The Good Wife “Party” Review (Season 7 Episode 20)


The Game of Thrones season premiere is burnin’ a hole in my DVR tonight, but I wanted to make sure I got to The Good Wife first. You know…dinner before dessert. That isn’t to say that I don’t like The Good Wife or anything, and “Party” was a nice enough offering, but part of me just feels like I want to see the finale already. It feels like we’re kinda just running in place, with the only substantial ongoing case being this whole issue with Peter and the Locke mistrial.

The titular party of the episode was a pretty fun way to get the entire extended Florrick clan together in Alicia’s apartment. It was nice to see Owen, Zach, and all of the other recurring characters showing back up for a little bit. It wasn’t altogether surprising that Zach had gone and gotten engaged to an older woman at his school, but it was surprising that he was hoping to drop out of school and move to France with her. I always thought of Zach as the smarter and more logical of the Florrick children, so I thought he would have appreciated the importance of a good education. I guess even a pretty girl and your raging college hormones and strong ideals can overcome any amount of logic and smarts, but I’m glad that Alicia and Peter decided to let him make his own mistakes and move to France with her. It definitely seems like this is the last time that we’ll see Zach on this show, and it was a good episode for him.

It also seemed like this very well could have been the last that we’ll see of Jackie, as she seems to be very happy with Howard, although not happy at all with Alicia for divorcing her son. My interest in Jackie has definitely waxed and waned over the course of the show, but I absolutely love how they handled this exit. The last thing she said to Alicia was “We’re more alike than not”. That’s a perfectly poetic and poignant thing to be her last words on this show, as it definitely seems like Alicia is slowly turning into somebody who is older, bitter, and alone. These are all characteristics that she’s hated in Jackie, but now she’s seeing them in herself.

The actual meat of the episode was all about this looming trial on Peter and whether or not he micromanaged the Locke Mistrial. I’ve made it no secret in my reviews about how annoyed I am about this storyline, but they’ve finally found a way to loop in the main cast into this storyline as well. They hilariously wrote out Mike Tascioni through an angry call to Eli Gold, so now we’ve included Eli, Diane, Cary, and even Kurt! I don’t know why they didn’t start out by roping in the rest of the gang onto this case, instead adding new characters like Connor and Mike and making it seem like a sideshow.

The troubled relationship between Alicia and Jason has been getting more and more happy in the last few episodes, but I’m just not sure how happily this show can really realistically end for Alicia Florrick. Tonight we saw the all-female partner firm for Alicia and Diane, Alicia possibly having something permanent with a new man that she loves, and her amicably leaving a relationship that wasn’t working for her. Part of me wants to see Alicia happy, but part of me doesn’t know if I want everybody’s stories to end so well. You’ve got Diane and Kurt madly in love, Zach absconding to France with his fiance, even Jackie is in love with her new husband. If Alicia and Jason end up together, will anybody on the show get an unhappy ending? Maybe Peter? Maybe he serves time like he did back in season one? I guess we’ll see!

Random Thoughts:

– Tonight was the first time I saw a promo on air for Brain Dead, the next show from the creators of The Good Wife. It was extremely short and had very few details, but it kinda left out the one big hook about the show. I don’t know if it’s supposed to be purposefully vague, but they didn’t make it very appealing at all.

– On an episode where it seems that we’re saying goodbye to so many characters, we also said goodbye to Gifford, the tortured main character on the show-within-a-show “Darkness at Noon”. RIP Gifford.

– All right, time for Game of Thrones now!