The Amazing Race “I Have a Wedgie and a Half” Review (Season 28 Episode 9)

The Amazing Race Let the Good Times Roll

The Amazing Race continued its new tradition of showing the teams hanging out together after they checked in at last week’s pit stop. It’s not common that we see these little moments after the last leg, and we especially never see the eliminated team get to see their goodbye hugs to the remaining teams. They made an exception at the beginning of “I Have a Wedgie and a Half” so we can see the star-crossed lovebirds Blair and Brodie say a sweet goodbye. This showmance never really got off the ground other than a few awkward cuddles, but it was funny seeing all of the other teams making fun of Brodie.

The teams made their way to the beautiful city of Dubai, which is always fun to see on my TV in high definition. Between the beautiful skyline, the rolling dunes, and the always impressive Aquaventure water park, this is just a city that beautifully translates to the visual medium of television.

Both sides of the Detour took advantage of the beautiful desert landscape, as the teams chose between racing camels or leading them to an oasis in the desert. For me, this is the perfect way to do a Detour. You have one side that might be hard or requires a lot of strength, but you can get it done quickly. Or you pick a side that is simple, yet takes a lot of time. I’m not sure why more people didn’t try to race the camels again after their first try. Even the teams that weren’t quite as physically strong, like Sherri and Cole, were able to beat them with not too much effort.

I tell ya, I’m not trying to be sexist or anything, but this was not a great leg for the female side of these teams. Between Sherri always getting lost, Ashley and Rachel giving up on the race Detour after one try, and Dana getting angry at Matt (again) for just…staying positive, it was not a good look for any of them. It’s good that this is a new thing for everybody except Dana, but it was a tough leg on the female folk.

The Road Block took place at the awesome looking Aquaventure, which I want to go to so bad. The walking with the sharks challenge barely seemed like a challenge at all, but I was surprised that Brodie had such a hard time with that cylinder puzzle. Nobody else seemed to take that long to get it done, so it was a bummer to see an Express Pass get burned on such an attainable challenge. The Poseidon’s Revenge slide looked like a lot of fun, and it was great to see the team members get the GoPros for the plunge.

Speaking of taking a plunge, man, what happened to Dana tonight? She’s had little spurts of awfulness from her throughout the race, but she was in rare form tonight. Matt was being totally reasonable with her, but she was just unloading on the poor guy. The worst part is that she seemed to have zero awareness that she was the one that brought down the team. She kept saying that “we” got overwhelmed and “we” don’t process stress well. You are clearly the one bringing the team down, young lady! At least Sherri and Cole weren’t sent home, because they are both way better sports and treat each other with respect.

Random Thoughts:

– I was so sad that the flashback of Mika and Canaan from season 15 didn’t show the best part of that scene: When Flight Time and Big Easy showed up and psyched out Mika so that she was too afraid! They showed them going down, but they were heckling her! It was wonderful…

– Man, those bathing suits left little to the imagination! I was under the impression that the culture in Dubai for women was that they would be very conservative, right? Man, Sherri was bustin’ out of that thing!

– I was a little disappointed and surprised that we didn’t have any challenges having to do with the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest skyscraper. They kept showing it in the B-roll of the city skyline, so I thought they’d go there. Guess not.