The Amazing Race “Monkey Dance!” Review (Season 28 Episode 10)


The Amazing Race returned tonight with a pretty solid episode in “Monkey Dance!”, as the teams stayed in Indonesia for another leg. We’ve mercifully cut the majority of the teams out of the game by now, so most of the chaff has been separated from the stronger teams and we’re into the nitty gritty of the race by now.

At least I thought all of the dummies were out of the game by now, but then Matt and Dana swam around the bay for a while with a clue in their hand wondering where to find the clues. They’ve had a few of these strange “mini-challenges” this season where they make a little game out of finding the starting clue, and that was the case tonight. Everybody just hopped out of their boat into a smaller boat, which brought them to a speed boat, which brought them to a bay. Lots of boats up in here tonight. I guess everybody was expecting there to be the standard clue envelopes in the clue box, but the fact that they were freakin’ underwater should have made them realize that they might have been in a different form than the standard ones, but those little cylinders really threw everybody for a loop. Weird.

The detour was a choice between hauling or Harvest, and in a rarity on The Amazing Race there was one side that nobody picked. At least we still got to see somebody perform the other side of the Detour (which looked to be way easier, by the way), but at least the Haul side was pretty fun because we got to see everybody chasing down chickens.

The biggest moment of the race came from the Double U-Turn. Tyler and Korey made a big move by U-Turning their biggest competition in Brodie and Kurt, but I wasn’t sure what somebody would do with the second U-Turn spot. Usually, the next team to arrives just U-Turns whoever is in third place, but Burnie and Ashley U-Turning Tyler and Korey to prevent Brodie and Kurt from U-Turning somebody else was an extremely savvy decision. I had never even considered that option before, but that was super smart. I did think it was a little optimistic of Burnie to think that Brodie and Kurt wouldn’t be mad at them if they made it through. Sure, Burnie and Ashley didn’t directly U-Turn them, but they did burn their own U-Turn just to make sure they had the hardest time possible coming back from it. It’s like somebody gets pushed off a cliff and they’re trying to climb back up the mountain, and you stomp on their fingers as you walk by.

The Road Block was possibly one of the most dangerous challenges that I’ve ever seen on The Amazing Race. Sure, they’ve had challenges that involve greater heights or ones that are possibly more “scary”, but this one could really hurt you! It isn’t like they were skydiving or parasailing here, because at least with those you get a professional that’s strapped to you. This was just people being pushed off a cliff all by themselves! 40 feet is nothing to sneeze at, either. I personally really enjoy high jumps like this, but I don’t know if I’ve ever done anything that high before. That was really intense stuff.

In the end Brodie and Kurt went home, but there really wasn’t much they could have done about it. They basically had both U-Turns used against them, and that would have been insurmountable for even the strongest team. We’re down to the final four now!

Random Thoughts:

– Sometimes they get the teams on this show to do straight up manual labor, which amuses me a bit. Between the five teams tonight they transported 20 chickens and 250 coconuts! That’s a lot!

– I appreciated the fancy presentation at the Double U-Turn stand tonight. It’s usually just a really boring stand with space for somebody’s name, but now it had a bunch of fancy statues and embellishments.

– The hunky jump instructor was a funny addition. Burnie’s line “They gave the ugly instructor the day off, I guess” should have been the title of the episode.