‘The Vampire Diaries’ Smackdown: Bamon vs. Benzo!

The Vampire Diaries "Age of Innocence" Season 7 Episode 3 (5)

After somehow managing to control myself over the course of much of this season, I finally reached my limit with “The Vampire Dairies” last week, as the show tried to sell me in earnest on the whole idea of Bonnie Bennett (Kat Graham) and Enzo St. John (Michael Malarkey) as a couple by compressing events over the course of a few years into one episode- or really, if we’re being technical, a few scenes within said episode.

As one might expect with such a hard sell, it did not go over well, with me or a lot of other people, it seems, if the amount of comments I got on the episode review was any indication. Typically, I only get a handful of comments, which is fine. I mean, I do this for a living and read reviews and recaps all the time and rarely comment, either, if I’m being honest.

As such, I really appreciate it when someone takes the time out of their no doubt busy schedules to do so, and in this case, the response was pretty overwhelming, both on this site and elsewhere on the internet, notably on my Twitter feed and on the IMDB message boards. In short, fans are mad as hell and not going to take it anymore, to quote the classic 70’s flick “Network.”

Oh, maybe they’re not quite ready to shout it from the roof tops, but they aren’t happy, that’s for sure. While I’ll allow that a few people didn’t mind the pairing commonly known as “Benzo,” with some of them rightfully telling people they needed to “calm down” and that it’s “just a show” and these are just “fictional characters,” I think I speak for a lot of others when I say that, while that may be true, it doesn’t mean we have to like it, either.

I mean, am I losing sleep over whether Bonnie ends up with Enzo or Damon (Ian Somerhalder)? Um, no. I’ve got too many other things to deal with IRL to spend that much time worrying about faux couples. But does it matter, as a fan? You betcha.


Show-runners don’t need me to tell them that the fate of a given show often relies on the reactions they get from certain plot developments, as well as the fall-out from the fates of various characters, if they choose to eliminate them, not to mention how fans feel about a departing cast member.

In the case of “TVD,” they’ve absolutely had to deal with a lot of all of the above, most notably the loss of not one but two Gilberts, Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen), which is a big deal, as both were central figures in the series. Sure, one could make the argument that both characters had somewhat run out of steam over the years, but still, losing the leading lady of a show like this is nonetheless a huge deal.

Factor in the loss of what were almost inarguably the show’s best villains ever, the “Originals”- albeit to a new spin-off series, so it wasn’t all bad- and that’s a lot to overcome, least of all for a show that’s been on seven seasons and counting.

So, understandably, the show sought to shake things up a bit, by flash-forwarding the action a bit and working towards a new status quo for things, post-Dobrev. In doing so, they naturally sought to mix things up by pairing off various characters with one another, with wildly varying results.

For instance, there was the whole pairing off of Caroline and Alaric. Now, this actually was well-thought out, IMHO. With Caroline giving birth to Alaric’s kids via a magical spell cast for reasons we won’t get into here, it makes sense that Caroline would want to be involved in raising said kids after giving birth to them, and with Stefan MIA, I can see where the two would have gotten close.

The Vampire Diaries -- "Kill 'Em All"

And yet, smartly, the show opted not to go the romantic relationship route, as the two were shown to be sleeping in separate beds and essentially just partnering up to raise two kids, which would be a handful for anyone, much less a single parent. Yes, Alaric had made plans to get married, but it seemed more like a marriage of convenience and practicality, not love.

I have no problem with any of this, least of all in that Stefan’s reappearance almost instantly threw things between Caroline and Alaric in disarray. All of this is logical and reasonably well planned, to an extent that shows some thought was genuinely put into it.

This leads me to Bonnie and Enzo. Unlike Caroline and Alaric, where there were justifiable reasons for the two being together, here there really was no precedence or reason for it. It literally comes off like, “Oh what the hell, let’s just throw these two together and see what happens.”

Think about it. If you go back in time, and I don’t just mean before the time jump, but in general, what you see is two characters that basically hated each other. Oh, they would work together on occasion, but typically only if they had to. Nor was it one of those “they hate because they love” kind of things, either, as we’ve seen on many other shows, from “X-Files” to “Bones” to “Castle.”

Enzo made no secret of his love for Lily (Annie Wersching) and Bonnie has been single ever since Jeremy left town, though circumstances haven’t exactly been greatly conducive to her hooking up with much of anybody, given all the crap she’s had to deal with, plot-wise. (Seriously, this show has put Bonnie through the wringer over the last few years- but that’s material for another article.)


On the other hand, there’s plenty of evidence to support Bonnie and Damon getting together. Think about it: both lost someone (her Jeremy, him Elena), both also had to go through the aftermath of Elena’s current fate together and are inextricably tied to it- in Bonnie’s case, literally for the rest of her life- and both have gone to hell and back several times over the course of the series.

In addition, both were trapped in an alternate world together for some time, forced to relive the same day over and over, with only each other to keep them company. (Okay, eventually there was Kai, but the less said about him, the better.) That’s the sort of thing that can bond people together for life.

Now, I know what some of you Benzo fans are going to say, in terms of that last point: so were Bonnie and Enzo, in a sense. As we learned last week, Bonnie has been laying low in a cabin, with only a host of files, a guitar and occasional visits from Enzo to keep her company. Now, that they two might bond somewhat and even hook up if this were real, I’m certainly not disputing- but fall in love? Debatable, especially given their mutually shared hatred for one another.

I put it to you that the following interpretation makes much more sense: Enzo, who has a reputation for manipulating events to his own personal gain, simply did the same here. A locked-up Bonnie was suffering from a classic case of Stockholm Syndrome, in which one ends up bowing to the will of their captor. In this case, Bonnie fell for Enzo, but only because he manipulated things to go his way.

Even within the show’s own given examples, we see Enzo pop in briefly here and there over the years, at one point even dressing up and setting up an elaborate ad-hoc New Years’ Eve celebration before promptly bailing, leaving her both hanging before a potential kiss and alone on a holiday in the process. (God only knows what her Christmas was like.)

