NCIS: LA “Granger, O” Review (Season 7, Episode 22)


“Granger, O” brought NCIS:LA back to form with an episode that had dramatic weight, along with some wonderful comedic moments and characters, while adding depth to Miguel Ferrer’s Assistant Director.

I’ll start off by saying that the thought of Jennifer Kim being Granger’s daughter never crossed my mind during her first appearance last December in “Cancel Christmas.” I figured his interest in her was just due to the fact that he had loved her mother in the past. Turns out it went it a bit deeper than that! This development adds a new dimension to one Granger, O, one that he has desperately needed. And like Arkady and Anna, I think Malese Jow’s Jennifer Kim would make a nice recurring character for the show. That door was definitely left open with her reveal of wanting out of the North Korean spy game. Callen found his father. Now the team (let’s be honest, they’ll be looped in eventually) can search for Jennifer’s mother.

More importantly, the way Granger was presented in this episode makes me believe now with certainty that he is definitely not the mole. His plan to divert the airplane to Burbank without telling NCIS showcased his fear of a leak. And with all the character-building done throughout the episode in his various conversations with Jennifer, it would feel like two steps back to reveal him as the turncoat. No, I think the person is going to be completely new (groan) or someone from the past who I’ll only vaguely remember. But like Callen, I am getting sick of all this mole stuff. Just tell us already!

More Thoughts As I Show Off My Skateboarding Skills

– I’ve mentioned I don’t know how many times that Hetty withholding information from the team drives me nuts. In the case of revealing Granger’s connection with Jennifer to Callen and Sam though, I actually agree. It’s not her place to tell.

– Callen, you sly dog you.

– The Captain and Clementine were the type of hilarious day players I love, and their interactions with Deeks and Kensi provided a nice foil to the more serious material between Granger and Jennifer.

– In a nice reversal of Callen learning his first name from his father, Granger learned the actual first name of his daughter.

– Chekhov’s fork!