Survivor “I’m not Here to Make Good Friends” Review (Season 32 Episode 10)

SURVIVOR I'm Not Here to Make Good Friends

I was hoping that Scot and Jason would realize how immature and petty their behavior was in last week’s episode, but tonight’s episode of Survivor showed that this was unfortunately not the case. Sure, they didn’t steal any machetes or douse any fires in “I’m not Here to Make Good Friends”, but they did come back from Tribal at the beginning of the episode bragging that all of their annoying antics from last week actually worked. This was obviously not the case, as Debbie really dug her own grave by trusting Julia to a fault. It was kind of funny that they were so braggy about their amazing gameplay considering that they person they all voted for did not go home. Wow, way to go guys!

As a big fan of Russell Hantz, I also take umbrage with Scot saying he didn’t want to play like him. Russell didn’t do the petty stuff like you did, and he’s arguably the best player to ever play and NOT win the million. Scot couldn’t touch Russell’s game with a ten-foot pole, and he’s already pretty tall!

The reward challenge had an interesting twist this week, as Jeff allowed the contestants to choose what they wanted to play for. The challenge itself could have been a little more interesting, but the twist saved it from total mediocrity. It was kind of funny that the challenge just happened to go in order of which reward. First, both the Love players dropped out, then the three Food players, and then the three Advantage players dropped. They couldn’t have scripted it any better!

Tai won the Advantage, and I assumed when I saw it that it was just going to be an advantage to the immunity challenge that week. Instead, it was an extra vote! This is a big deal! I would have been concerned that this is maybe too much of an advantage, but then he said that it has to be used before there are five people left. That means that he would only have three more Tribals to use it, right? It was a little unclear in the way that Tai worded it, and with English being his second language it was even harder. Can he use it when there are five people left? Or is that the week when it’s no longer usable?

Apparently the person designing the challenges this week really hates pots, as the immunity challenge also had to do with cute little ceramic pots falling and breaking into a million pieces. It was a little disappointing to have both challenges of the week involve endurance, as they aren’t always the most exciting ones to watch. It was a little unclear what exactly the rules were regarding how you could keep the discs flat. Jeff said very clearly that you had to only use your fingertips, and this seemed to mess most people up. Julia screwed up her thumbs, and Tai had some freaky Exorcist-looking fingers at the end too, but it looked like they were both only using their fingertips. Then you cut to Jason and Aubry and they were smooshing their entire palms up against the discs. That would obviously give you a lot more control. I’m not sure if the posts were measured to each person’s wingspan either, but you’d assume so. Anyway, Jason wins it because he could smoosh his palms against a disc for the longest time, and he wins his first individual immunity.

We’re at the point of the game where everybody is trying to figure out if they should cut out all of the smart/likable players from the game just so they can stay to the end with the dumb/unlikable players. It’s always an unfortunate part of the game, because you don’t want to see people like Scot and Jason rewarded for their kind of play. However, then you have people like Aubry who might just be a little too smart and strategic for their own good.

Well, I guess tonight we found out how exactly the Super Idol works, as poor Scot looked imploringly at Tai for his idol and was SHUT DOWN. Man, was that brutal! You’ve got to love the kind and sweet little Tai taking a stand against the giant Scot. It turns out that the Super Idol does need the consent of both the Idol holders, but now Scot is out of the game with an Idol in his pocket! What a crazy end to Tribal, and yet another blindside!

What did you guys think of the episode?

Random Thoughts:

– Is it a coincidence that both of the challenges this week had to do with pots, and today is 4/20? Yes, it probably is…

– Why does Scot’s title read as “Former NBA Champion”? Aren’t you always a champion if you win the championship once? Or are you only a champion if you just won it last year?

– Man, you gotta love crazy ol’ Debbie smiling like a banshee every time the camera was on her.