‘Supergirl’ (Season 1): Final Showdown

Better Angels

Given all that has happened in Supergirl over the last handful of episodes, it was only a matter of time before Supergirl would have to face off against her Uncle Non (recurring guest star Chris Vance). The season finale last night sure didn’t disappoint with the final showdown between these two estranged family members with Non on the losing side along with Indigo.

But before that showdown could take place, Supergirl had to figure out a way to break everyone from Myriad’s hold. And what was that solution? Hope! Convenient that the large “S” she wears on the front of her Supergirl suit stands for hope, right?

Her impassioned speech to the masses – orchestrated by the combined efforts of Cat Grant and, of all people, Max-well Lord – packed so much of a bunch, or rather an overwhelming amount of hope, that everyone affected by Myriad were snapped back to reality.

But, of course, that solution was only a Band-Aid on the problem because Non and Indigo amplified Myriad to affect everyone’s brain to the point that they would explode (lovely visual that would not have been!). With mere minutes to spare, Supergirl was willing to sacrifice herself to lift and transport Fort Rozz to outer space.

Remarkably, Alex flew the Kryptonian pod that brought Kara/Supergirl to Earth into space to save her beloved sister, bringing about a happy ending for everyone. That is until another Kryptonian pod crash landed in National City, containing an inhabitant who Kara seems to know. This being a season finale, though, viewers are left hanging as to who that inhabitant could possibly be. Any thoughts on who it could be?

Also, how about that kiss that James planted on Kara? I would say that he is just as interested in her as she is in him; and we will have to wait to find out how their relationship progresses. What would you like to see happen? Do you want their relationship to be hot and heavy or a slow burn?

Then there was that pleasant twist between Cat and Kara at CatCo. How about Cat being willing to acknowledge that Kara is the best assistant she has ever had; and even better, offering her a much overdue promotion. To make that whole advancement even more interesting, Kara gets to decide what she wants to do. How many of us would love to have that option. More importantly, what will Kara decide to do at CatCo? What would you want to do if you were in her place? Oh, and the best part of that whole storyline: Cat actually called Kara by her correct name rather than Kira.

What are your overall thoughts on the first season of the show? What storylines have been your favorite? Would you like to see more of Eliza and Jeremiah Danvers in the future? Do you think that Lucy Lane will continue to work with the DEO now that J’onn J’onzz has been exonerated and reinstated as Director? Please share your thoughts in our comment section below.

CBS has yet to officially announce a second season for ‘Supergirl’, but at this point in time it’s hard to imagine that the show won’t return this fall.