The Originals “The Devil Comes Here and Sighs” Review (Season 3 Episode 18)

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On the latest episode of “The Originals,” Lucien and Aurora set into motion their plot to vanquish the remaining Mikaelsons, starting with Elijah and Klaus, while the rest scrambled to come up with a counteroffensive to help them out, in “The Devil Comes Here and Sighs.”

Set against the backdrop of the famed New Orleans Jazz Fest, aka NOLA Music Days, which made for some great traditional music throughout the episode, the latest episode began with an amusing faux proposal scene in which Lucien made Aurora a pitch in the form of an actual proposal: over a dinner of locals (as opposed to a local dinner, this being the show it is), Lucien laid out what he was now and offered up a vial of blood that would make Aurora the same, if she saw fit to drink it.

As a sort of cherry on top, he also promised to help get her brother Tristan back, along with all the aid in getting her revenge on Klaus that she could ever want. Though flattered, Aurora requested a little time to “think about it,” which is never a good sign, and should have been Lucien’s first heads-up that things weren’t going to go as maybe he had hoped they would, but as with many a man before him in love, he ignored the warning signs and plowed ahead.

Back at the Mikaelson compound, everyone worked furiously to come up with a line of defense, but Klaus, being a man of action, was, as ever, impatient and wanted to get started sooner than later and strike while the iron was hot, especially with the offhand chance that Lucien might not have turned Aurora yet, thus making it two vampires they all had little defense against.

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Restless, he paid Camille a visit to make sure she was safe and sure enough, she had things under control, having had her place protected against vampires by putting the lease into someone else’s name that was unbeknownst to anyone, so that no vampire could enter without her invitation. Impressed, Klaus told her to leave it that way, even when it came to him, so that no harm could come to her, telling her to be on the lookout for Lucien and possibly Aurora.

After leaving and taking in the sights and sounds of the music festival, Klaus spots Lucien in the crowd and gives chase. Naturally, it was on purpose and Lucien only did it to engage Klaus one on one. That accomplished, we were treated to the rare spectacle of someone actually handing Klaus his ass to him for once. It was not pretty, to say the least, but there was no biting, thankfully, which, as we now know, would have proved deadly to one of our favorite vamps.

Lucien informs him that he needs Klaus to help him get Elijah, and promptly stabs him with that blade we saw in a previous season, which I believe belonged to former witch leader Papa Tunde, and which disables him temporarily so that Lucien can abscond with Klaus to enact his own plan. Luckily for Klaus, a concerned Cami has tailed him and overhears this development and rushes back to the Mikaelsons to tell them.

Davina invites Kol to St. Vincent’s, where the magical guard allows him to think relatively straight for the moment, and she and Vincent tell him that they think that Lucien made a deal with the Ancestors to kill the Mikaelsons and are using Lucien as a sort of weapon against them. Vincent wants to try and convince the Ancestors that there is a better way to do things, if only for the vulnerable Davina’s sake, if not Kol’s own, much less that of his family. Kol is skeptical, but wants to save Davina, so he goes along with it- for now.

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Elijah gets a text shortly after Cami fills him in on what’s going only, with Lucien wanting to meet him at a local concert hall. The family puts their planning into overdrive accordingly, while Lucien settles in at his place with Klaus, retrieving the blade from within him once he has secured Klaus appropriately, with magical shackles and the like.

We discover-as does Klaus- that Aurora has yet to take the vial of blood Lucien gave to her. The two taunt Klaus, with promises of torment to come, but Lucien has to go to meet with Elijah, so he tells Aurora to torture Klaus all she wants, just hold off on killing him until he returns, as he’d like to see that personally.

Vincent “speaks” to the Ancestors, wanting them to acknowledge him as the Regent of the nine covens he is, but to no avail. Van Nguyen (Lawrence Kao, “The Walking Dead”) arrives to let Vincent know he is to be the new Regent and that he aims to take Vincent out of the picture altogether. You’ll recall Van was the one whose mother, Kara, was killed by Davina, and was once elected as Regent before, until the Ancestors overrode the vote and elected Vincent instead.

