Supergirl “Better Angels” Review (Season 1 Episode 20)

It’s a bummer to see the first season of Supergirl end on such an unimpressive note, but such was the case with “Better Angels.” Though the episode hit all of the necessary beats to bring the Myriad storyline to a close, it just felt lacking in the same stakes that propelled last week’s episode. Still, the show’s inherent optimism kept me engaged for the duration, and leaves me hopeful for that second season.

The biggest issue with this episode, ultimately, was the pacing. By having the initial threat of Myriad wrapped up so quickly, the episode started on an anticlimactic note. Honestly, I actually liked that Kara broke through the Myriad signal with a speech about hope – it’s exactly the sort of plot beat I expect from a Super narrative, cheese and all – I just wish it had come later in the episode, allowing the threat to build instead of be momentarily deflated.

Instead, we get a desperate Non and Indigo deciding to not only give up on the Earth, but use an amplified Myriad signal to kill every human on Earth. The only way to stop it meant a possible suicide mission for Kara and J’onn, so we got a series of scenes following Kara as she not-so-subtly said goodbye to everyone she cares about. On the one hand, these scenes work in the context of a finale, giving each major character a farewell before the end. However, it feels unnecessary given that at no point do we actually think Kara’s going to die. J’onn, maybe, but not Kara.

Still, we did get some good scenes at the very end, ones that felt like better conclusions to the season long arcs. For one, having Cat actually acknowledge how skilled Kara is, as well as how much she respects her – not to mention finally pronouncing her name right – was great. Also, it was good to see James and Kara finally end up together, especially after the unnecessary scene of her pushing him away earlier in the hour.

So, overall, while this episode wasn’t a homerun in regards to the overall arc, it does leave me satisfied enough with the character relationships that have always been the show’s strong suit. Hopefully the show has found enough of an audience to justify a second season renewal and the exploration of Cadmus, Jeremiah Danvers, and whatever was in that Kryptonian escape ship.

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