The Amazing Race “That’s Money, Honey” Review (Season 28 Episode 11)


The Amazing Race finally let everybody onto a plane as “That’s Money, Honey” got all of our teams on the same flight to Shenzhen, China! The most populated country in the world has been the location of many legs of the race in the past, so it was only natural to return there. It was nice to see a more technologically advanced area of the country with Shenzhen, though. I feel like they usually go to the more rural or super-populated areas of China, so the towering skyline was a nice visual change of pace.

We had some drama right away at the airport as Tyler and Korey decided to lie to Sheri and Cole about not finding their clue. I don’t know why Tyler and Korey got mad at Burnie for blowing their lie, though. Like it was some kinda freakin’ Machiavellian genius scheme. The guy was just asking a totally innocent and reasonable question and they acted like he was purposefully blowing up their brilliant plan.

The Road Block was a fun one, as the teams got to run around the Window to the World theme park. It was a fun idea to let us in on the clues and let us play along a bit as well. I knew all of them myself except for the fish head one, but it was pretty cool seeing all of the miniature landmarks and watching everybody figure them out. They continued to give Tyler and Korey the villain edit, as they lied to Burnie about what they had found and didn’t help poor Sheri at all. I can’t help but feel like they’re building these guys up for a fall. They’re winning a bunch of legs, they’re being jerks now, so it looks like we might have a repeat of last season. The Green Team won a bunch of legs and were the clear favorites, but they started getting the villain edit and then the newscasters (who were always in second, just like Burnie and Ashley) came in first in the end. I loved the edit they were giving Sheri in this challenge, too. Like every time she found one they played super patronizing inspirational music.

The Detour was a choice between driving these crazy electric unicycles around or carrying art to a store and setting it up. While the unicycles were definitely the more visually exciting challenge, it sure looked like it was pretty darn hard to pick up. They were also incredibly unclear on what exactly they had to do with the unicycle once they learned how to ride it. Did they actually have to commute to a workplace or something? Did they have to do one of those tricks the other riders were doing? Did they have to all ride in that conga line? Maybe Phil told us and I just wasn’t listening, but man it still looked crazy hard. I never really got a sense of how close anybody came to completing the task. The art challenge was super boring to watch, but at least I could tell how close they were to finishing it. It turns out that all they had to do was sloppily make their way down a crowded street on the unicycles, but there was no penalty or consequences for messing up! I would have thought that falling off your unicycle would have required you to go back to the beginning. Sheri’s unicycle went rogue and almost killed a poor pedestrian, but oh well. Just let her get back on.

At the end of the day it became a race between two teams for first place and then another two teams for last place. I was shocked that Sheri and Cole were able to come back, but I’m still annoyed at how unclear and unregulated their challenge ended up being. As heartwarming of a duo as Sheri and Cole are, I really feel like Burnie and Ashley deserved it more. Maybe if they knew that they could just stumble and fall down that crowded street then they would have eventually made it to the end. Unfortunately, I feel like they’re the only team that I can really root for next week. Tyler and Korey have become villainized and Dana is the freakin’ worst, so I guess I’m team #ComebackKids all the way!

Random Thoughts:

– I wonder what the rules are concerning asking people for help during challenges. Couldn’t any of the players at the Road Block have just asked somebody with an iPhone to look up these clues for them? Sheri was the only one who thought to do this!

– It was pretty hilarious how quickly Sheri picked up the unicycle. She was better than everyone else at it, which is especially funny considering that she has been painted as a terrible challenge player this whole race.

– Props to the dancing dragon man for nailing that landing in pouring rain. Very impressive!