NCIS: LA “Where There’s Smoke…” Review (Season 7, Episode 23)

NCIS: LOS ANGELES Where There's Smoke...

“Where There’s Smoke…” was one of those NCIS: LA episodes that strained credulity yet was nevertheless still enjoyable as an outing. Sam and Callen have gone undercover as basically everything else, so why not firefighters this time! Yeah, it’s insanely ridiculous, but I’d rather have this than another stolen technology or weapons outing.

And more than the actual plot of the week, the seeds being sown for the finale and the next season are what kept my interest. Tahir Khaled’s return and capture of Sam’s son may be the focal point of the finale, but my guess is that will be resolved (with Khaled finally being killed). It makes me think the final moments of this season will be one of two things: (1) a possible reveal of the mole or (2) Hetty having a heart attack (or possibly the first causing the second). There was too much being telegraphed with her stress at the gun range and subsequent conversations with Granger to not have something happen next week. Add to the fact Deeks’ continued remarks to Kensi about everything being too perfect at the moment. Yes, that other shoe is going to drop soon.

More Thoughts As I Finally Get That Steak

– One thing I’ll give the writers is they had Kensi acknowledge the fact that Sam and Callen really weren’t qualified to go undercover as firefighters (though I do give Sam more leeway due to his background as a SEAL).

– Not gonna lie, I’m bummed Callen’s father most likely won’t be making an appearance in the finale. Yeah, I know the show needs to spread the wealth amongst its leads, but putting that reveal back in February with no follow-up as of yet is disappointing.

– Hoping Mama Deeks comes back soon because a family dinner with her new boyfriend, Deeks, and Kensi sounds hilarious.

– Deeks on the computer researching potential medical ailments he could have is so my life. Deeks, I feel your pain. It could totally be the black plague. It happened on House.