Orphan Black “Transgressive Border Crossing” Review (Season 4 Episode 2)

Orphan Black History Yet to Be Written Season 3 episode 10 7

At the end of the season premiere last week, we saw that the Neolutions were closing in on Sarah, and we learned a lot more about Beth’s history. This week, Sarah returns home with Kira and essentially goes back to the beginning. I found this story direction puzzling. We’ve gone from fertility farms, Castor clones, to now some kind of robomaggot. This is one of the fundamental problems with Orphan Black. This show is, was, and always will be a hot mess.

But there are lots of things that make it a hot mess worth watching – like Alison. I love Alison so much. From her aerobics to calendar drafting, she touches a special place in my heart. The scenes with her and Donny are even better now that they’re taking care of Helena. I’d be happy just with a Weeds style show of Alison and Donny selling drugs and ruling the suburbs. The scene of Donny and Helena at the obstetrician is hilarious. It turns out that Helena is pregnant with twins. That’s not a big surprise considering she and Sarah are twins. You have to feel a bit bad for Alison since she wants children and can’t have them. Even though she gets in a few jealous digs, it seems like she is genuinely happy for her sister.

Felix isn’t feeling the love from the Clone Club. He is strangely distant, yet still willing to help Sarah out by going back to the Neolution club to sneak her in the back door. He reveals that he’s been looking for his birth family. Sarah tells him that he’s still her brother, but it does seem obvious that she’s taking him for granted.

Sarah spends most of the episode trying to uncover what Beth was doing. Art is right that Beth and Sarah are more alike than Sarah realizes. The way Tatiana Maslany plays the two characters is very similar. At first, I found it puzzling since the clones are usually very distinctive. But it makes sense that there are similarities between the two – this is why it would be easy for Sarah to pass as Beth. Sarah gets in touch with mask-obsessed Mika. I think we need more face time with her, because so far I’m not super impressed with this character.

Back to the Neolution wormy thing implanted in people’s cheeks. It’s bad news for Sarah. She’s got one inside her and it’s unclear how she’s going to be able to get rid of it. I have no idea where they’re going with this. I loved the look of horror Sarah has when she realizes she’s infected. Obviously, they’re going to need figure out how to get the worm out without ripping out half of her face.

I didn’t feel like the Beth flashbacks added a whole lot. It’s actually a bit disconcerting that after coming this far in the story, we’re going all the way back to the beginning. I’m not saying I don’t appreciate a Beth backstory, but it feels like we went down a really long road just to end up back at the beginning. It’s kind of one of the basic problems with the show – I don’t feel like there’s any real plan. It’s like they get to the end of a season and go, “Now what?” Which means we spend a lot of time on subplots that don’t go anywhere. But as long as we get a lot of time with Alison and Helena, I’ll go along for the ride.