Survivor “Now’s the Time to Start Scheming” Review (Season 28 Episode 12)

SURVIVOR Now's the Time to Start Scheming

Survivor has been utilizing their “blue view” pre-credits scenes for years to just offer a brief look at the group after returning from tribal, but there’s not usually that much solid content there. Usually just a simple “I can’t believe that happened!” or an apology or two. “Now’s the Time to Start Scheming” was different, as all of the scenes were pretty meaty. We had Jason giving his hard sell to Cydney and Michele and Tai telling Joe and Aubry about his extra vote. I’m not sure what Tai really had to gain from telling these two people in particular about his vote, though. The guy has so much power in this game that he doesn’t know what to do with it. He’s got a pretty solid alliance, a lot of goodwill with the tribe, an immunity idol, and an extra vote! People got to be smart here and realize how dangerous this guy is.

The reward challenge was a really great one, as most of the challenges have been this season. I always love the challenges based out in the water, and I’d never seen that cool multi-person maze puzzle before. That was a really cool idea! It wasn’t really as much of a maze as it was just making the ball go back and forth and down the slots, but it was still a very impressively built challenge. It’s so much more impressive to me when the challenges are built on the water, as it must be such a logistical nightmare compared to building on land.

The reward itself was also pretty cool. It wasn’t just a boring sight-seeing reward with food involved, as the group was able to interact with a few endangered animals. I love baby monkeys as much as the next guy, but I was especially happy for Tai who has been an animal lover the whole game. It did crack me up that Michele approached the elephant handler and excitedly asked “Who’s this?”, and the elephant handler introduced himself. She didn’t care about your name, Nick!

Not much happened while half the tribe was at reward except for Joe continuing to be an old grump. I wasn’t sure why we were seeing so much of this scene, because Joe seems to have been a bossy grump for most of the game so far, but it turns out that this was just a nice bit of foreshadowing for Cydney when she talked about how much she hated being dictated to.

The immunity challenge was another great one, with an almost record-breaking amount of lead changes. It was hilarious that Jeff started the challenge making fun of Cydney for how slow she was and that she was “out of the challenge” at that point, but she was the only one to never drop her tiles! Slow and steady wins the race, and it did for Cydney tonight as she wins her first individual immunity!

I’m not sure why Cydney and everybody else got so upset about Tai telling everybody who to vote for. He must have been a lot more pushy about it off screen, because to me it just looked like he walked up and said “Hey, we’re voting for Michele tonight”, and people say that all the time on Survivor! Just about every episode you have somebody in the alliance going up to their colleagues and telling them who to vote for. People don’t usually get so butthurt about it, so he must have been a lot more aggressive about it than the editing conveyed. Maybe he’s coming off a little too arrogant with his idol and advantage and it’s rubbing people the wrong way. It was edited tonight to make Cydney look bad, though. She just came off as immature and completely incapable of letting anybody tell her what to do.

Well hopefully tonight will take Tai down a peg, as he totally burned his advantage for no reason at all. It’s always a bummer to see idols or extra votes not used properly, but it’s possible that Tai was a little too powerful. Now he’s just got an idol that everybody already knows about, which isn’t too big of an advantage, so we’ll see how he fares going forward.

Random Thoughts:

– Tai was getting pretty kissy there when they won the reward! He was kissing anything he could! Michele’s forehead, Jason’s shoulder, it’s all in the mix!

– It was a little funny to me hearing Joe complain that he performed like a six-month-old considering that my second son actually turned six months old today!

– As useless as Tai’s Michelle votes were, what was up with Jason’s Joe vote?