The Flash “Versus Zoom” Review (Season 2 Episode 18)

The Flash returned from hiatus with an episode all about finally laying all the cards on the table when it came to Hunter Zolomon, Jay Garrick, and Zoom. Well, actually, we still don’t know who the man in the iron mask is, but “Versus Zoom” still gave us a number of reveals and big developments while also setting up the big conflicts for this final stretch of episodes in season two.

One quibble I feel the need to address right away is the Supergirl of it all. This was obviously the episode that set-up the delightful crossover from a few weeks ago, but the way it went entirely unmentioned was bizarre. I grant that maybe Barry wouldn’t immediately mention running into an alternate universe superheroine right away under normal circumstances, fine. However, he’d just jumped between universes, which is the exact problem they then spent a good chunk of the episode trying to solve. It’s not as if the show hasn’t actively shown Supergirl before, so why not at least a dropped line about how Barry has no control over what alternate universe he jumps to at high speeds.

Other than that bit of weirdness, though, this was a solid return for the show, one that pushed the Zoom conflict forward in a big way. It was a bit of an infodump, but we finally learned that not only is Zolomon an escaped serial killer, but he’s consumed by some sort of darkness that’s driven him to seek out other speedsters. He explains that the copy of himself masquerading as Jay Garrick was actually a time fragment, and that he pretended to be a hero to give the people a hope he could snuff out.

Teddy Sears does a great job playing the true Zolomon, and he’s a far more engaging character now that he’s able to go full psycho. It’s reminiscent of how much fun Brett Dalton seemed to be having once the truth about Grant Ward was revealed in the first season of Agents of SHIELD. He makes the infodump more enjoyable just by how gleefully malicious he is. My only wish is that we’d get more time with this version of the character before his likely defeat at the end of the season.

Meanwhile, this episode also brought some strong character moments for Cisco and Joe. For the former, this meant a chance to further expand upon his powers, while for the latter, it was a chance to create a stronger connection to Wally. Neither story was too deep, but Wally moving in did set him up to be kidnapped by Zoom. More evidence that Barry’s secret identity does more harm than good.

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