Elementary “The Invisible Hand” Review (Season 4 Episode 23)

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On the penultimate episode of “Elementary,” Holmes and Watson met the new boss…but were they the same as the old boss? In “The Invisible Hand,” we found out- sort of. Although a lot remains to be seen, what transpired here was certainly intriguing. More than anything, though, the real question was: what happens next?

After a thorough investigation of all the information he had, including his letters from Moriarty, Holmes came to the conclusion that she wasn’t the one pulling the current strings, which would seem to indicate a second party was involved- a new mastermind to contend with, in other words. Holmes suggests to Watson that perhaps she passed on the reins to someone else, but who?

Holmes posits that what’s going on with his father actually had nothing to do with Moriarty’s organization but that Morland had inadvertently stepped on someone’s toes that he shouldn’t have, thus leading to him running afoul of them. But at what point did Morland’s business interfere with that of Moriarty’s organization?

Until Holmes figures that out, he decides that maybe he should keep his suspicions under wraps, even from the police, not wanting anyone to know what he knew just yet- or at least strongly suspected. Watson concurred, for the moment.

Meanwhile, at Morland’s New York headquarters, he tasks his secretary with assembling all the reports Kurtz was working on as he goes to leave for the day. The woman goes to do just that, when she spots a somewhat dubious water delivery person on the premises, at least in the sense that there was no such delivery scheduled for the day.

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Alas, she pays the price for being on top of things, as the man promptly shoots her and we see that he’s shot a guard as well. We see that the man has snuck in a bomb on one of the water bottles, and once he leaves the building, he detonates it from his delivery truck, watching it explode from behind him.

The subsequent investigation reveals that the bomber was a professional, leaving little trace of his being there behind. Morland himself is reportedly fine, having allegedly left town to put some distance between himself and his would-be killer. Holmes knows better and manages to track down Morland’s safe-house, paying him a visit.

Holmes tells Morland that an organization is after him, but that he doesn’t know who the ringleader is just yet. However, he suspects that the bombing was intended to warn Morland to stop what he was doing or he would pay the price- otherwise, the bomber could have easily done it when Morland was actually on the premises.

Holmes tells him to stop looking into Sabine’s death for the moment, and for his own well-being. Holmes also suggests that he let him and Watson take the lead on the investigation of the bombing, lest he get himself killed in the process by only making things worse. Morland says he suspects that the bomber is Krasnov, who is once again after him at the behest of his employer, whoever that might be; but whoever it is, they are likely the one who went after him in the first place, killing Sabine in the process.

Watson arrives at the brownstone to find the massive portrait of herself painted by Moriarty staring back at her, which was admittedly a little unnerving. (Especially to her, no doubt.) Holmes says that he has a suspect in mind, finally, having narrowed it down to the one person who had interaction with all the companies involved in the oil deal that seemed to set everything off in the first place.

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The man’s name is Joshua Vikner (Tony Curran, “Defiance”), an economics professor who had given speeches to three oil companies involved in Morland’s oil deal and who has a decidedly spotty background, as well as a criminal record. Holmes posits Vikner as the most likely successor to Moriarty’s throne and that rather than his taking advantage of the void left by Moriarty’s absence, that he was promoted to the position by the woman herself.

Indeed, as they discover when they meet with Vikner, not only does he admit as much, but that he is the father of Moriarty’s child as well. He also informs them that Moriarty specifically told him not to harm Holmes- or even Watson, much to her surprise. Decidedly nonplussed that they are there, if anything, he asks them what took them so long to suss him out.

The one thing he doesn’t admit to, however, is to having anything whatsoever to do with the bombing of Morland’s office. Just to hedge their bets, Holmes opts not to tell Vikner that they suspect it might be Krasnov, so as to not tip Vikner off how much they know, nor does Holmes admit to the level of their involvement with Morland and the current state of his relationship with his father, such as it is.

Watson has an idea that perhaps the bomber snuck into Morland’s office in a disguise that would have made him not stick out. They look into various possibilities, finally settling on a water delivery person, when it is discovered that one of their trucks was stolen on the day of the bombing, but then immediately returned, seemingly in the same shape it was taken in.

Indeed, a quick inspection of the vehicle essentially confirms this, save one thing: Holmes notices a thin layer of ash on the truck, seeming to indicate that the bomber stuck around to admire his handiwork. Watson also notices what appears to be a brand new hand-truck, which she suspects the bomber may had bought especially for the gig.

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They track it down to a specific hardware store, but find that it was paid for via a gift card. Holmes does find some security video footage which indicates that Krasnov was there, but not much else. He has a heated talk with Morland, who is upset because he thinks that Holmes knows who Krasnov works for and won’t tell him.

Holmes admits as much, saying he’s not telling him because he’s certain Morland would try to torture and kill Krasnov in an attempt to find out who he’s working for. Morland points out that it’s nothing Holmes himself hasn’t done before and that he has blood on his hands every bit as much as Morland does.

