Bones “The Murder of the Meninist” Review (Season 11 Episode 12)

Bones s11 e12

Bones found its funny side this week with an episode focused on the murder of a men’s activist whose body was found in a burned up car. Who knew that such a subject would ruffle Brennan’s feathers?! We even saw Brennan throw a mean right hook when talking with a suspect in the case.

It was great to see Brennan and Booth back at it with their opposing views of the world. The familiar banter felt good with Booth referring to Brennan as bad luck when it came to The Flyers. She’s been watching the games, and while she seems in to them, she still isn’t too clear on the terminology of the game! It’s always funny to watch Brennan talk so intellectually about her observations while getting some of the idioms all wrong!

And while Brennan and Booth stepped back into their normal roles on the show, Hodgins’ outlook on his paralysis went from optimistic to downright angry. Usually the happy go lucky character of the Bones crew, we’re seeing a whole new side to him now that his doctor has informed him about his hopeless situation. Hodgins spends the hour getting sarcastic shots at those around him; telling the gang that he could use a pair of legs to informing Cam that he would have loved to be paralyzed sooner so that he could ride the special lift that was brought in for his wheelchair. Things seem to be getting worse for Hodgins and Angela.