Bones “The Monster in the Closet” Review (Season 11, Episode 13)

Is anyone else sick of Hodgins’ pity party yet? It’s getting to be too much. Could he and Angela be headed for a split? After watching her walk on egg shells around him and his bad attitude it’s a possibility. A storyline like that could bring such much needed drama, because let’s face it – since Brennan and Booth went through their difficult dealings with Booth’s addiction – everything has been somewhat blah in terms of the Bones’ crew.

Although, I will point out that behavior analysts Karen Delfs has brought some much needed flair. Cutting herself in the middle of an interrogation to prove that a suspect was not a killer, but a skittish liar named George who is so squeamish at the sight of blood was funny. Even more hilarious was when George’s head hits the table as he rolls to the floor. If you have the humor of a 10-year-old, like me, this made you laugh. It was also great to see George, the cat man, played by none other than the talented Jim Beaver, aka Bobby Singer from CW’s Supernatural. Equally laughable, Brennan’s shot gun app!

This Week’s Case

Did you get the chills? This case was eery when compared to the average weekly murder investigation. A social worker by the name of Allison Monroe is discovered dead in a park. After working the scene, the crew finds an old cassette tape in her purse marked “Home”, as well as the Bible. She’s wearing lipstick and outdated clothes. The whole scene screams psychopath killer. Allison’s life gives Hodgins and Angela pause when they see how happy she was in photos with her husband.

As the crew digs deeper they discover that whoever killed Allison had lived with her body for several months. After creating a profile for the killer, it looks as though he viewed Allison as a mother figure. When they realize that George is an accomplice, they try to get him to speak, but he ends up hanging himself to avoid divulging any information.

The episode ends with a serial killer on the loose and Brennan appears to be his target. What did you think Bones fans?