Legends of Tomorrow “The Magnificent Eight” Review (Season 1 Episode 11)

Legends of Tomorrow once again proved that it’s a far better show when it ditches the Vandal Savage storyline and just lets the characters have a fun adventure in a random time period. While “The Magnificent Eight” maybe leaned a bit hard into the standard story beats of a classic Western film, but it was still a heap of fun that also introduced a classic DC character into the fold.

From the setting, to the period clothing, to the revamped score, tonight’s episode did a great job of invoking the Old West era, putting it up there with the 70’s-set premiere in terms of capturing a different timeline. As a fan of Westerns, it was great to see the characters exploring this world and watching Ray geek out over living out his fantasy.

Another plus was the introduction of Jonah Hex. After being hyped online for a while now, DC’S top Western character didn’t disappoint. Jonathon Schaech was a good fit for the character, and while he didn’t have much time to develop into a fully fleshed-out figure, he had a great dynamic with the team that begs for a return appearance in the future. And who wouldn’t want a grizzled, time-travelling cowboy on the team?

Still, while tonight’s episode was a lot of fun, it didn’t really take the idea of a Western episode anywhere new. From the barroom brawl, to one of the characters being made sheriff, to the showdown at high noon, these were all scenes we’ve seen play out countless time in both actual Westerns and parodies. Heck, even Ray’s use of the name John Wayne echoed Marty McFly becoming Clint Eastwood in Back to the Future.

Ultimately, though, it was a well-executed escapade for the team, and it seemed clear that everyone was having a good time in this alternate time zone. The biggest problems stemmed from those ongoing plotlines – why force Ray and Kendra together if we’re immediately going to watch them get torn apart? – but they didn’t take away from an episode that shows exactly the sort of show Legends should spend more time being in its second season.

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