Bones “The Death in the Defense” Review (Season 11 Episode 11)

Bones S11E11

After an excruciatingly long hiatus, Bones finally returned with its mid-season premiere that spent the hour exploring the aftermath of Jack Hodgins’ surprising paralysis. The show opened with the Bones’ crew all smiles and optimistic, not exactly what I expected to see after watching Brennan tell Angela in episode 10 that Jack wouldn’t walk again.

In tonight’s return, Brennan was still adamant that their wasn’t much hope for Hodgins’ situation. Booth remained optimistic though, as well as the rest of the gang. Even Jack was sure he felt a tingling sensation in his lower body, making him believe that he could be experiencing nerve regeneration. For those watching his doctor’s face after he finally left the hospital after an eight week long stay, it was apparent that Jack and Angela wouldn’t be getting any good news coming their way about his recovery.

This week’s case

The case in this latest episode wasn’t one of the most interesting in Bones’ history, but with all the Jack drama, Bones’ fans had plenty of other great scenes to focus on. Watching the team try and work through the investigation of a young, female attorney who had cocaine in her system and snake skin in her nose was a challenge without their bug guy a constant.

It was sad to see all of the things Jack couldn’t do because of his wheelchair, but that didn’t mean his team didn’t need him any less. Watching Wendell refer to him as “King of the Lab” really brought back memories and also seemed to make him feel like his old self for a brief moment.

In the end

We discover that Cam’s reluctance to let Jack back full time had a lot more to do with her own guilt. She let Jack work hurt before his incident. She blames herself for what happened. And just when it looks like things are headed back to normal, we see jack take a call from his doctor who says that his MRI isn’t promising and that the tinging was clearly phantom sensations. Season 10 focused heavily on Brennan and Booth. It looks like this season we will be seeing Angela and Jack deal with life’s curve balls.

What did you think of tonight’s Bones episode? Was it the return you were hoping for?