The Amazing Race “Salt That Sand!” Review (Season 28 Episode 9)

The Amazing Race Let the Good Times Roll

The Amazing Race returned with a welcome change of pace as the teams made their way from the barren deserts and towering skyscrapers of Dubai to the lush temples and greenery of Bali. I really couldn’t think of two locales on the earth that would be more different, so it was a nice change of scenery. “Salt That Sand!” started with a rather strange opening scene as the teams all made their way to the airport, and Burnie and Ashley revealed that they were the only other team that knew that Kurt and Brodie used their Express Pass. I had assumed that this kind of information would have been given to all of the remaining teams, and that you wouldn’t have to ask them yourself. I would have assumed that these guys would have talked to each other between legs, right? I guess not. It was interesting to hear that Burnie and Ashley were the only ones to evenly distribute their challenges, though. I hadn’t realized how Kurt had done so many more challenges than Brodie, and I’m not sure why. He was a better dancer, maybe, but I didn’t think of him as that much more skillful.

Anyway, the teams made their way to Bali and were all basically equalized on the flight and at the temple. They all just carried some fruit around for a bit, then trade those in for a snake, then traded that in for a clue. It was kind of a strange mini-challenge, and was really just there to show off the cool oceanside temple. There’s nothing wrong with that, but they could have done something a little more unique or spiritual to help resonate exactly where they were.

The teams made their way to the first Road Block of the episode, where they had to carry some heavy salt water and help pack salt in some bags. This seemed like a pretty straight-forward challenge, with the first half being mostly manual labor and the second part being detail work. However, when Rachel decided to do it everybody acted like it was the end of the freakin’ world. I know that she’s a girl and all, and yes I guess it was admirable that she was the only one to do this challenge, but there have been much more physically taxing challenges on The Amazing Race that were completed by women. This wouldn’t even crack the top ten. I’m sure it was hard, but everybody was treating her like she was some fragile baby bird. Zach even said “poor baby” when he saw what she’d be doing. Cool your jets, buddy. She’s carrying some heavy water for a little bit, not getting tortured.

The second Road Block was a bit of a surprise, as everybody assumed they would have a Detour. I never thought of Brodie as being particularly bad at challenges, but he really struggled at putting that kite together. It wasn’t particularly exciting to watch, as fumbling over tying knots and putting sticks in the right holes isn’t exactly great TV, but flying the kite definitely looked cool!

I do feel bad for Burnie and Ashley for having their fourth second place finish in a row, but at least they’re staying consistently towards the top! The newscaster team last year didn’t come in first place until the very last leg. That’s the leg that counts!

I also feel pretty bad for the Kingses for going home, but I never really thought they had much longevity in the game. I’m surprised they made it as far as they did!

Random Thoughts:

– It always cracks me up when people exasperatedly yell stuff like “I don’t know how to do this” when building a giant kite on the beach of Bali. Do you think that anybody else in this game knows how to do this? Or has anybody else in the game ever done stuff like this before?

– I can never see an outrigger on TV again and NOT think of the infamous outrigger scene from LOST. Who was on the other outrigger?! That question haunts me to this day!