Orphan Black “The Stigmata of Progress” Review (Season 4 Episode 3)

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This week felt like Orphan Black was back on track. It picked up several of the storylines and characters from the end of last season, including Rachel, Ferdinand, and Helena’s drug dealer massacre. As with each episode, the standout scenes were those with Alison and Donny. They continue to steal the show.

Rachel is still stuck in her mother’s bunker with little Charlotte. A new Castor clone, Ira, joins them there. His allegiances are unclear. Rachel’s mother raised him, so he may be more on the Neolution side. However, I get the impression that there will be some greater connection between Rachel and him.

Sarah is obsessing about the thing in her cheek. Who can blame her? It looks like she is the only one of the Leda clones that has the robot maggot. Fortunately, her sisters have her back. Alison realizes that they may have a way to help Sarah – but it will require digging up the body of Aldous Leekie.

The scenes with Donny and Alison are hysterical this week. I love how he has to use a glove to check inside her cheek, and then she immediately rinses her mouth out. Alison also got some of the funniest lines of the episode. Like when Donny tries to nix the exhumation plan and she replies, “Donny, my sister has a robot maggot in her face.” Also later when they decide to reveal they killed Leekie to Cosima and Alison says, “She’s a scientist and a lesbian, she’s not going to let it slide.” My favorite moment, though, is when they finally reach the body and wretch at the same time.

Felix is still on the outside of Clone Club, and he doesn’t seem interested in going back in. It’s sad to see the rift between him and Sarah. Felix has found his biological sister. But since when are things ever what they seem on this show? I am skeptical that this sister is who she seems, particularly since she was a little too interested in what Felix knew about his mother.

Meanwhile, there are troubling developments with little Kira. She’s having black out where she gets some kind of vision of the future. The one she shares with Cosima is alarming. She says that she sees Sarah “changing,” so the sisters get together to set her on fire. Say what? They couldn’t possibly kill Sarah. Even though there are many clones, Sarah is the one we’ve been with since the beginning. Hopefully, the Neolutions don’t learn about Kira’s new ability. That would make her an even bigger target than before.

I am glad that we’ve got the Castor clones back in the mix and am curious about what’s going to happen with Ferdinand. I also think that the clones aren’t going to be able to sideline Helena much longer. She may be “gestating,” but that doesn’t mean she’s not going to want to protect her sisters.