Scorpion “Hard Knox” Review (Season 2 Episode 22)

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On the latest episode of “Scorpion,” Walter continued to explore his relationship with Lina (Brooke Nevin), with decidedly mixed results; Ralph got his day in court over his stolen invention; and the team took on an off-book “security test” of no less a target than Fort Knox, in the aptly-titled “Hard Knox.”

We began with Walter on his latest date with Linda, to the Botanical Gardens, which was solid in theory until you saw why they were there: to witness the blooming of the legendary “corpse flower,” which lived up to its name in terms of how it smelled when it opened up, much to Linda’s revulsion.

Toby told Walter his dating skills were questionable at best, and that the only reason Linda was putting up with him to the degree she was at all was because he’d saved her life. Toby suggests that perhaps she has “Damsel Syndrome,” which is when someone who had been in a traumatic experience and lived to tell the tale because of the actions of a particular individual becomes aroused by the rush of endorphins they get when they are around said person.

Walter scoffs, but the more he thinks about the kind of stuff he’s been doing with Linda, the more he wonders. To make matters worse, Toby points out that Walter himself may be using Linda to deflect the very real feelings he has for Paige and the feelings of jealousy he has towards Tim (Scott Porter). In other words, that he’s no better than Linda, and only using her as well.

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After all that melodrama, it was time for a little courtroom drama, as Ralph took his professor to court for stealing his idea in the last episode. In no time, however, even Ralph begins to doubt the abilities of his dubious attorney Heywood (Horatio Sanz). Heywood may be likable, but a good lawyer he is not.

Clearly blowing the case, he makes a last-ditch Hail Mary play by claiming that he’s not sure Ralph is competent to stand trial and should be looked over by a specialist to buy him some time so that the team can go through the computer code Ralph wrote and look for tell-tale “bookmarks” that he left behind that could prove that it was his. The judge, Tanniston (Leslie Davis Baker, “The Office”) is skeptical, but allows it for a brief period of time, even though he rightfully suspects Heywood is stalling, warning Heywood that he could be found in contempt of court if he keeps this sort of thing up.

Back at headquarters, the team starts to go through the files, but Walter is on edge because of everything going on in his life at the moment and uncharacteristically snaps at Ralph, which Paige takes him to task for.

Thankfully, at that moment, just after Paige threatens to leave the team if Walter ever does that sort of thing again, Cabe comes in with a new case. Agent Cooke (Mark Rolston, “Turn: Washington’s Spies”), a representative of the Department of Defense, has an off-the-books type of assignment in which he wants the team to break into Fort Knox and steal a particular item: a pricey scepter.

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The reason being, the people in charge of security at Knox have decided to go with privatized security, which Cooke believes is a dreadful mistake. He wants Team Scorpion to prove that the approach is not a good one by stealing something right from under the security team’s noses. The questionable part is, if they’re caught, the DOD will deny any involvement, but if they succeed, there’s a million dollars in it for them.

The team scoffs at first because of the risk, but Tim goads them into it by appealing to their sense of a challenge, by suggesting that he doesn’t blame them for not wanting to do it, especially as Fort Knox is one of the most secure, well-protected places in the world and essentially impossible to break into. Effectively played, the team immediately starts coming up with possibilities as to how it could be done.

Given the stakes at hand and the whole Ralph situation, Paige stays home for this one, with Sly also remaining at HQ to help go through the files on Ralph’s case, while running point via computer for the Fort Knox break-in.

I sort of felt bad for Ralph, given how little time he had to work on his case with the team before they were mostly snatched away, potentially sinking it in the process, what with only him and his mom truly focused on things, as Sly’s attention was divided between Ralph’s thing and the team’s.

The team comes up with a super-elaborate plan to break into Fort Knox, because of course they do, and all is going like gangbusters until a new wrinkle presents itself: it seems that there are some newly-installed guards positioned at the elevators that they didn’t know about while in the planning stage. With some quick, off-the-cuff thinking, Walter, Toby and Happy are able to disarm the armed guards with little more than flashlights.

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Current crisis averted, they have thirty minutes or so to accomplish their goal after using knock-out gas to disable all the guards while using gas masks for themselves. Happy hits a snag breaking into the vault when another unexpected problem presents itself as the military is testing bombs outside the facility and the ground tremors caused by it makes it near-impossible for Happy to figure out the combination for the safe.

In order to stop them, Cabe and Tim provide an assist by riding out on the field being used for the testing, causing the soldiers to have to stop, as well as to deal with these idiots in their line of fire. This does give Happy the time she needs to crack the safe, though, so mission accomplished.

Toby finds the location of the scepter via the manifest but naturally, it’s heavily protected via weighted motion sensors. Happy comes up with a plan to “Indiana Jones” the scepter by quickly switching it out with something of equal weight, but it doesn’t work and the alarms are set off.
Water immediately floods into the room, and the team has to think fast, with Ralph suggesting that they let the water do so and use it to their advantage by looking for a crowbar or the like to wedge into the door leading out so that they can escape once the water hits a certain level.

