The Good Wife “Landing” Review (Season 7 Episode 19)


The NSA has been a weird side story on The Good Wife for the past few seasons, but tonight’s episode “Landing” put those goat loving weirdos front and center! Zach Woods’ character Jeff Dellinger returned to American soil (allegedly!) and has now been arrested! He’s not the only one who was arrested tonight, though! Let’s get to it!

First of all, the big event of the episode was the arrest of Peter Florrick by Matthew Morrison’s character Connor Fox. Even though we’ve finally got around to making some headway on this storyline, after a few episodes of Matthew Morrison glowering and making threats, I still have a hard time caring about any of this. Peter was a dirty state’s attorney before his arrest, he was a dirty governor and a dirty presidential candidate. The guy has been accused of everything from voter fraud to adultery and everything in between, and I’ve made it no secret in my reviews about how irritated I am about this whole storyline. Peter is only ever roped into the storylines when he’s in trouble for something, either with the law or with Alicia. It’s tiresome and it’s very disappointing that this is the major storyline that they’re tying this final season to for this great show. I get that they’re making a ton of parallels and callbacks to the very first few episodes of the show, as we see Alicia at the press conference standing next to her husband, but it doesn’t mean anything now with only four episodes left. So Peter might go to jail for three years. That sucks and all, but the show will be over? If he wins or loses this fight, why does it matter to us?

A much more interesting arrest this week was the arrest of Jeff Dellinger, as the Edward Snowden wannabe tried to return to the US for his mom’s funeral. We’ve had tons of cases over the last seven seasons that took place in all corners of the legal system, but this was our first one at an airport and the first one up in Canada! I know that Jayne Atkinson’s judge (I mean…”Justice of the Peace”) was supposed to be played for comedy, but I’m not honestly sure which country she was supposed to be insulting! She was obviously insulting America with every other breath, in everything from our health care system to violence and interrupting each other, but she was also so stuck up and overpolite that it ended up making fun of Canadians as well!

It was also nice that we had a callback to the seemingly random episode “Targets” from a few months ago where Alicia was on the panel and voted to kill Massoud Tahan. It’s always great when they’re able to tie back to things that it seems like they’ve forgot, especially because The Good Wife has a knack for trying to introduce too many characters and storylines and then quickly ditching them.

As far as the rest of the crew, it’s nice to see Diane so happy with Kurt. We just saw Cary leave the firm in a pretty happy place, and now Diane is going to see a lot more of her husband. It was a little silly of her to get so upset about Kurt almost selling his business to the perky Megan Hilty, especially considering that we’ve already seen that Kurt hangs out with young and pretty women. Diane’s comments about a “Republican strip club” seemed a little unnecessarily hurtful considering that we’ve never seen Kurt as anything less than a perfect husband. I don’t know what’s going to happen with Alicia, Jason, or Peter, but it looks like the rest of the group is gonna have a happy ending! We’ll see!

Random Thoughts:

– This is the first episode of The Good Wife to air after Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s appearance as Negan on The Walking Dead. As much as I hated that episode, it was definitely a jarring change to see him all soft and cuddly in Alicia’s bed this morning.

– I loved Zach Woods’ expression when being asked if he’d rather live in Canada or be in jail. He’d rather be in Canada, but barely.

– Did Jayne Atkinson’s stuff Canadian character not know about the CSE? She made fun of Americans for spying on their citizens, but they do the same thing!