Legends of Tomorrow “Leviathan” Review (Season 1 Episode 13)

At this point, I almost hope for season two of Legends of Tomorrow to offer a major clean slate. This goes beyond just moving beyond Vandal Savage; he’s a dull, uninspired villain that has not once felt like as big a threat as the show wants him to. No, after “Leviathan” continued to flaunt how nonsensical this show’s non-rules are, and I just hope that season two finds a way to set legitimate guidelines that restrict the storytelling.

Because in this episode, we find out that Rip has made several attempts to save his family already, rolling back the clock time and time again only for time to make certain they die. So my first question is, if he’s already time travelled back so much, why would killing Savage three days before their original death matter? Hasn’t he already move their death back farther? Aren’t they just destined to die?

Between this week and last, maybe it seems like I’m too caught up on the rules, but they’ve added up to a mess as time has gone by. Here’s another: Ray said they couldn’t pick their stranded crew members any sooner than two years later earlier in the season because they’d already interacted with the period. Shouldn’t the same rule be keeping Rip from returning to 2166? These sorts of plot holes are infuriating, because it continues to perpetuate the idea that the show can just make things up to serve its own goals, and that keeps us from becoming as emotionally invested.

And it keeps me from becoming invested in the action of a given week. There are some cool visuals this week, particularly Ray going giant to battle the Leviathan warbot, but they feel hollow because of how low the stakes are. Worse, it makes Kendra’s decision to spare Savage infuriating, because if she wants a Carter so bad, they can no doubt just skip even further into the future and grab another one. Why not? I’m sure Rip Hunter has a reason that he’ll disregard in a couple weeks’ time, anyway.

So, please, let the show reboot next season, with hard guidelines that keep things orderly. Or, better yet, have all of the Legends’ time travel actually have a real effect on things leading into next year, something that can retroactively make all of this nonsense worthwhile. It won’t help these episodes be any more engaging, but it can at least lead to something better…

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