The 100 “Join or Die” Review (Season 3 Episode 13)

The 100 lost a bit of momentum by bringing some of this season’s weaker characters back into focus this week. “Join or Die” was still an overall solid episode, but it felt a bit like filler. At the very least, this was an episode dedicated to setting the table for the final leg of the season as opposed to offering us anything that exciting.

I was glad to see Kane return tonight, if only because he’s the only sane, rational adult character left. Unlike Bellamy, who took a hard left turn into unlikeable territory this season, Kane has remained the same principled leader he’s always been. He’s quick to see through the fact that Abby had been chipped, and he held out longer than just about anyone when it came to resisting the chip himself. He let himself be crucified rather than take it, which is about as far as you can go in terms of pain endurance.

Actually, this was a fairly gruesome episode all around; not only did Kane find himself strung up, but down in the cells, Pike was suffering torture by three hundred cuts. The difference, of course, is that I think most of the audience was happy to watch Pike finally get dealt a bit of direct punishment for what a nob he’s been this season. This in turn brings me to the flashbacks, which really did feel like too little, too late in terms of giving Pike any depth. Had these scenes come in the first few episodes of the season, juxtaposed against one of Pike’s first real atrocities, they could’ve helped flesh the character out. As is, though, he’s been painted as a one-dimensional tyrant too long to make relatable to now.

Meanwhile, Clarke and the others continued their search to find Luna, though this ultimately amounted to the group hanging out on the beach for most of the episode. The big takeaway from this is that Bellamy really does seem to be dedicated to redeeming himself, which is nice, but I was a bit uncomfortable with the longing glances he was sending Clarke’s way. The two work well as platonic but caring friends, and the last thing they need is to get together.

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