The Originals “Where Nothing Stays Buried” Review (Season 3 Episode 20)

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On the latest episode of “The Originals,” the casualties kept coming as the Mikaelsons worked overtime to both save Davina and defeat Lucien- but could they do both? In “Where Nothing Stays Buried,” we found out, and the answer wasn’t pretty. Fair warning: things are going to get into spoiler territory, so if you haven’t seen it yet, be sure and watch it first!

We picked up where we left off, more or less, as Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) arrived at the bar to find a devastated Kol (Nathaniel Buzolic) holding a lifeless Davina (Danielle Campbell), after he’d killed her in a murderous rage in the last episode. Kol tells Marcel about the Ancestors thing, but he’s not having it and punches Kol. Deciding he’s not taking this lying down, he announces that they’re going to bring Davina back, by any means necessary, even if it means involving the Mikaelsons.

Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) brings Klaus (Joseph Morgan) a book on werewolf history to peruse, just in case it has something they can use to remedy Lucien’s now-proven-fatal bite. Klaus is naturally still reeling from Cami’s death, but hasn’t gone off the reservation and left the compound- yet. Meanwhile, Freya (Riley Voelkel) is working overtime to figure out a way to combat Lucien (Andrew Lees) and the Ancestors.

Vincent (Yusef Gatewood) also thinks he might can remove the remnants of the uber-vamp serum from Aurora’s body so that they can destroy it and prevent any more Luciens running around New Orleans, and is working on that when he gets word about Davina. He tells Marcel and Kol that they have to consecrate her body before they can do anything, but Kol is skeptical since it will in turn make her vulnerable to the Ancestors in the afterlife, which is just what they want.

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Van Nguyen (Lawrence Kao) reports back to Lucien and tells him that the Mikaelsons haven’t left the compound since Cami’s death and they are protected from Lucien entering because the house is in Rebekah’s name. Lucien says that he’ll have to find Rebekah and kill her then, which should take care of that problem.

Marcel and Kol go to the Mikaelsons for help with Davina, which they agree to, as Vincent stays behind with her body to watch over her. Freya says that she can do a spell that will place her in a protective circle after she is consecrated that will keep her safe from the Ancestors, until they can figure out a way to bring her back, but they will have to work together and fast.

The one catch is that she needs the blood of a Mikaelson to do it, and since she will be occupied with the spell and Kol has been infected, it comes down to Klaus and Elijah. Elijah becomes the one by default when a warning system Freya has in place goes off, alerting them that Lucien is going after Rebekah and actively looking for her. As only Klaus knows her location, he has to go, but Hayley insists on coming with him.

Vincent consecrates Davina’s body on Freya’s signal and she wakes up in the afterworld, where she discovers one of her victims, Kara Nguyen (Joyce Brew), waiting for her, along with a bunch of other angry ancestors. Almost immediately, they start to do a spell on her involving some glowing artifact, but thankfully, Freya completes her end of the spell and Davina is taken out of the afterworld and pops up within the circle she has made at the compound, which no one can break, lest they destroy the magic and send her back to the clutches of the Ancestors.

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Davina tells them what happened and Kol recognizes the description of the item as being the Lifeblood Stone, which is the worst possible punishment they could have used against Davina, as it basically tears her soul to pieces and would make her unable to be resurrected ever again. As such, they cannot let Davina go back until they figure out how to save her and make it permanent, or she will no longer be able to come back, period.

Freya, however, thinks they can funnel the Ancestors’ power through Davina and use that to defeat Lucien. The problem is, that would break the circle, thus leaving her vulnerable to the Ancestors in the process. The even bigger problem is they can only do one thing at a time. Either they use Davina to kill Lucien and get rid of their most pressing enemy and she dies, or they take a chance and try to come up with something else to kill Lucien to save Davina.

Surprisingly, Klaus votes against killing Davina, recognizing that it will only turn Kol, Marcel and Vincent against them, thus trading one enemy for several others. I guess he is learning! He does snip at Hayley for comparing her situation with Jackson to his with Cami, but he has a point, in that the two are vastly different, as the person her heart truly belonged to wasn’t Jackson at all, but Elijah, and they both know it.

This isn’t wrong, but maybe a bit harsh. Still… baby steps! There may be hope for Klaus after all. He even goes so far as to encourage Hayley to act on her feelings for Elijah before it’s too late, as who knows how long any of them have left, what with Lucien about. True enough, as Lucien crashes into their car almost immediately thereafter.

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Vincent catches Van lurking about the graveyard, trying to get a bead on Rebekah and calls him out for working with Lucien. He says he’s only doing it because of the Ancestors, and that they are using Lucien as a pawn and a means to an end, so it’s only temporary. Vincent doesn’t care and casts a spell on Van, with an assist from Kol, who tackles him, bashing his head against a tomb.

Davina talks to Marcel and tells him it’s not his fault this happened, it’s hers. She’s the one who did the things she did, including killing Kara, and now she’s paying the price. As this is happening, Freya breaks the circle and Elijah rushes Marcel and knocks him out. The Ancestors immediately start attacking Davina again, and Freya siphons their powers into herself to use to combat Lucien.

