. Thea and Malcolm were able to stop him and defuse the bombs he set, but Alex got caught in the crossfire and was an unfortunate casualty. I doubt Thea is going to handle this well.

My primary issue with this episode was the lack of gravity given to Havenbrook’s destruction. Yes. Felicity was forced to make a snap decision. People were going to die, and she was given all of about half a second to decide whether it would be thousands of people or millions of people. It was certainly a no win situation, and it was not something that should be given the brush off. Other than Felicity having a moment of panic when she wasn’t sure her attempt worked and then Lila telling Felicity that she did the best she could in a no-win situation, there were no consequences to the decision Felicity made. I get that the show wanted to thrill us with a glowy version of Damien Darhk (that’s about to hand Oliver his rear end again), but that really could’ve waited until the next episode. The fact that A NUCLEAR WEAPON WAS DETONATED ON AN AMERICAN TOWN should have been given more than a minute or so of screen time.

Despite a few quibbles, this was a pretty good episode. Arrow is actually at its best when Team Arrow is spread thin trying to stop the villain from accomplishing his or her nefarious plan. I’m still not understanding why we keep having island flashbacks. They are confusing, slow down the current action of the plot, and are overall uninteresting. The only reason I can figure we still have island stuff is to show that simply handling the totem can corrupt a person, but honestly, I don’t know. More importantly, I just don’t care. There’s enough happening in the here and now that we don’t need the island stuff anymore.