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES Somebody That I Used To Know

Factor in the fact that he was, albeit unknowingly, actively giving her poison that kept her from a witch’s raison d’être: doing magic. Not to mention it was slowly killing her to boot. Now, granted, this part wasn’t calculated, but there’s no denying it put Bonnie in a vulnerable state, and one which Enzo definitely took advantage of.

Now, do I necessarily blame him? No, Kat Graham and ergo, Bonnie, by extension, is gorgeous. What guy wouldn’t have done so, in his position? But that don’t make it love. Love is earned, not stolen. My thinking is that, if the show is smart, this will all prove to be an elaborate ruse meant to steer Bonnie in the direction of the person she should really be with: Damon.

That’s a big if, though. The problem is, so much of the writing over the last few seasons has been so erratic that I’m not sure what to think. I feel like so much of what happens functions as ret-conning for mistakes made by previous writers who don’t know the history of the characters they’re writing that the show is in danger of collapsing in on itself, and that’s a problem.

Hell, don’t take my word for it. One need only look at the dwindling ratings, which ultimately led to the show having to vacate its long-held Thursday night slot and move to the dreaded Friday night death slot.

Yes, granted, some shows have flourished there from time to time- who can forget the much-beloved TGIF block on ABC in the 90s? – but “TVD” isn’t one of them, having gone from 2.5 million on the Season 5 premiere down to 1.8 million on the Season 6 premiere to 1.3 million on the Season 7 premiere. Since then, it’s sunk down to a series low of just over a million, so, yeah, Fridays are clearly not working for them.


Thankfully, the show has eked out at least one last season as of recently, so it has a chance to reclaim some of its past glory by ending strong. The question is, can it? I will allow that listening to the fans and letting that influence one’s show can be a risky proposition.

Sometimes, a la “Game of Thrones,” it’s best to just march to the beat of your own drummer and let the chips fall where they may and hope that the fans continue to watch. However, it’s also tricky to pull off a long-term, ongoing plotline, as “Elementary” learned the hard way in more recent seasons, which also resulted in a time slot change for that show and likewise, a by-the-skin-of-their-teeth renewal.

Of course, there’s no guarantee that the show is even planning something like that with the whole Benzo/Bamon thing. Obviously, the flash-forward thing was plotted out in advance, so there’s that, showing that at least some thought was put into the current season, but was there enough thought put into it? That remains to be seen, but clearly some fans would beg to differ in certain instances, not to mention whether or not the flash-forward gambit was even worth the pay-off.

I realize that the last few episodes of the season are no doubt in the can, which means that whatever they have planned is basically too late to do anything about, but that doesn’t mean they can’t plan accordingly moving forward into the next, potentially final season. Both Kat Graham and Ian Somerhalder have said this will likely be their last season, so why not give them both a happy ending in one fell swoop?

After all, it’s all there in the set-up. It’s not as if Bamon was without precedence, and more importantly, from what I’ve seen, the vast majority of fans are on board with it. Keep in mind, this is not at all a slight to Graham and Malarkey themselves, who have nothing if not done the best they could with what they were given. Both in question did everything they could to sell this, even while many of us rolled their eyes in disdain, so they are certainly not at fault here.

Vampire D

Lord knows, I can’t blame Graham for wanting to leave the show after so many dead-end plotlines and the show almost constantly dumping on her characters for several seasons straight, though. But even so, she always gives it her best, doing what she can to make something out of what little she is given. Don’t you think it’s time to give back, writers?

And not just to the actors, to the fans. You don’t have to necessarily let the fans dictate what you do in the next season, but you should certainly take it under advisement, at the very least. I think if the writers go into the next season as if it were their last, even if it proves not to be, they could go a long way towards working to a satisfactory finale.

One that both brings the series around full circle and provides a satisfactory conclusion to what will then be eight seasons of largely engaging supernatural drama. Or they could just ignore everything I and a lot of others have been saying and blow it. Could go either way, really.

But yeah, that said: you guys totally need to make Bamon happen, people. There- I’ve said it.

Who’s with me?

  • Tracy Simms

    Agree with this 100%!

    • Mark Trammell


    • Sue

      Damon chose to die rather than stay with Bonnie. I am not a big fan of the show, but like Bonnie. However, I don’t get how Damon forcing Bonnie to do something she doesn’t want to do is a sign of love. People like the idea of “Bamon” so much that they make excuses for anything bad the Damon character does and everything is construed as love and jealously. I just don’t see it. Bonnie deserves more than Elena’s leftovers. I wish there was more time to build a relationship with Enzo’s character, but the idea that Damon would suddenly confess love for Bonnie after so many years and after so many opportunities is ridiculous. A perfect example of making excuses is the person who commented that Enzo loved Lily. Enzo thought he loved Lily but never had any actual romantic relationship with her. He did not know what love was until he felt it with Bonnie and he started to understand what the big deal was about. However, Damon had a romantic/sexual relationship with Bonnie’s friend and the thought of sleeping with my best friend’s ex would kinda gross me out. If you want to be fair, Damon loved Elena so much that he was willing to die rather than live without her just a short time ago, but people criticize Enzo because he just thought he loved Lily. If Damon can turn off his feelings for Elena just like that then I have to wonder about this great love that he felt to the point that he abandoned his brother and best friend to wait for the love.

      • Julie Moncada

        Are you even watching the show at all? I love Damon, and I like many other people who like Bamon are some of the first to call Damon out when he does something. But, if you were watching the show, and paying attention beyond ships, Damon dessicated not because he didn’t want to see bonnie ever again, but because of the circumstances leading to Bonnie being hurt, and stefan getting stabbed, both instances because they wanted to save him, and both ironically linked to a mess that Enzo is responsible for, made Damon feel like leaving would keep Bonnie and Stefan safe. Yes Alaric’s letter said one thing, but Damon himself has said over and over again it was to keep those he loves safe from himself. Most of us are happy Bonnie didn’t forgive him right away despite this because Bonnie still doesn’t know why he did what he did.

        • Jessica

          Amen Julie ! Some doesn’t pay attention to the show I swear !