That accomplished, she leaves the circle again, but Davina remains behind, with the Ancestors continuing to attack. After Freya and Elijah take off, Marcel revives and he, Kol and Vincent work quickly to try and save Davina somehow, with the latter bringing Davina’s physical body to the circle, in hopes of bringing her back that way, forcing Van to help as Regent.

Alas, it’s to no avail, as the Ancestors have already caught up to Davina and finished their own spell with the Lifeblood Stone, which means there’s no coming back for Davina, period. With that, “The Originals” takes out yet another major cast member, for the second week in a row! Wow- this show isn’t playing around. Take note, “Vampire Diaries”- this is how you keep viewers on their toes.

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Lucien attacks Klaus and the two fight in a nearby abandoned house, as Hayley struggles with having been impaled by shrapnel from the car wreck. Lucien says his time has finally come and goes in for the kill, despite Klaus’ pleas that he really did consider him a friend back then, before Mikael returned and everything went south. Hayley manages to free herself and intervenes, but neither are faring too well against Lucien’s uber-vampire strength.

Marcel lets Van leave, convinced there’s nothing more to be done for Davina. He turns on Kol, pointing out that his family only looks out for themselves and he should have known better than to go for them for help. Kol is heartbroken, too, but he knows all too well that Marcel is absolutely right- family always comes first with the Mikaelsons.

Lucien tells Klaus to kneel before him and he might spare Hayley, who he is about to rip the heart out of. Klaus starts to do so, but Freya and Elijah arrive and Freya immediately does a spell to remove Lucien’s powers, which works, making him vulnerable again. Klaus slits open his mouth- which you’ll recall was Lucien’s signature move as a serial killer when he first arrived in New Orleans- then finishes him off by removing his heart.

Klaus rightfully declares that Lucien is back to being nothing again- this time for good, and we had our second big casualty of the night. Klaus burns Lucien’s body and it’s time to head back to New Orleans, so that he can give Cami a proper burial, with a wake at Rousseau’s and a marching band and the like, something that Klaus had refused to address before now.

Marcel confronts Elijah and Klaus about their actions, saying that if someone isn’t family, they don’t matter and only end up dead. They tell him he is family, but Marcel says not anymore- he’s done with them. Meanwhile, Kol tracks down Van and kills him off, in revenge for his part in Davina’s death.

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Freya apologizes to Vincent for her role in things, but Vincent isn’t having it, either. After that, the mood is kind of melancholy at the compound. Hayley goes to Elijah to comfort him. Klaus sits with Hope, lamenting that they had to sacrifice Davina to avenge Cami- something she would have never have wanted. He points out that they may have created a new monster to kill off the former one.

This proves to be all too true, as Vincent arrives at Marcel’s to inform him that he successfully managed to extract the uber-vampire serum from Aurora’s body. He says what the Mikaelsons did can’t go unanswered and gives him the means to become capable of getting revenge against them. Will Marcel finish what he started long ago and take back New Orleans for himself? Will he take out the Mikaelsons? We’ll just have to wait and see…

If last week’s episode was a bit of a somber affair- albeit understandably so, given the passing of one of the major characters, Cami- this one more than made up for it by being both action-packed and unpredictable. I certainly didn’t think they’d kill off Davina, least of all so soon after Cami.

I also didn’t expect them to take out Lucien so quickly, either, though once they got to the end, I saw the method to the show’s madness, as it certainly looks like Marcel is going to go rogue sooner than later, thus effectively making him the show’s new Big Bad.

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I will miss Davina. I know some people hated her, but I thought she was a well-rounded character that behaved in a way that was logical to someone her age. Teenagers often act rashly and do things they later regret- only in her case, it had even more serious repercussions, given the supernatural elements at play.

Yes, her romance with Kol was fast-tracked a bit, but who among us hasn’t fallen hard for the wrong person when we were young? (Or when we were older, for that matter!) I certainly had an easier time buying that than, say, Bonnie and Enzo on “The Vampire Diaries,” that’s for sure. The question is, is Davina really gone? On this show, you never know.

If I had to guess, I’d say that Marcel will take the serum and make a deal with the Ancestors- if he kills the Mikaelsons off, then they release Davina from their spell and reassemble her soul or whatever. Normally, I would say they might not agree to such a thing, as their hatred for Davina knows no bounds, but keep in mind that Kol killed off Kara’s son, and she seems to be the sort of ringleader down there- and they no longer have Lucien at their disposal.

My guess is that they’ll make a deal in the short term with Marcel, but find a way to double-cross him whether he kills the Mikaelsons or not. After all, it’s not as if the Ancestors are playing by any rules, really. As Vincent pointed out in the last episode, they kind of just do what they want, serving as judge and jury as they see fit. I just don’t see them resurrecting Davina by any means, save maybe temporarily to achieve their main goal of killing off the Mikaelsons.

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What did you think of the latest episode of “The Originals”? Were you also shocked they took out Davina? Or Lucien, for that matter? Will you miss either one of them? Do you think Marcel will do what I predicted and take the serum? Or will the show knock us for another loop and do something else altogether? Make your predictions down below and see you next week!