Bones “The Last Shot At A Second Chance” Review (Season 11 Episode 14)

Bones s11e14 The last shot at a second chance

Last week was eerie. This week the latest Bones episode was lighter with the comical moments, but heavy on the heart when it came to Angela and Hodgins. Their marriage seems to be breaking down faster than expected. We could have all predicted that they were headed towards some seriously tough times, just not divorce.

We also saw Brennan and Booth flirting with each other and doing what they do best – partnering up to be a great team. On the Aubrey and Jessica front – these two continued to be awkward and cute all at once.

On to the serious stuff

When this week’s episode kicked off Angela and Hodgins were still in a bad place with Angela walking on egg shells while Hodgins continuously bites her head off every chance he gets. While working the latest case, Angela falls asleep at her desk and has a steamy dream about Sebastian. Hodgins hears her talking in her sleep, saying Sebastian’s name, which prompts him to give her his life and assets in one big envelope. He isn’t coming home. In the end he did, but was he home to stay?

As for this week’s case, a 32-year-old by the name of Lola Marshall has disappeared from her halfway house. A former crack dealer, the team starts investigating her background and possible suspects; Kalani, her estranged daughter and Kenny Johnson, Lola’s former supplier, a man, who took a knife for Booth in jail. Aubrey thinks Booth’s a little too close to the situation when Booth insists that Kenny has to be innocent. In the end, it’s the head of the halfway house that ends up being the killer.

Meanwhile, Booth is also dealing with Brennan and her hearing in front of the FBI for punching a suspect. Brennan initially comes off unapologetic, but changes her tune when her and Booth meet up with the council again. Brennan is put on probation and Booth must keep her in line.

Aubrey and Jessica’s Awkward Moments

These two brought a lighter side to this week’s episode when they attempted to kiss and head butted each other. They did eventually kiss after Jessica was nearly struck by a speeding car and fell to her safety on top of Aubrey.