With Vincent’s role essentially fulfilled, Van’s time as Regent has now come, and they have no more use for Vincent, according to Van. As his mother was a relative of the Ancestors themselves, that makes him a relative too, and one of the last remaining ones left. As such, he is much better suited than Vincent, who has “sullied” his reputation, due to his association with the Mikaelsons and the Strix, even though that was largely due to the Ancestors themselves- but Van doesn’t know that.

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Klaus asks Aurora for forgiveness, but she laughs in his face, saying it wasn’t going to be that easy, given how he left things. After goading her a bit, Aurora finally admits that she doesn’t really care for Lucien the way he does for her, and is only using him as a means to an end to get her brother back. Either way, she hates Klaus more for what he’s done to her, so she’s not about to side with him. She then finally drinks the vial of blood, thus assuring that she will become like Lucien, once she dies and is “reborn.”

Lucien and Elijah meet, and the former demands the latter tell him where Tristan is or he’ll kill him and his brother. Elijah taunts him, saying that, even with his newfound strength, he’ll only end up becoming Tristan’s errand boy, as per usual, and suggests that he doesn’t really care about getting Tristan back. Lucien eventually admits that he was only doing it for Aurora anyway, but what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her, so he’ll just kill Elijah and be done with it.

Back at Lucien’s place, Klaus taunts Aurora in return, pointing out that there’s a reason her own brother had her locked up all that time: she’s legitimately insane. Klaus also points out that, if she really goes through with this Uber-vampire thing, that will mean she’ll be insane forever, with no means to cure herself in sight, as Tristan had tried to cure her to no avail for all this time. Aurora responds by torturing Klaus some more, naturally.

Back at the Mikaelson compound, Cami worries to Hayley that she’s more of a liability than anything, not having the fighting skills to go up against the likes of an Uber vamp. Hayley gives her a much-needed pep talk, but as we later discover, Cami isn’t wrong, and it’s only a matter of time before Lucien and Aurora use that against her towards the Mikaelsons.

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Back at St. Vincent’s, Davina is shocked to see the veil of protection coming down, with the Ancestors working to take out the one place Kol might be safe to get at him. Kol recognizes that he’s quickly losing control again, and Marcel is forced to knock him out and take him elsewhere before he massacres everyone in the place, Davina included. He tells Davina to go and help Vincent in the meantime, as he is in trouble.

Lucien and Elijah fight, and it isn’t going well for Elijah, but he has other plans, bringing in members of the Strix to aid him. Of course, Lucien makes quick work of them, but this turns out to be a ruse, meant to get Lucien in a specific part of the concert hall. It seems that Freya arrived early to set up a magical sigil on the floor that has the power to contain, if not defeat Lucien. It works like a charm, weakening his powers, much to his chagrin.

Aurora prepares to kill herself to bring on the Uber-vamp thing when Cami arrives, much to her amusement, armed with some sort of magical blade. While distracting her, Hayley swoops in and attacks Aurora, with the intent to kill her, until Klaus warns her not to, as Aurora has already drank the blood and killing her will only set things into motion and they’ll have two Uber-vamps to deal with. Alas, Aurora uses the moment of distraction to her own advantage, snapping Hayley’s neck.

Vincent warns an arriving Davina that he is no longer Regent and Van is and that he left a spell with the intent to destroy her via making Kol go crazy and kill her. Davina suggest they channel each other’s power to combat it and join forces, which they do. Marcel informs an awakening Kol what is going on, and suggests he leave town until they can figure out how to stop it or he’ll only end up hurting the ones he loves, especially Davina.

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Kol is enraged and out of control and goes after Marcel, but Davina and Vincent are able to wrest him under their control in the nick of time and defeat Van’s spell and save Marcel. Kol, back to himself again, for now, agrees that he should leave town, if only for Davina’s sake, finally recognizing that he can no longer function properly with everything that’s going on with the Ancestors.

