Survivor “It’s Psychological Warfare” Review (Season 32 Episode 9)

SURVIVOR Villains Have More Fun

Survivor got ugly tonight with “It’s Psychological Warfare”, as Scot and Jason had their full heel turn into complete villains.

We’re used to the show starting with the “Blue view” scene where the group gets back from Tribal, but tonight we had an extra “Gray view” scene the next morning where Scot and Jason put their master plan into work when they hide the ax and hatchet. You might say that they were trying to…bury the hatchet! Right! Because they…all right, nevermind.

This was annoying for many reasons. Not only is it childish and immature to do this, but it made absolutely no sense for these guys at this point in the game. So you got blindsided and lost one guy from your alliance? So what?! You have two idols (which could combine into a Super Idol!) and you’re very strong competitors in challenges and could possibly win some individual necklaces as well. Plus, you only have to convert like…one or two people to your side to make it interesting? Why didn’t they try to freakin’ play the game for a minute before acting like children? Maybe if you lose the reward and you lose the immunity challenge you can dump water on the fire as a last minute act of insolence, but it shouldn’t be the first thing you do!

It cracked me up that Scot was then mad that they found a way around his childish actions. How dare they act like adults and try to rise above the situation, right?! The tribe didn’t even seem that angry about it, and I guess that’s what made him so frustrated. Hilarious.

I don’t know why Tai didn’t just immediately jump ship to the majority alliance when he saw how Scot and Jason were acting. Just tell them that you voted for Jason and that would get you in, right? I mean, it would at least get them to vote Scot and Jason out before you! He’s a likable guy, too! He could possibly make it a few votes past that point, too! Seeing him team up with those guys makes me think less of him, and I thought a lot less of him when he doubled down on it and poured out the fire in the middle of the night. While it’s usually fun to see the sneaky evil side of nice people come out like that, he’s such a nice guy that it just makes me sad.

Anyway, the reward challenge was a super basic affair of untying a rope and then throwing bean bags to knock stuff off. The challenge was boring, as was the Chinese take-out reward, but the only interesting thing was Julia picking the boys before it started. When this first happened I just assumed she was jumping over just to make the team picking process go by quicker. If all five girls refused to play with the boys then we’d never play the challenge, right? Turns out she was actually jumping ship over to those guys, like, for real! That came out of nowhere for me. She explained to the camera that she was just trying to make her moves, but it seemed like she literally made up her mind on the spot right then and there that she’d be switching over to the boys side.

The immunity challenge was a great one. They’ve done domino challenges before, but I don’t remember them being attached to that crazy rig that you had to carefully step through. That thing was nefarious! So many attempts and so many failures before Julia finally got hers, and she gets her first individual immunity necklace!

It was very strange that Debbie trusted Julia so completely. She seemed to be totally unable to listen to reason, which is surprising considering she’s supposed to be from the brain tribe. She definitely reaped the rewards of that tonight, as she became untrustable by her alliance and disposable by the other alliance. It was a bit of a no-brainer that she go home, so there ya go!

What did you guys think of the episode? Does the Super Idol make an alliance too untouchable? Sound off in the comments below!

Random Thoughts:

– I love how Debbie had that heated debate with Audry while having that huge diving mask on. That lady is a national treasure.

– Does anybody else absolutely love it when a chain of dominos falls down successfully like that? It’s the best. They shot Julia’s attempt so beautifully, too, with the camera panning along with the blocks.

– So does that crazy idol handoff during tribal mean that now Tai has final say on who gets the Super Idol?