Beowulf “Episode 13” Review (Season 1, Episode 13) [Finale]


The final episode of Beowulf aired on Saturday night and it certainly went out with a bang in terms of the final battle between Rheda and her people in Herot versus her brother Abrecan and his people armed with help from the people of Wulfing.

The battle itself wasn’t as bloody as I expected, but there were still casualties on both sides. The real surprise, though, was that Rate, the Thane of Varni, actually showed up to provide his Army in the fight against Abrecan and the Wulfing. The reason for his shocking arrival: Rheda agreed to marry him (say what?!) and they would co-lead as the Jarl (the chief and ruler of all of the Shieldlands).

When she made that proclamation before those inside the grand Hall of Thane, Kela (Slean’s bride) was obviously shocked as was Beowulf; and quite frankly, I had to question if she would actually follow through on “her word” or not. As it turned out, she did stand by her word, marrying Rate; and he, in turn, signaled his warriors to descend on Thane to take down Abrecan’s Army and the Wulfings.

There were several sad moments throughout the episode – besides all the death within the battle of the armies. The first was watching the leader of the Wulfing, Skellan, take the life of Breca, Beowulf’s best friend and husband of Herot’s smithy Lila. That being said, Breca and Beowulf did have a very touching goodbye scene. The second was Elvina making another shocking reveal to Beowulf (after young warrior Brinni learned that she is a skin shifter) that the creature he hunted in the first episodes is actually her son named Grendel.

A few of the more triumphant moments in the finale were Rheda getting the best of her brother Abrecan, taking him down just as he was on the cusp of taking the great Hall of Herot; and then there was the moment were Slean finally seemed to accept Kela as his wife followed by his kissing her. Oh, and there was that fleeting moment between Elvina and Beowulf when he went to her before the battle. I have to wonder if that war horn hadn’t trumpeted that Abrecan’s Army and the Wulfings arrived, that maybe he would have accepted what she is or not. I guess we won’t know (at least for now).

Of course, the show ended on a cliffhanger moment with the other skin shifter Razzak going to the King of the Giants. Just what he had planned for Herot and all the humans is anyone’s guess.

What did you think of the final episode of ‘Beowulf’? Were you shocked to learn the truth about Grendel and Elvina? Were you sad to see Breca’s death? What are your thoughts on Rheda marrying Rate? Did you see that twist coming? Do you think that Elvina will come back to Herot or will she disappear with Grendel? Please share your thoughts in our comments section below.

The Esquire Network has yet to announce if ‘Beowulf’ will have a second season or not.

Kieran Bew as Beowulf
Gisli Orn Gardarsson as Breca
Joanne Whalley as Rheda
Edward Speleers as Slean
Elliot Cowan as Abrecan
Laura Donnelly as Elvina
David Ajala as Rate
Edward Hogg as Varr
William Hurt as Hrothgar
Gregory Fitoussi as Razzak
Ellora Torchia as Vishka
Lolita Chabrabarti as Lila

Guest Stars:
Holly Earl as Kela
Jack Rowan as Brinni
Emmett J Scanlan as Skellan