The 100 “Red Sky at Morning” Review (Season 3 Episode 14)

Tonight’s episode of The 100 was a frustrating one, setting up a couple of strong storylines leading into the season finale early on before cutting them off at the knees by the time the credits rolled. At best, the argument could be made that “Red Sky at Morning” was an attempt to raise the stakes yet again, giving our heroes even more insurmountable odds. However, it instead feels like a last-minute swerve that invalidates the past few weeks’ worth of story.

The worst example of this is the way this episode finally introduces us to Luna and her oil rig pacifists, only to seemingly cut them entirely out of the narrative by the end of the episode. As far as new season three characters, Luna is by the far the most immediately engaging; she carries a world-weariness and reluctance to fight that suggests she would be the perfect leader for the Grounders at this point, qualities that go beyond simply being able to defeat Alie. Honestly, not since Lexa first came on the scene early in season two has a character so immediately grabbed my interest.

And so, it’s frustrating to see Luna completely reject Clarke and the others at the end of the episode, especially after all the horrors Alie inflicted on her people in a short amount of time. This is a character who seems ready-made to take up the cause and join our heroes, and yet she remains on the sidelines. Maybe the showrunners are saving the character for a bigger arc in season four, but if what happened to her tonight isn’t enough to bring her back to the world, what will be?

The Luna of it all really does color the rest of the episode; the other storylines feature setbacks that could be expected at this point, but they feel more like stall tactics in the shadow of the A-story. The odd trio of Murphy, Pike, and Indra went about the task of severing Alie’s connection to the drop pod, while Raven and Monty worked on mapping out Alie’s weaknesses.

Together, the two teams may have actually been able to deliver a devastating one-two punch to Alie; however, as with Luna and her lover on the rig, Alie was able to use Murphy and Monty’s personal connections against them, giving her just enough time to relocate to the remains of the Ark in space. A big shift that leaves things direr than ever leading into the finale.

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