        • ChrissyD

          You are correct and got the full context of this particular storyline dead to rights. It is amazing how some choose to ignore Damon’s speech to Bonnie while she lay unconscious in the hospital. And it was very clear that the only reason he was taking himself out of the equation is because of Bonnie getting hurt yet again coming to his aid, and not just Bonnie, Aleric and Stefan too. You are also right in stating that Bonnie is the only one allowed to be angry with Damon because she doesn’t have all the facts and know the real truth behind why Damon did what he did. We the viewers have no such excuse we saw and heard what Damon stated, we also heard him repeat the reason other and other again throughout the different episodes including last Fridays.That the sole reason why he desiccated was that Bonnie and his friends would not get hurt or killed because of him. The writers are constantly making this clear. And anyone who knows Damon knows this without a shadow of a doubt, if he had even got wind of what the Armory had intended for Bonnie there was just no way on Earth he would have desiccated he would have stay to protect her from them. But he didn’t know and Enzo revealed nothing to him about the Armory…..

      • Nati

        Completly agree with you!

        • Candice

          No ! Bamon forever !!!

        • linzi_lou

          me too.

      • linzi_lou

        Hey Sue, just wanted to send you a virtual high five. Great post, I agree with every word.
        I’m not sure what people misunderstand about the writers stating over and over again that Bamon are friends, Damon is in love with Elena, that romantic bamon will not be a thing.

  • Julie Moncada

    Wow. Once again I feel like we have a psychic connection. Once again you have said everything I have been thinking. Truthfully I love Michael Malarkey and of course Kat Graham, I just feel I cannot invest in this Benzo pairing that came out of nowhere. Bamon on the other hand has had 7 years of development. first there was hate, then an reluctant alliance, then respect, then friendship. Add to all this the natural chemistry Kat and Ian have together (maybe due to their friendship irl) and I would like to think that this pairing is a writers greatest dream, which is why I am honestly baffled why the writers are so afraid to take this leap. I mean as you said, the show seems to be on its last leg, so why not take risks such as this and really mix things u?
    Enzo has yet to prove he is trustworthy to me also, which is amongst the many reasons I can’t get behind benzo. And everytime he has seemed slightly trustworthy his character does something and always reminds me why I don’t trust him in the first place.
    Anyways, can’t wait to read your review after tonight’s episode!

    • Mark Trammell

      VERY excited to see what happens!
      Thanks for the comments!

      • Julie Moncada

        Me too. Can’t wait for tonight’s episode. Despite its downs, I love seeing Bonnie, Damon, Stefan, and Caroline in action!

    • linzi_lou

      “I mean as you said, the show seems to be on its last leg, so why not take risks such as this and really mix things u?”

      Perhaps it’s because it would screw up 7 years of DE and Damon development thus far.

      Elena will need to die before Damon would move on romantically IMO, anything else would not be in character for him, unless you are talking about a half assed fling then maybe.

  • Jessica

    Totes agree !!! Cancel BE !!!

    This episode confirmed that Enzo is way too passive as a boyfriend. He doesn’t challenge Bonnie or stop her from falling into this unhealthy mindset; if anything he enables it. Yeah, he cares about her. But so far, he’s failed to do anything actually significant or helpful besides cuddle and play the guitar. Damon, for all his flaws, has been one of the few people to force Bonnie out her comfort zone in a good way. They challenge each other, that’s why Bamon works.

    BE is too much like Beremy. Like when Jeremy just settled on Bonnie keeping her death a secret because that was what she claimed that she wanted him to do, even tho he should know that Bonnie staying dead was more harm than good for her and her acting like she was okay with being dead is emotionally and mentally harmful to her.

    Enzo can say that he respects Bonnie’s decisions and is just doing what he wanted. But, Nope because if the decision is a person harming themselves, not caring about themselves, not valuing themselves, or putting themselves in danger in some way, then when it comes to that a person’s decisions should not be “respected” and anyone who loves them should fight and make sure that the person doesn’t fall into that unhealthy mindset.

    I love Bamon because they challenge each other where other people won’t. Bonnie doesn’t coddle Damon when he does wrong and calls him out on his shit and Damon doesn’t accept and enable Bonnie’s unhealthy attitude about dying and Bonnie needs someone like that in her life.

    Not someone who will coddle and enable her while she devalues her life. So, Enzo can shut his mouth because he rather have Bonnie dead and dying by enabling her, over her being pissed at him because he stood up to her.

    Damon has the courage to do that and is selfless and is willing to let Bonnie hate him to keep her alive. And Bonnie needs to stop being stubborn and have a prolonged value her in life, like she told Damon that she was going to do in Season 6.

    Bamon always !!!

    • Mark Trammell

      Good point about the Beremy thing- should have mentioned that!

      Thanks for the comments!

  • Cynthia

    We all have to realize something here…

    Bonnie has spent the last three years with Incompetent Enzo. So of course her martyr complex is back. Because her best friend (soulmate) has been in a coffin desiccating for those said last three years. She really doesn’t have her person there anymore to value her life like she should. She’s been stuck with irrelevancy who was dumb enough to give her some damn pills without doing his research, but anyways that’s another story for a different day. All I’m saying is that I’m not surprised by Bonnie’s actions. Old habits die hard when the wrong person isn’t your person at all.

    Damon is the right person for Bonnie.

  • Iris

    Team Bamon tbh !!!

    I know there are a lot of conflicting posts about bamon in 7×20 but i for one am on damon’s team 100% because one of the many reasons why i ship bamon is that damon and bonnie are a team and when one of them is in trouble they are essentially the ones to think of a plan to save each other – and that’s exactly what damon was doing and has always done. damon going against bonnie’s decision to lay down and die isn’t questionable to me in the slightest because while enzo was enabling her martyr complex, damon was out there actually doing something and fighting for her and i’d rather he go tooth and nail w her about it than him being like “it’s okay to die” that’s bs.

  • PaulWesleyFandomitis

    i agree it’s like we have faith in Bamon 7 years of this relationship and now benzo came from no where, i can’t even think of bonnie and enzo like this enzo character have even more chem with caroline then bonnie so why they are trying to develop benzo instead of bamon. Bamon make sense and it should be the endgame.

