Survivor “It’s a Me Game, Not a We Game” Review (Season 32 Episode 11)

SURVIVOR It's a 'Me' Game, Not a 'We' Game

Sometimes it takes me some time to appreciate certain moments on TV for how great they are. I loved last week’s Survivor episode and seeing Tai shake his head at Scott when he asked for his idol at Tribal, but then I had the chance to discuss the episode with other Survivor fans and ruminate on that moment and it’s really come into its own as one of the best moments of the whole season thus far. That’s why I was so excited when “It’s a Me Game, Not a We Game” starts with a brief look back at that wonderful scene, and then picks right back up with the “Blue View” post-Tribal scenes where everybody (except Jason) was beside themselves with glee.

Jason was being surprisingly mellow about losing his biggest ally and his idol. He accepted Tai’s apology and seemed very understanding about the whole thing. Sure, he was upset about it in his interview, but I appreciate that he’s smart enough to understand that stomping around and yelling at people isn’t going to help his game at all. Most people would just mope around and fuss about the unfairness of it all, but he immediately started asking how to bust into the alliance and stay in the game. With seven people in the game, and anytime there’s an odd number, somebody like him can be a crucial swing vote.

Karma really continued to bite Jason in the butt, as he wasn’t even able to compete in the reward challenge! The challenge itself was pretty straight forward, but it was fine. The most interesting stuff was at the reward itself, where Cydney started to float the idea of getting Tai out. This guy is so likable, and he’s got so many advantages in his pocket between his idol and extra vote, that I didn’t think there was any chance of him going out so soon. However, it really does make sense to cut him off as soon as you can. At this point in the game, coming off a huge move of getting rid of Scott like that, you’ve got to think that his confidence is through the roof and there’s no way he’d play an idol to protect himself. Cydney talked about this very thing with Jason and Julia, which got me very excited about the juicy possibility of seeing Tai get blindsided.

Speaking of “blindsided”, that was the answer to the puzzle in the awesome immunity challenge! I have a weakness for challenges that involve running out into the water, and I also enjoy word and memory puzzles, so this was a great one for me! The nerdy puzzle fan in me really wishes they would sometimes let the people at home play along. Maybe they could show us all of the animals and their corresponding numbers so we could try to memorize them too. Then once they pass that part, maybe show us all of the letters jumbled up and let us try to figure out for ourselves what the answer is. I know it might take away from the flashy production values of the challenge, but the heart wants what the heart wants.

The pre-Tribal scramble was all about which way Cydney and Michelle wanted to go between either voting against Jason/Julia or blindsiding Tai. The whole “blindside Tai” thing really felt like it might have been a red herring from the beginning. They were talking about it so much that it didn’t seem like there was any chance of it happening. When Tai heard his name brought up in the pre-Tribal deliberations, he vowed to the camera that he was bringing his idol and he was NOT going to go home with the idol in his pocket. When he got all nervous at Tribal and seemed like he was almost going to play it and then didn’t, I thought there was a chance we’d have another huge blindside on our hands. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be and Julia left the game. It will be interesting to see how deep this group allows Tai to get in this game considering how likable and voteable the guy is, and considering how he’s got multiple advantages on his pocket!

Random Thoughts:

– Closed captioning fail of the day: Cydney saying “United! Beauty, Brawn, and Brain!” translated to “United! Butty, Brown, and Brain!”

– Michelle hasn’t had a whole lot of screen time this season, but she came off a little braggy when she told Jeff she memorized all of the numbers. La dee dah.