Toby finds a sword nearby and that does the trick, though Toby admits to being terrified by this turn of events: “If anyone notices the water getting warmer, it’s just me because I’m scared.” They successfully wedge open the door and escape, but by now the guards are headed their way.
They get away just in the nick of time, but by locking themselves in a nearby vault with seemingly no way out. There are, however, some grates on the ceiling that could potentially be cut open, leading to some pipes that could be a way out of the facility. But what to cut them with?

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Happy remembers that the scepter has some diamonds on it, and that they can be used in conjunction with her tools to get it done. In preparing, though, she also notices something- there’s another item stashed inside the scepter. Realizing that this was the reason her figures on the weight distribution of the scepter were off when they first took it, Happy also realizes that it’s likely no coincidence, either, especially when she sees what’s inside the vial she finds.

Turns out it’s Polonium, a toxic compound that there’s enough of in the vial to wipe out a quarter of the world’s population. Happy realizes that it’s likely what Agent Cooke was really after, and has Sly look into Cook while they take care of the grates, shimmy into the pipes and out of the vault before the guards can break in. Unfortunately, the pipes lead to a dead end, as there is no exit to be found and they are trapped inside.

There are only about three feet of concrete blocking them from the outside, though, so Walter suggests a crazy possibility: what if a mortar was fired into their direction, blowing a hole big enough for them to escape through? Sly commandeers a mortar and does just that, though the necessary calculations for their location are iffy at best.

Luckily for them, it works and the team is able to escape just in time to evade the guards and leave, but they still have the outside soldiers to contend with, and you better believe a bombshell going off without their involvement gets their attention.

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In the meantime, Sly discovers that Cooke is a former East German operative that hid the Polonium in the scepter long ago and got the job at the security firm to secure it but his plans hit a snag when privatized security was brought in, hence his needing Scorpion to assist. Armed with this knowledge, the team gives Cooke the scepter sans the Polonium, he leaves and they meet up with Cabe and Tim.

Cabe and Tim knock out two guards, while the rest MacGyver some pinecones to explode, making a sound like gunfire to distract some of the other soldiers so that they can double-back and break back into Fort Knox so that Walter can leave behind Cooke’s ID that they swiped in making the trade for the scepter. A guard spots it and calls it in and Cooke is arrested shortly thereafter and all’s well that ends well.

Back in court, after being arrested for contempt of court for all his stalling, Heywood returns to finish out the case, this time armed with extensive notes written by the team to outline his plan of action. Ralph is, of course, declared competent to stand trial and put on the stand to testify. He is able to prove the computer code is his by pointing out that the bookmarks he left behind all correspond to special dates in his life, including, heartbreakingly, the day he met Walter.

The judge eventually rules in Ralph’s favor and Heywood wins his first case fair and square, albeit not without a LOT of help. The judge rightfully chastises the professor for stealing from a child and Heywood is overjoyed to do his mother proud by finally winning a case. Walter also takes a minute to apologize to Ralph for his comments previously. He says that he realized that Ralph was actually smarter than he was at his age and saw him as a threat because of it and that was why he lashed out.

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Walter also tells Ralph to never be ashamed of his intelligence- or let it stand in the way of interacting with others, pointing out that if there was hope for him to lead a normal life, there was hope for anyone. However, Walter does meet with Linda to confront her about whether or not she’s really interested in him or if it’s “Damsel Syndrome” as Toby suggested earlier and it turns out Toby was right and her feelings for him are more friend-like than of a romantic nature.

They decide to be friends and Linda hugs Walter, but meanwhile Tim asks Paige out on their first proper date, although he has to go to Seattle for back surgery first that he hopes will help him get reinstated. She says yes and Walter gets wind of it and is devastated. The episode ends with the team celebrating on the roof, as Toby pulls a fast one on Happy in order to determine her ring size, likely indicating that he plans to pop the question to her soon.

This was another fun episode, albeit one filled with plot holes and inconsistencies, as per usual. The only problem was that they were a bit more glaring that usual this time around, IMHO. For instance, Cooke seemed shady from the jump, and after having been involved in questionable cases before, you’d think the team would know enough to have him thoroughly vetted before taking on the case, given the dubious off-book nature of it all.

Also, you’d think that, as bad a lawyer as the team knows Heywood to be, that they would have prepared better for the trial and had all their ducks in a row before going to trial in the first place. Instead, they had to scramble to come up with the information they needed to win and Ralph very nearly lost in the process.

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Factor in the fact that even Ralph was savvy enough to recognize Heywood was pretty incompetent, and you have to wonder why they did it in the first place, when even Heywood thought they should find a better lawyer. I mean, I get that they were trying to do him a solid, but they should have prepared better before even filing the suit in the first place.

I’m used to being dubious of the science on the show, but am always willing to overlook that sort of thing so long as I’m entertained. Here, I enjoyed the show, but the writers dropped the ball in the logic department, big time. For a show about geniuses, it really could use some on the writing staff! (Sorry, guys- it had to be said.)

What did you think of the latest episode of “Scorpion”? Did the logic flaws and plot holes also affect your enjoyment or are you able to gloss over those sorts of things? Did you see the twists coming? Are you surprised Ralph won his case, given the general incompetency of Heywood? Did you enjoy the episode in spite of everything? Sound off on this and more down below and see you next week for the penultimate episode of the season!