The Good Wife “Verdict” Review (Season 7 Episode 21)


It’s a little weird that we only have one episode left before the last episode ever of The Good Wife. I’ve watched many shows end in my day, and several of them I’ve reviewed, but man does it feel like business as usual in “Verdict”. Peter is on trial, which I guess they want us to feel like is a big enough storyline to merit a series-ending arc, but the guy has been on trial either legally, emotionally, or ethically in just about every season finale so far. The only thing that feels final about it is that they’re actually tearing down the set!

The fact that the umpteenth trial against Peter Florrick brought out another possible freaking lover is almost laughable. The only thing that Peter has been accused of more than political corruption is infidelity, and it’s pretty freakin’ old at this point to see Alicia accuse him of sleeping with another woman and have him deny it. I was only able to forgive it because I was so excited to see Geneva Pine return! I was wondering if they would be able to bring back Renee Elise Goldsberry as frequent guest star Geneva Pine before the show ended, considering how busy she’s been over on the smash hit musical Hamilton. I guess that her day job was keeping her pretty busy, though. For all the times that Geneva Pine’s name was mentioned tonight, we only actually got to see the woman for one short scene. I suppose you’re pretty busy when you’re the oldest and the wittiest.

It’s a little weird that we’re spending so much screen time seeing Diane putting together an all-women law firm that we’ll theoretically never see. There’s been some speculation that there’s a possibility of a Good Wife spin-off series centered around this new law firm. There would be no Florricks on the show, but I supposed it would be pretty fun to keep up with Alicia and Lucca. Regardless of what happens, you’ve got to think that Cush Jumbo is going to find work on another show pretty quickly, right? She’s definitely been a revelation this season and a consistent bright spot on an otherwise inconsistent final run.

The courtroom stuff was all pretty good tonight, with just about every major and minor character showing up to give their two cents to the trial. It’s a little frustrating that the episode is titled verdict, but it ends before we find out if he’d be found guilty or not. I guess that’s going to be on the series finale! It’s hard to shake the feeling that this episode should have just been tacked on to the final episode in a two hour finale, because at the end of the day there really wasn’t a whole lot that happened here.

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Random Thoughts:

– How amazing would it have been if Conor Fox’s surprise witness was Kalinda? I guess maybe they couldn’t afford the special effects budget to make it look like she’s in the same room as Juliana Margulies

– When Geneva Pine was talking about the night that she interrogated Locke, how great would it have been if she quoted her song “Satisfied” from Hamilton? “I remember that night, I just might regret that night for the rest of my days”.

– All of the Emmys to Margulies for her fake crying line delivery tonight. That was freakin’ magical.