  • Sheila

    My biggest problem with this whole episode is how the hell are we supposed to buy into the Enzo/Bonnie relationship? When all Enzo does is sit around and watch Bonnie die and then you have Damon who is literally doing everything he can to save Bonnie, I don’t care what people say but that’s love right there and the writers are still trying to bs us into saying they are ‘best friends’ okay yeah sure. Bonnie/Caroline are bfs and you don’t see Caroline acting the way Damon is. Also did someone catch the moment where Damon is telling Enzo that he is doing all he can while Enzo gets to sit around and make Bonnie happy and not take risks? Basically Damon saying that he will risk everything because Bonnie can not hate him anymore than she already does (none of this is verbatim) before Bonnie interrupts them and they all leave it almost felt like Damon is low key saying that Enzo doesn’t know how lucky he is to have Bonnie care for him. At least that’s what it felt like.

    So I don’t think we really are supposed to buy into the Bonnie/Enzo relationship. I feel they are making a point to show that Enzo isn’t good for Bonnie, and is a lazy fuck, while Damon does everything, and is fighting with all he has to keep Bonnie alive. Even though she is hopeless, and not her normal self. He can see she isn’t okay, and he won’t let her die, not when she has a whole life to live. Even though he is jealous, he cares more about her living than anything else.

    I feel that might change, once she does live, he will realize he wants much more than her being living. He loves her, and her being with Enzo is making her into someone he doesn’t recognize.

    Caroline is Bonnie’s friend but isn’t as intense about this as Damon is. Damon obviously loves Bonnie, much more than a friend. More than he ever loved Elena.

    Damon telling Enzo that he was lucky that he was there and willing to do whatever he needed. Because Enzo is the selfish one, and would rather Bonnie die loving him, than live and hate him. Where as Damon is being the selfless one, and letting Bonnie hate him. That is where I don’t udnerstand how some peole can’t see that Damon really loves Bonnie, Enzo does not. Enzo is far more selfish and undeserving than Damon. Damon is doing all he can to help Bonnie, even if she is upset. He is telling her to be wrong, not accepting her forgiveness because he wants her to live, and then she can forgive him, but not when she thinks she is gonna die.

    I do think Damon was telling Enzo he is lucky to have Bonnie care for him, but I feel Damon was also telling him that Enzo is selfish, Enzo is the one who won’t do what Damon will do. That Damon loves her more, cares about her more.

    I think that struck a cord for Enzo, because he knows it’s true. He has known how Damon feels for Bonnie since three years before, that’s why he wanted her. Because he wanted Bonnie to love him like she loves Damon, but what he didn’t realize, is HE IS NOT DAMON. And Bonnie will never love him like she loves Damon. And Enzo cannot love Bonnie like Damon does, because Enzo is too afraid and selfish.

  • Stacey

    I 1000% agree with everything you said, and I’m completely on board, BAMON needs to happen. The chemistry is there and the way Ian Somerhalder has played Damon in the recent episodes comes off as that of a jealous ex boyfriend. Which I have to say, has been so much more satisfying to watch than I expected. Seeing the way his dynamic with Bonnie has influenced him has actually made me like and care about his character. I also really want to know what he wrote her in the letter. I hope it’s not just skipped over and is a letter filled with a certain level of depth considering it’s survived 3 years and is still being brought up.

  • Leslie

    Once again Damon is doing most,if not all,of the work and making the difficult decisions while Enzo sits on his ass enabling Bonnie in her ‘it’s-okay-for-me-to-die’ attitude.
    *eyes roll*

    Please can Bamon happen ?

  • Anita

    I have to say I was proud of my baby, Damon. a.k.a. THE MAIN ONE DOING PRODUCTIVE SHIT THE WHOLE EPISODE!!! Keeping Bonnie alive (even though that bitch Rayna played you) by going the distance unlike certain other bitches!!! Spilling truth tea to Bonnie and Enzo in every scene!! Leading the damn brigade! Reassuring Bonnie to not give up like she’s used to doing and actually delivering on his promise to not let her die! DAMON GOT SHIT DONE AND LET PEOPLE KNOW WHAT’S UP !! HE IS NOT LETTING HIS BESTIE DIE! EVEN IF SHE GIVES UP ON HER LIFE, HE NEVER WILL NO MATTER HOW SHE FEELS TOWARD HIM!!!


    HOW IN THE HELL IS DAMON BEING MORE OF A BOYFRIEND THAN YOU ASS!! It should be YOU ASS that’s pulling out all the stops, makin all the calls, telling Bonnie not to give up on living, telling Bonnie that her living is worth the price of opening a damn vault!!!! AND YOU HAVE THE F U C K I N G GALL TO COME AT DAMON FOR KEEPING BONNIE A-FUCKING-LIVE!! LITERALLY DAMNING HIM FOR SAVING YOUR GIRLFRIEND’S LIFE! Shit you seemed more okay with Bonnie dying than Bonnie did!!! Yea you all ready to do the cozy boyfriend shit while leaving all the real shit to Damon. Damn, I knew I wasn’t feeling you being all lax and shit while not accepting responsibility for your massive fuck up and blaming everything on Damon in 7×19 but NOW I am NOT here for Bozo, I am NOT here for Enzo St. John’s actions supporting Bonnie dying since he wants to stay the perfect, non confrontational boyfriend that can stay on Bonnie’s good graces. If Bonnie would rather die than do something that will save her life, then let her die??????!!!!!???!?!?! WHAT KINDA FUCKERY ENZO, HER FUCKING BOYFRIEND THAT AIN’T WORTH SHIT!!! He’ll figure it out my ass!! He was right next to Bonnie playing kissy face on the couch after his determination flew off somewhere. His bitch ass might as well been pickin out fucking coffins!!! And people wonder why I can’t support this Bozo mess. This is for Enzo in this episode.


    I didn’t have any problem with you until you put Damon’s name in your mouth. Talkin about Damon screwing up again???? Ummm, excuse you, did Damon not just save Bonnie! Was yo ass not the last one to help while Damon’s been handling shit from the start. Sweetheart, you killing ONE vampire off RayRay’s list and what making soup was….cute…..however if it was up to you and Enzo for that matter Bonnie would have been up in that grave. Bitches who ain’t doing shit always wanna criticize!!!