Lucien is ticked off to be trapped, and Freya begins messing with him, doing a spell to give him a brain aneurism. Elijah informs Lucien that they might not be able to kill him, but they can damn sure have the Strix bury him in concrete and build a parking lot over him, which reminded me of a similar development on “True Blood” back in the day, though it never comes to pass here.

Instead, the Ancestors come to Lucien’s aid once again, overriding Freya’s spell and releasing him. He swiftly goes after the Strix present, taking them out handily, while Freya uses the opportunity to do another spell on him that allows them to escape, much to Lucien’s upset, so he heads back home, dejected, having not accomplished much in the grand scheme of things.

Aurora turns to deal with Cami, after disposing of Hayley and can’t resist the urge to play with her food, as it were. She points out that, as a vampire who hasn’t been invited into Lucien’s place, Cami can’t come inside anyway, but that if Aurora forces her to, it will have deadly consequences. That said, she does just that, delighting in Klaus’ horrified reaction to Cami’s pain. Hayley springs up once again out of nowhere, however, and plunges a needle into Aurora’s neck, knocking her out with some drug or another and this latest crisis is averted.

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Marcel informs Davina that Kol left town until they can figure out how to stop the Ancestors and she is crushed. However, Marcel spoke too soon, as when Kol tries to leave town he immediately starts to desiccate, likely the result of some spell cast by the Ancestors to keep him from doing so in the first place. Kol feels better the minute he steps foot back in New Orleans, but then the rage returns, so he’s back to where he started, between a rock and a hard place.

Lucien returns to his place to find Aurora gone and retrieves the security camera he had installed to see what happened. Unfortunately for him- and Aurora, no doubt- he hears everything that went down, including Aurora’s declaration that she would never love him like he does her and that she was just using him to get to her brother. Needless to say, this does not go over well with him.

With Lucien out of the way for the time being and Aurora unconscious for the moment and everyone back to the relative safety of the compound, the Mikaelsons regroup to plan their next move and try and figure out what to do next. Klaus asks after Cami and Hayley reassures him that Cami would have never gone to such lengths to save him if she didn’t still care for him.

Unfortunately, Lucien knows this as well, and pays Cami a visit. He implies that he knows he can’t come in because of her “invitation only” gambit, but then informs Cami that he overheard what she said to Klaus and that he puzzled out who the real owner of her place was and has just killed her.

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As such, there is nothing stopping him from coming inside, so he does and instantly is upon Cami, biting her, and we all know what that means- Cami is doomed unless Klaus and company find a cure in record time. Count on next week’s episode to be all about saving Cami, this time likely to no avail, but you never know. Cami’s like the Energizer bunny- she just keeps going and going…

This was another enjoyable episode, with lots of action and cool twists that manage to prolong the inevitable take-down of Lucien and Aurora in a way that made sense and was engaging and fun. Although Cami is eternally in trouble, and like she said, more of a detriment to the Mikaelsons’ well-being than anything, it will be interesting to see if Klaus is able to save her this time, given the circumstances. I honestly think it could go either way.

As for the defeat of Lucien and Aurora, that seems inevitable, and Aurora in particular has a debit against her in that Lucien now knows her true feelings for her and may not be inclined to help her. Meanwhile, the Mikaelsons have her and know that they can’t kill her, so they may try something similar to what they had planned for Lucien to keep her from turning into an Uber-vamp like he dis.

But don’t discount Kol coming back and accidentally throwing a wrench into the whole thing, via the Ancestors, so really, anything could happen, which is nice. Unpredictability is good on a show like this, and I know they are not above taking someone out, so we’ll see what happens next week.

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What did you think of the latest episode of “The Originals”? Were you surprised that the Mikaelsons got the better of Lucien, if only for the moment? Were you shocked to see Klaus get his butt kicked by Lucien? What do you think the Mikaelsons will do with Aurora? What will Lucien’s next move be? What do the Ancestors have planned for Kol, and why would they give Lucien so much power? Sound off down below on this and more, and see you next week!