The 100 “Demons” Review (Season 3 Episode 12)

The 100 continued its strong string of episodes with “Demons,” an episode that brought back several old faces to haunt our characters. While the overarching narrative continues to progress in fits and starts, the renewed focus on the original characters working together remains a huge mark in the show’s favor.

After the harsh struggles of last week, it was good to see everyone mostly putting aside their grudges and bad blood in order to focus on the mission of taking Alie down. Admittedly, it was a bit weird for Arkadia to be completely abandoned – Alie didn’t want to leave a scout or two behind? – but it provided a solid backdrop for an hour all about the characters being hunted down by Carl Emerson, Mount Weather Security Detail.

Emerson moved through this episode like a force of nature, dressed like a Grounder version of the Terminator and kidnapping Clarke’s friends with a brutal efficiency. And given his garb, I was actually a bit surprised to see him pop back up so soon, but I was glad to see him as the villain this week; his return continued last week’s theme of forcing the characters to face the dark things they’ve done. Plus, with no real connection to any of the other Big Bads of the season, it was good to get him taken care of during this lull.

I also appreciated this episode giving a bit more focus on some of the tertiary characters that have also been around since the beginning. The opening scene with Miller’s ghost story was a fun look at the friendships between three characters we don’t often spend much time with, while also setting up the slasher-like feel of the episode. Sinclair, meanwhile, has had a bit of an expanded role this season, and he’s served well as an older figure the others can always rely on. That’s what made it such a shame to see him die in this episode, and I kind of wish he’d gotten a bit more of a moment of mourning.

Elsewhere, well, things were about as jumbled as ever. At the very least, our main focus of the other storyline was Murphy, everyone’s favorite punching bag. As far as reveals go, I also enjoyed finding out Emori was chipped, though it mainly didn’t occur to me because Jaha didn’t show up until the very end. It speaks to a larger problem, really, with how disjointed the various arcs have been this season. Fortunately, it seems things are finally coming together as we head into the final stretch of episodes this season.

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