    Am I in the twilight zone right now?? Are these people in they right minds???

    The only person that has a right to be upset with Damon is Bonnie!!! Everyone else can go have several theater seats with they Damon blaming bullshit!!!

    Sorry to be rude but this “blame Damon thing” just irks me.

  • Jess

    I’m sorry but I’m confused…

    I thought Bonnie’s BOYFRIEND was the one who was supposed to fight tooth and nail to save her life rather than letting her go back to her martyr self… But I guess DAMON got it…

    How am I supposed to be rooting for BE when Bamon is so perfect ???

  • Anabelle

    “Listen Bonnie. We are moving on this list, okay? If dropping bodies was an olympic sport we’d be on a wheaties box! C’mon, you should be used to this by now, right? We think you’ve died, what….three times allready?”
    -Damon Salvatore

    I’m sorry, but I’m really, really laughing right now. This line makes me so gotdamn happy because this is Damon’s way of reassuring Bonnie that everything’s gonna be fine. He’s not sweet talking her or using romantic gestures. He’s just straight up telling her in a round-a-bout way that everything will be all right. Because right now, Bonnie is not all right. She’s slowly coming undone because of her impending death and now that she’s got her magic back– the armory can find her. The organization that she’s been hiding from for three years. The place she and Damon almost died in when Tyler attacked them. The organization that came after her guns blazing when she was at her most vulnerable.

    And she’s scared.

    I know some people aren’t cool with damsel in distress Bonnie–but this isn’t exactly something she can fight her way out of herself. This isn’t some big bad villain she can trap in a prison world, or use the power of a thousand witches on, or destroy with some mystical artifact. This is something she can’t use HER MAGIC ON.

    This is a DISEASE….and that’s motherfucking scary( I personally needed a blood transfusion once and had been sick for a year and nearly died..and didn’t even know it.Trust me, That shit is scary as fuck.) And this probably has to be the scariest battle she has to fight–because it’s against her own body and there is NOTHING SHE CAN DO ABOUT IT. THERE’S NO CURE. JUST AN HYPOTHETICAL LIFE TRANSFER SPELL THAT’S SKETCHY AS FUCK.

    And for the first time she’s got to rely on other people to save her life and she’s losing hope.

    And then there’s Damon Salvatore. The man with the plan— and this is his way of telling Bonnie Bennett that she’s gonna be fine. They are droppin’ mofo’s like it’s an Olympic sport and it might be tight– but everyone is gonna save her. No one is gonna let her die.

    Especially not him.

    And she’s died like three times allready…..but so what? She’s come back three times— and he’s helped her come back all three times. But you know what the big difference is this time? Damon Salvatore knows she dying this time–he didn’t know the first two times and actually died with her the last time.

    And that is gonna make all the difference.

    And that’s how you otp people.

    Bamon is the shit you all !!!

  • lucy

    Erm completely disagree about Caroline/Alaric how was that well thought out another useless pairing added for drama for Caroline/Stefan.

    • Mark Trammell

      Fair enough. Maybe it just SEEMS that way in comparison to the Benzo clusterf*ck, lol

      • lucy

        Bonenzo has its issues not going to deny that but Caroline/Alaric is just weird/creepy.

  • Lily

    The way Damon answered Bonnie’s call like, “Oh hey, Bon,” had my heart like PUMPIN bc hello his voice was so hopeful and happy and cheeky that she finally reached out to him on her own volition. Like “Hey bestie, knew you’d come around. So, have you finally been picking up on all the signals that I love you yet? … Bc, in all the ways I’ve been expressing myself, Idk how else to prove what I feel for ya, Bon Bon.”

    Bamon are such dorks I love them so much !!!

  • Salomé

    I think we’re missing an important part of the bamon phone call. Bonnie planned the blood injection before she called him. She told him her magic was gone anyway, knowing she already had a contingency plan. She was hoping he had another idea, that he could give her hope. She’s already relying on him to have her back, just like always.

    Bamon is so lit !!!

  • Sarah

    “Your not allowed to use the F word because you don’t really mean it.” Dang Damon has been really proving his changed this season and it feels weird.

    I’m really rooting for Bamon. It’s so much healthier than DE or BE.

    • Samone

      Come on honestly speaking no ship is healthy on this show, not saying I haven’t enjoyed certain ships but truthfully speaking they are all unhealthy.

      • Jessica

        We didn’t say it was healthy but healthier. There is always a ship that is healthier and less destructive and that’s Bamon. Bamon is the best ship amongst them.

  • Francesca

    Let’s get something out of the way we can’t ship Bonnie with the likes of Enzo. We can’t enjoy her dying in his arms and just accept this ship is literally trash and move along. I am a Bonnie stan and to all who ships BE coz they think Bonnie is happy with him, well her grave is ready for her. That is the happiness she is getting with Enzo.

    Not even Care and Elena’s one night stands was forced in an episode full of trash and get told oh you are dying but be happy you got a guy.

    And BE can’t come for Damon when Enzo had 3 years and in those 3 years he only managed to get Bonnie a diner and guitar lessons and gave a permanent grave.

    Damon is 200000000% better than Enzo will ever be and that is not my shipper me talking, that is canon and those are facts.

    Damon: *looks at Enzo* You’re gonna be quiet on this one? I think you had a ring side seat to Mary-Louise and Nora’s finale few days, do you wanna relive those good times, huh?

    Enzo: Bonnie can make her own decisions.

    Damon: And when she’s dead, you’ll be making them for her. Like what dress she’s going to be buried in.

    This is the guy you ship her with in a nutshell but you want to come for Damon? Bitch have a fucking seat.

    Fact is his choice and his fucking “mistake” is why she is dying. Bamon for the win !!!

    • Carrot Lidd Chappie

      hell yeah. Enzo doung anything for himself. to not let being kicked out fron bonnie arms. selfish.