Holmes beats himself up a bit over this, lamenting to Watson that Morland is absolutely right and blaming himself for not seeing that Moriarty might have a successor sooner, which even Vikner chided him about. Watson comforts him, saying that he couldn’t see the forest for the trees, more or less. (I enjoyed her comment on Moriarty: “She had great taste in shoes.” Lol.)

Bell calls with word that the police have picked up Krasnov. Everyone concerned- save Morland, of course- confronts Krasnov about his involvement in the bombing, presenting the evidence they have thus far. Krasnov knows the evidence is flimsy at best and refuses to cooperate or tell them who hired him to bomb Morland’s office.

Gregson threatens Krasnov with his Russian crimes but he says they have no extradition laws here and can’t hold that against him. They keep him in a holding cell for the time being, while they can gather more evidence to use against him. Before they do, though, Holmes makes an odd request, for the man’s belt and shoelaces, in case he attempts to take his own life.

This proves to be a lie- Holmes only wanted to take a look at Krasnov’s belt. He smells the buckle and detects the presence of a chemical which he suspects may be an accelerant used in the bombing. It also has corroded the metal on the buckle somewhat as well, further proving his theory.

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Soon after, Holmes gets word that Vikner wishes to meet with him again. This time Holmes goes alone, and the two meet at a church- where a ceremony is being held for one of the victims of the bombing, no less. Vikner cops to his involvement with the bombing, but asks Holmes why he even cares, as he has been led to believe by Moriarty that Holmes was estranged from his father.

Vikner suspects that things have changed between Holmes and Morland and wants Holmes to attempt to broker a truce with Morland so that he will stop coming after Vikner’s organization. If not, Vikner can’t promise that Morland won’t end up dead. Holmes says that he suspects that there will be no truce with Morland, given what happened with Sabine- Morland won’t stop until he finds out who ordered the hit on him and gets revenge.

Watson and Bell track down the source of the chemical that Krasnov used in the bombing and find out that he killed a man in securing it, even going so far as to leave a bloody handprint on the tank, which proves to be a pesticide. The handprint matches Krasnov’s, not in the least because it is missing a thumb, as Krasnov is as well.

As Krasnov is being prepared for transfer, he and the cops in charge are confronted by a fellow cop who asks them if the man is indeed Krasnov. After verifying it, the cop pulls out a gun and promptly shoots Krasnov dead, then turns the gun on himself. Gregson is livid that this happened on his watch and demands to speak to the cop’s supervising officer.

Holmes suspects that the man was blackmailed into doing it, and suggests that the cop be investigated as having been one of the remaining DANTE psychos that were weeded out in the previous episode, which proves to be the case. Holmes maintains to Watson that they need to keep quiet about Vikner to the police, lest there be more such moles hidden away in the system.

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As he and Watson head home, Holmes gets a feeling that they are being watched, noticing a light on in a neighboring apartment that he knows to be vacant at the moment. Holmes and Watson back-track and take the hidden entrance inside the brownstone, where Holmes’ suspicions prove to be all too true, as there is a bomb waiting for them on the table, tellingly attached to another water tank.

Had they gone in the front door as planned, the person who planted it would have no doubt detonated it as they watched from the adjacent apartment Holmes spotted, but thanks to Holmes’ superior detecting skills, they managed to avoid such a fate. Clearly the gloves are off now, and their involvement in the case has resulted in Vikner going over Moriarty’s head to try and eliminate them, lest they prove his guilt to either the cops or Morland.

Or I suppose it could be a threat to show them that Vikner means business, showing them that he can get to them anytime he wants, lest they continue down the path in the direction they are headed in. Either way, the possibility of a truce is no longer an option, which isn’t good.

This was a tense episode that all but flew by, racing towards the somewhat inevitable conclusion and leaving at least this viewer chomping at the bit to see what happens next. Curran makes for a formidable villain, having played a somewhat similar role on “Defiance,” though I almost didn’t recognize him without all those layers of make-up! (See what I mean here, if you’re not familiar with the show- Curran’s the one who looks like an alien albino about a minute into the trailer.)

I liked that Vikner didn’t even try to deny his role as the leader of Moriarty’s organization and, if anything, was pretty up front about the fact that, if Holmes and Watson backed off, they wouldn’t be harmed, as per Moriarty’s request. But once it became clear that they weren’t going to, Vikner didn’t hesitate to take matters into his own hands, lest it be the downfall of what was now his organization in the process.

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It will be interesting to see how all of this shakes out next week, what with all the loose cannons on the scene, from Vikner to Morland, either of which could bring things to a head that might well end with one of them dead. There’s also the possibility that someone might be caught in the crossfire as well, as with Sabine previously, so it should be an even more riveting ride next week.

What did you think of the latest episode of “Elementary”? What did you make of Vikner and Curran’s take on him? Do you think the bomb was just a threat, or was he really intending to kill Holmes and Watson? If the latter, how will Moriarty take the news that her orders were overridden? Will there be any causalities in this war next week? Sound off down below, as per usual, and see you next week for the big finale!