The Originals “No More Heartbreaks” Review (Season 4 Episode 19)

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On the latest episode of “The Originals,” Cami struggled for her life while everyone else scrambled to try and save her and Lucien celebrated his newfound power while the Ancestors plotted their next nefarious move in “No More Heartbreaks.” Between this and “The Vampire Diaries,” this was not a good week for supporting characters, so, as with my recap for that show- which can be found here– spoilers abound, so proceed at your own risk.

We began with Cami waking up to realize her fate, as Lucien has bit her, which, to the best of everyone’s knowledge, is an instant death sentence. Lucien says she only has Klaus to blame, but Cami begs to differ and tosses a Chinese Throwing Star at him and uses the opportunity to escape- not that Lucien really tries to stop her, mind you.

She naturally heads right to the Mikaelson compound, stressing to Klaus not to go off half-cocked, as per usual, once she shows him what has happened. Remarkably, he doesn’t, staying by her side the entirety of the episode. As Cami notes later on, Klaus has come a long way since she first met him- and you better believe Cami had a lot to do with that. As such, it’s only natural that he stayed with her, under the circumstances.

Freya works overtime to come up with a solution, but basically only manages to ease Cami’s pain with a salve. Though later on, she does do some sort of spell which allows Cami and Klaus to be together in a sort of alternate reality of his own creation, with which he does his best to keep her calm and content- not the easiest thing to do when one knows they’re going to die soon.

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Klaus posits a theory that perhaps Lucien’s blood could save her, the way his did for those who had been bitten by a werewolf. Cami mentions that she injured Lucien in her escape and they can likely find some of his blood back at her place, so Vincent rushes over there to get said blood, if possible.

Meanwhile, Davina gives Kol hell for trying to leave town and abandon her, but he tells her he can’t anyway, as the Ancestors cast a spell that keeps him from being able to. He once again warns her that he can’t control himself and she should really keep her distance from him if she knows what’s good for her.

Davina isn’t one to listen to good sense, but she gets lucky in the short term when Marcel calls to inform her about the developments with Cami and asks her to help. She agrees to do so, despite Kol’s protests and heads to the compound, but tells Kol they’re not done before she leaves.

Cami says she doesn’t blame Aurora for everything that’s happened, knowing that she was mentally unstable and that she’s precisely the type of person Cami sought to help before everything went to hell in a hand-basket. Klaus calls her a “connoisseur of stories.” Freya gives Cami something to slow down the infection from the bite to buy them some time.

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Cami tasks Klaus with doing her a favor: writing her will, which doesn’t go over great with him, but he nonetheless agrees to do it- at first, at least. Meanwhile, Vincent and Marcel work on a spell at Cami’s involving Lucien’s blood, but it’s clear that the Ancestors aren’t having it, making it hard for Vincent to focus.

Lucien throws a party, in anticipation for Klaus going off half-cocked as usual and attempting to kill him. Unfortunately for him, it’s going to be a long wait, as Klaus manages to keep his emotions in check for the time being. Davina comes in and casts a spell, knocking out everyone at the bar save Lucien, using a Voodoo Doll to control him and get him to speak the truth.

She asks him what the cure is for his bite and he says there isn’t one- he’s not big on the loopholes like past baddies. Neither are the Ancestors, who handily defuse Davina’s spell and set Lucien free from the ties that binds him. He tells her the Ancestors have big plans for her, so he won’t be killing her, but that she can tell the Originals that they are next, as that is his main task at hand, as per the Ancestors’ request.

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Hayley goes to retrieve Hope from Mary for reasons I didn’t entirely understand. I think that maybe she thought that Hope might be able to do some magic like she did previously to save Cami, but it proves to be a dead end, sadly, so Hayley put Hope in harm’s way for no good reason, really.

Freya’s spell takes hold and Cami and Klaus are transported to New Orleans, celebrating the “perfect day.” Klaus allows for the beauty of “his” city, but not so much for the “endless parade of inebriated buffoons.” (True that!) Cami tells Klaus he’s a better man than he thinks and that he can be a better, stronger one- all he has to do is trust in those who love him and support him and stop second-guessing everyone in his inner circle’s intentions.