  • Cecilia

    So Enzo promises to Bonnie that he won’t let her die and yet when it comes down to it, he just does nothing and let Bonnie be content in giving up on her life, without fighting to save her and bashes Damon for doing everything that he can to save Bonnie? Looking like Beremy 2.0

    Poor Bonnie. Get her a real man like Damon so she can be happy and safe.

    • Tracy Simms

      It’s so much like Beremy. SUch as when Jeremy refused to help get Bonnie out of 1994 because he was afraid to hope. But, when Damon tried and failed, Jeremy had something judgmental to say about Damon and now Enzo has the same nerve,

  • Nikki

    Soooo, I understand we’re mostly definitely getting another “if anything ever happens to you I’m gonna lose my mind” speech, a desperate Damon Salvatore trying to get his Bon-Bon back and possibly a realization about the magnitude of their feelings for each other?

    Bring on the Bamon !!!

  • Lisa

    I’m confused. I thought the boyfriend (Enzo) was to do everything humanly possible to save the love of his life, Bonnie Bennett. Not Damon, you know the “selfish bastard who only wants Elena back. LMAO.
    Like Elena ain’t coming back as long as Damon Salvatore is there to save the day and keep his best friend (okay, more like soulmate) alive. If Damon wanted Elena back soooooo badly, then he could’ve just sat back in his little coffin and waited. But he didn’t. He is saving his precious Bon-Bon. The one girl, that finally, has become more important then Elena Gilbert. Because, if I’m being honest, (I dont hate her, but I do find her annoying) I was getting sick of the whole: ‘No I love you, but your a sick monster, but the sex is good, and no, BOO-HOO Stefan won’t take me back because I’m a vampire’ shit show.
    I’ve been waiting seven years for my ship, which is sailing, and nobody is going to tell my otherwise. It’s not DE or BE that is rising. No, it’s BAMON.

  • Lola

    I’m so done with Damon constantly catching shit and being blamed for taking the initiative and cleaning up other people’s, mainly Ric’s and Stefans and now Enzo’s messes. And the worst part is that he hasn’t said anything to defend himself or direct the blame where it truly belongs he just takes it.

    The only person who has any right to be angry with Damon is Bonnie, and I honestly think she’s only as angry as she is because she’s channeling all of that hurt she felt into an emotion that allows her to be proactive and that allows her to believe that she’s moved past that hurt. It also doesn’t help that she’s had Enzo whispering in her ear, trying to tear down Damon and their friendship, pushing her to burn Damon’s letter the last three years.

    And, top of the parade of helpless, directionless, mindless morons jumping on the blame Damon bandwagon, even the last several episode summaries have pinned the blame on Damon. Honestly, as much as I love this show, it’s mentally and emotionally exhausting to me right now so much so that I can’t even discuss the hot mess that is 7×20.

    I’m just waiting for Bamon. “sigh”

  • Racquel Lassaint

    Wow your view on the Bonnie and Enzo relationship was eye opening I never saw that possibility but it totally works. Love your article an I agree with your line of sight.

  • Niks

    Some of the pitch forks against Enzo is slightly ott and this is coming from someone who is not a fan of the character.
    Reading some of the comments first and watching the ep after is so interesting from the comments I assumed that Enzo was in the cabin all day, not doing anything, but he was on the road with Damon, hunting down the vampires, Rayna called and told him what was happening with Bonnie, he freaked out and was pissed. Damon is the one that talked to him and told him to go home, Enzo didn’t want to.
    If anyone had a problem with the Enzo/Bonnie conversation well that’s on the writers as that was ooc of Bonnie especially after season 6, we all know Bonnie would be trying to find a solution until the last minute.
    I know people are not fans of Enzo so whatever he says and does people will not like him and I am sure that if Enzo was the one to come up with Damons plan the comments will still be hating him and saying how incompetent he was.
    I am a Bonnie fan first so taking off the shipper glasses lets be real and try not to act like the writers with not end up screwing Bamon especially Bonnie over in the end, considering how her character has been treated and even if some want to pretend and forget Elena is still hanging around so sorry do not trust the writers to write Bamon satisfactorily.

    • Carrot Lidd Chappie

      Go back in se 1-7 and watch carefully why we call it mess up. accept any man for bonnie just because he gave her dinner dancing guitar, yet ignore the whole characters development. the elena and Enzo thing actually the fault of writers and their ignorance. they can finish Gilberst arc with creativity, yet CD take it tooo long (half of season) thats the big mistake. Enzo bon thing also from her try to the door chems out of no where. beside there is no chemistry between Bon enzo, its proven how low quaility this ship is. you can say “theres a lot of chems in 7×19” when there is none. Bonnie act like someone who cant go anywhere and stuck with his enemy while his lover gone without trace and Enzo more likely act like “I have her now, I will do anything to let her falls for me” . If you real Bonnie stan, you’ll never be this blind. usually, the bonnie enzo stan who hates bamon are…… (you know who) end. peace no war.

      • Niks

        Huh? Did you reply to the right person? Please tell me where in my comment I said “theres a lot of chems in 7×19.” and where I said I am an “Enzo Stan” if anything I don’t care for Damon or Enzo for Bonnie I know shocking but it happens.

    • Marco

      Sorry but all I see is an useless Enzo standing around while Damon does the decapitating and kill all the vampires. Enzo didn’t kill ONE vampire. Maybe he didn’t want to get dirt or blood on his hands or maybe he was scared to mess up his perfect hair gel ? He was just watching Damon, doing nothing except bitching. Damon is also the one that made the deal with Alex. Enzo didn’t do shit and he has the nerve to come at Damon. Lmao bye !

