The 100 “Nevermore” Review (Season 3 Episode 11)

The 100 has never been a show that’s afraid to let its characters make mistakes, nor has it shied away from making those same characters suffer for their failings. That said, this season has seen the characters more self-destructive and fallible than ever, and “Nevermore” was almost entirely dedicated to forcing everyone involved to face just how messed up they are. As a result, we got one of the strongest episodes of the season, one that also brought the focus back to the characters that first made this show such a success.

In the first season, the focus of the show fell almost exclusively on the 100 juvenile delinquents that were sent down from the Ark. By necessity, the show’s world has expanded considerably since then, but the original teen characters have remained the heart of the show, even as they’ve all drifted apart. As such, it was nice having an episode entirely about Clarke, Bellamy, Octavia and the other handful of characters that first came down from space. While the episode didn’t fix the various problems that have driven these characters away from one another, the common goal of destroying Alie has united them again.

And the groundwork has been laid for everyone to forgive each other again, thanks to the series of psychological attacks Alie made throughout the hour. Bellamy, Jasper and Clarke each received a fairly damning rundown of their various failings throughout the series, but while Alie’s goal was to tear them down, it instead feels like it’s served to help contextualize the mistakes they’ve been angry at one another for. Jasper seems like he’s finally ready to start letting go of his rage, attempting to comfort Monty in the aftermath of his mother’s death.

It’s weird to feel so hopeful after such a dark episode, but it’s good to see everyone working towards a common goal again. One of the things that made the first two seasons of the show bearable through the dark times was the sense that the heroes were all looking out for each other; it’s good to have that feeling back.

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