Davina returns to Kol, wanting to know why Lucien told her to ask him what the Ancestors have planned for her. He admits that the spell they used to bring him back had a big catch: it also makes him unable to think straight until he kills Davina outright. Until then, he’s a ticking time bomb and she’s in constant danger and needs to keep her distance.

However, he does have one solution in the short term- he has obtained the dagger that has the power to essentially send an Original into hibernation until it is removed. He asks her to dagger him until she can find a solution for his predicament, but that she won’t be safe until she does. Davina isn’t thrilled, but does it anyway, after kissing Kol one last time.

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Klaus is having trouble maintaining Freya’s spell, and she can tell, saying there’s only so much she can do: Freya is obviously dying. Only Klaus has the power to ease her pain now. No one has any real ideas, save some of the more radical, untoward variety (i.e. trying to trap Cami in Freya’s locket, as with Finn), but Elijah overrides all that, saying Cami should die with grace and would have wanted it that way.

Klaus takes Cami back to the night they first met, as they remember the painter they watched. She’s obviously getting weaker by the minute, with her heart clearly slowing down. Klaus tells her he loves her and she says the same, but the illusion is fading and Cami is getting scared for the first time, finally realizing that there’s nothing anyone can do for her.

Klaus assures her she will find peace in death, and Cami makes him promise that he holds onto all he learned from her. She tells him not to hold onto his anger like he did in the past, and to learn to embrace the light in life, if only for the sake of his loved ones, especially Hope. Klaus promises to do so, as she dies in his arms.

Davina arrives, too late to do anything- not that she could have, really, anyway. Everyone says their goodbyes one by one to Cami. Vincent vows to keep her spirit alive in the Quarter, while Hayley says she deserved better, but that she made Klaus the man he is today and for that, she will always be grateful.

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Freya worries about what Klaus will do next, but Elijah assures her that he will have his revenge against Lucien one way or another- and that he’ll be right there to help him. He goes to comfort Klaus, who is noticeably shaken instead of his typical anger- I guess he took Cami’s advice to heart, at least for now.

Vincent and Freya commiserate over their role in making Lucien who he is now, even though it wasn’t as if they had any real say in the matter, what with the Ancestors’ meddling. They agree to put their heads together to use Lucien’s blood to try and come up with a way to defeat him.

At that moment, there’s an earthquake of sorts, which proves to be the Ancestors, taking matters into their own hands yet again. In this case, their intent is to jostle loose the dagger in Kol’s chest, which succeeds. Kol rages back to life, as a visibly shaken Davina cowers away from him. Alas, Cami proves to not be the only victim this episode, as Kol attacks and kills Davina.

Immediately coming out of the spell the Ancestors had on him, he is left cradling Davina’s lifeless body, attempting to no avail to try and revive her. That is where we end things, though, from the looks of things, next week’s episode will mostly focus on the gang’s attempts to save Davina, while she contends with the Ancestors in the afterlife. I’m sure Lucien will continue to vex all concerned as well.

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So, perhaps needless to say, this episode was a bit of a downer, with little in the way of action, though, given Cami, as well as Davina’s ultimate fate, that seems appropriate. That doesn’t necessarily mean it was a bad episode, just a melancholy one. As such, it was more of a transitional episode, and while it certainly had its fair share of touching moments, not a whole lot was accomplished in the grand scheme of things.

I’m sad to see Cami go, as she was essentially the moral compass of the show, but at the same time, the character had essentially run its course as well. Unlike Davina, who almost has to pull through as her role is still central to the ongoing plotlines, once they killed off Cami and made her a vampire, there wasn’t much more they could have done with her, save repeat similar plotlines from sister show, “The Vampire Diaries.”

To their everlasting credit, they opted not to, letting Cami die with a little dignity, instead of prolonging the inevitable. As Elijah said, she died with grace, and that’s about the best one could have hoped for, save a last minute reprieve, which I halfway thought was going to happen with the whole Hope thing, but that proved not to be the case. I think that was probably for the best.

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What did you think of the latest episode of “The Originals”? Are you sad to see Cami go? Or was it her time? Will the gang be able to successfully revive Davina? If so, at what cost? Can they defeat the Ancestors? How about Lucien? What will his next move be? Do you think the show will kill anyone else off before the season ends? If so, who? Sound off on this and more down below and see you next week!