    • Tracy Simms

      Damon was doing most of the killing while Enzo did nothing. And Enzo is not challenging Bonnie in her “okay to die attitude” because he rather her die and be in her good graces, while cuddling and making googly eyes with her, over telling her that her martyr complex is not okay and fight for her to be alive and have her be angry with him because he challenges her and doesn’t let her settle on that mindset without telling her how wrong she is for it.
      That where Damon is different and won’t accept Bonnie’s forgivness if it means that she settles into that mindset where she acts like dying is no big deal. Damon would never have to take the measures that he did if Enzo didn’t poison her in the first place, but Damon thought that he did what he needed to do, in order to save her from a danger that Enzo put her in.
      And Enzo wants to call Damon selfish and judge Damon for what Damon did to try and save Bonnie and isn’t grateful that Damon cares enough to save his girlfriend but wants to act self righteous towards Damon.
      When Enzo is the actual selfish one if he is okay with enabling Bonnie for the benefit of not losing whatever feelings that she has for him, because he would be afraid that she would hate him if he goes against her unhealthy complex and does what it takes to save her life.
      Because that is what Damon does, when someone wants to self harm themselves, or gets to that depressive state of mind where they don’t want to live or fight for their life and talk about “spending their last moments” with someone, then that someone just shouldn’t sit there and cuddle and play googly eyes, supporting someone’s suicidal like depressive towards. Bonnie is not “i’m ready to die: and Enzo is like “Okay, love if that’s what you want, it’s your choice afterall” He’s too blinded by having moments with her to tell her that she shouldn’t have that attitude.

  • Carrot Lidd Chappie

    This article 100000% agreee. I cannot say more because you point out the very debatable point. one thing for sure, The last “writer” before she’s exit, claimed, “she will never let bamon happen as long as she in tvd”, this is what lead to the bozo thing out of no where.
    I have no doubt, the Bonnie Enzo thing setup for separate Bamon and try to sell to fans how newly couple can beat Bamon 7 years chemistry, all happen because “her” obsession for DE. no lies. it is. I know you agree with me.
    iIf Writers are creative enough, this Bonnie Enzo thing will not happen. there’s a lot of storyline can be given to Enzo other than ruin bonnie characters. as we can see, Bonnie characters who help Enzo famous. without her, no one ever focus on him.
    there is no love between bozo except like we marked them “Stockholms Syndromes” because its all started how he kidnapped bonnie and claimed “he wants her more” (what is this?) he never have any interest towards her since se 5. nothing in se 6 and sudden jump in se 7 x19, they love each other in logic for 3 years together in “certain writers”. Believe me, and I know you also notice how TVD actually against their own characters. they accept any ship in tvd except when it comes to bamon, they fight against us. Ian and Kat graham are the best example. they fight harder every single years, bring A games in every scene (I bet, they protest using their scene by showing how bamon loooves each other) because both know, in the books, bamon happen. ian used to bring this up in 2011. no wonder if Kat and ian take se 8 are their last season after witnessing how poorly writter their characters are. aside, they try using Bamon for commercial in order to gain and fanbait viewers watching 7×19 (even cut Damon speech about Bonnie and Clyde and “clyde”) how worst they can be. tvd witnessing how people wanted Bamon, not bozo yet, the one who wrote this plot already gone, and they need to go one with her mess. surely, they still can repair the broken chord. hope julie plec will open her eyes.

  • alessandra

    oooooohhh trustme I’m with I cant wait for Bamon is the couple we want to watch no more benzo or bonenzo we need this awesome and badass couploe called BAMON !

  • Lucky

    This article is pretty on point where B/E is concerned especially when it comes to how they hooked up in the first place. The whole thing is suspect; even more when you consider the moment Elena leaves and Bamon seems more possible, they suddenly throw Bonnie at the first available vampire after YEARS of claiming “Bonnie can’t date a vampire, she’s too good for them”–what the writers/showrunner claimed back when people wanted Bonnie/Kol and Bonnie/Klaus.

    Now Enzo is being even more useless than Alaric (which says something) because it seems the show would rather pretend B/E is some kind of epic love because of all the cuddling, yet just this season/last season Enzo was 100% in love with Lily and sniffing around Sarah Salvatore and eyeing up Caroline.

    I’d like to think it’s to really show how hard Damon is going to save Bonnie compared to others but I don’t know. I just know the manipulative writing/pushing of Bonnie/Enzo just makes me dislike it even more. And don’t even get me started on how/why isn’t Bonnie MORE upset at what’s happening to her? Yes Enzo didn’t set out to poison her but c’mon! Anyway though great article and yes bring on Bamon! It’s beyond time!

  • Amy

    The critique of Enzo’s nefarious motives goes a little too far for me, but only because … I don’t really give Enzo that much thought? I mean, I get the sense that the producers really like Michael Malarkey and they want to keep him employed. Which is nice, and I bet he’s a great guy. But they so far have done absolutely nothing to make me be interested or invested in his character. That’s really why I can’t stand B/E. Not because it belies bad character motivations because what character motivations? Not because it’s an uninteresting story because what story? I don’t care about how Bonnie feels about Enzo because I don’t care about Enzo. I don’t care about how Enzo feels about anything at all because I don’t care about Enzo.

    The whole thing just feels really unearned. Exactly like the writers said “what the hell, let’s try this!” It’s like it doesn’t mean anything. And the way they packaged it: one random kiss and then a few flashback scenes 10 episodes later – makes me think the writers aren’t really trying to have it mean anything.

    And, yeah, I’d love to see Bonnie and Damon get together. The story is there. The chemistry is there. Themes, symbolism, arcs, characters who have been central to the show since the beginning – all the elements you need for a satisfying story. So, I really don’t get what the writers think they’re doing. Are they trying to give people the flavor of Bamon without the substance? Is this leading somewhere?

    I’m honestly really confused. Confused and bored.

    • Amy

      Also for what it’s worth, I agree about Caroline and Alaric. I can’t and won’t ship them because too much about it is gross, like the fact that he was her teacher and the forced pregnancy storyline and the fact that he’s become such an unrepentant jerk and he wants to get married even though she doesn’t love him. But, if I could ignore all that (which I can’t) they’ve actually been written in a decent way? Like, I can get behind how they’re being presented, just not the idea of them.

  • staytravelin

    Everything about this gets a yes from me. Bonzo feels like a last ditch effort to obstruct the natural course of the Bonnie/Damon relationship. That’s in no way a slight to the talented actors who play Bonnie and Enzo, but what remains krystal-with-a-k clear is that natural chemistry can’t be manufactured or faked, and Kat and Ian have it in spades. The derailment of romantic Bamon remains one of the shows biggest misspteps. I really hope they course-correct before what’s left of the audience loses patience and bails.

  • LizLem

    Ew. No.

    • Selena

      Bamon is the real deal !

  • Michelle

    I seriously got chills from this article. You are so on point it’s ridiculous. Especially where BE is concerned, they really aren’t convincing me with this relationship. Plus Damon and Bonnie makes way more sense. Their romance would be coming from a deep routed relationship where time and time again these two souls would do anything it takes to save each other. A Bamon romance could be something really special. Awesome article, can somebody give him a promotion.

  • Faryal

    I completely agree with this article. Bonnie and Enzo were just thrown in together all of a sudden, it made absolutely no sense even half way through season. And when the flashbacks happened it felt more rushed than anything else, like the writers making drastic measures to make them look convincing. I see alot of people claim that Damon shouldnt be with Bonnie as he dessicated for her to die and reunite with Elena, are they even watching the same show? the whole point of the hospital speech was to show how he cant stand the thought of losing those he loves just because they constantly put their life in the line for him, specially Bonnie who is a human. you must be pretty stupid to fall for the letter he wrote to Alaric where he was pretty much gloating on why he did it. And I feel its going to play out towards the end of the season and show how it was all on good intentions. The letter he wrote for Bonnie is highlighted alot and I feel it going to be brought up again. Damon loves Elena and Bonnie loves Damon is what it is said to be, but actions speak louder than words. And Damon’s love for Bonnie speaks volumes, he was basically ready to tear the world apart so that she gets a life even though the alternative couldve meant he could reunite with his former gf, the thaught of Bonnie’s death hasnt even come across his mind where as for Enzo he almost gave up untill Damon took the stand.

  • Ann Johnson

    Yes. All of this. I would love for TVD to continue even past season 8 but ignoring Bamon at this point is just wrong. I loved the main characters the entire gaggle of heretics was too much. A few would have been fine but so much screen time was given to the heretic’s backstory and such I would have rather seem that time given to the characters we love. Alaric is in the running with Bonnie for being the most abused character on TVD. (And yes I am counting the Gilberts in that tally) Bamon is what has got me so excited about the past few eps and I started watching this show because of the neat interactions of Elena and the brothers but Bonnie and Damon? There is sooo much untapped storyline potential. I like what they have done thus far with Damon and Bonnie but there is always fear it can get screwed up. Feels like time has been wasted and viewers lost over past few years by writers intentionallt ignoring Bonnie and Damon. But either way, I tip my hat to some of the writers that can tie up some of these plots. I am hoping the Enzo/Bonnie thing is tied off pretty quickly same with Caroline and Alaric. I still see him as her teacher and well…ew.

  • ChrissyD

    Totally in agreement with this article. it is spot on…..

  • Nati

    How can you ‘elaborate ‘ love ? You did that! Faling in love is something that happenes to people. How on earth did Elena fall in love with Damon then ( which is what I never understod! !!!!). They conected two great actors and their chemistry is so wondeful. We see how their caracters evolved, especially Enzo. I don’t understand HOW THE HELL you see Damon being anything else but good friend to Bonnie, just because he cares? Well he finaly cares about his brother and friends except for himself! And if you don’t see how Damon loves Elena this whole time, I don’t know what show you are watching, because even I as a Stelena fan once, see that.
    And please do explain this: how is repeating stories good for the show? And with making BD happen they would AGAIN turn friendship into love; girl with great boyfriend faling in love with Damon AGAIN, and we would have fan service AGAIN (and this is a small fandom but looking every day more and more like those worst Delenas!). You should look more tweets about Bonenzo and you’d see how many fans they have!

    • Mark Trammell

      Not that I need to justify anything, as the show has already done it for me, but Enzo was flat-out hating Bonnie as recently as THIS season- and now they’re so in love he’s become a total sap? That’s not evolution, that’s de-evolution. We see flashes of the person he was but it’s contradicted at every turn by the so-called “evolved” moments, which make no sense and are completely out of nowhere.

      Yeas, Bonnie and Damon are more friends than anything else, but they don’t really hate each other- they just have mixed emotions about being together bc of the Elena thing. So, absolutely the Elena thing hangs heavy between them- as well it should.

      Having Damon and Bonnie together would hardly be the show repeating itself- it would be a welcome development that helped us re-invest in the main characters, especially in the absence of the loss of the show’s leading lady, Nina Dobrev.

      Last I checked, love WAS built on a foundation of friendship, not mutual hatred, which is what Bonnie and Enzo had until the writers decided to change it overnight. Benzo may have a certain level of fandom, but if you don’t see that Bamon is clearly outweighing them, you need to re-ceheck the comments above.

      • Nati

        I respect your opinion but don’t agree with you.

        • Jessica

          I’m with Mark on this one. You are clearly not watching the same show as us. Bamon is clealy everything that BE & DE isn’t. Deal with it !

          • Nati

            Hah yes they are great friends. I just don’t understand what you people don’t understand from that speach Damon gave to Enzo when he said he completely understands how he feals. And yes you are obviously waching diferent show. You just take parts you want to see and ignore the rest. Bonnie caled Enzo to come home to her because she wanted him by her side.

            • Kelly

              You clearly are watching another show if you think Bamon are only friends. Bamon is happening by the end of s7 according to spoilers. So let’s talk after ep 22.

              • Nati

                I’m here if you’d like to talk 😉

      • ChrissyD

        In total agreement with all issues pointed out. In fact Bamon fit the classic romance 101 because they had the classic love/hate relationship in the earlier seasons then the BFF relationship in the latter half of the seasons, both are stepping stones used when moving towards a romance. We don’t see this with Bonzo. Had Enzo’s love interests been Caroline, Lilly or even Sarah Salvatore it would have made more sense because we saw storyline development with these characters.

  • cher19

    with You 100%

  • Raven12

    Thank you for this. I agree to every word. I do wish you had mentioned that Bamon is canon in the original books written by the original author too. But I suppose that is irrelevant since the showrunner chose to ignore book canon and material that could have sustained the show for successful seasons.