Supergirl “Myriad” Review (Season 1 Episode 19)

This week’s Supergirl was very much about setting the table for next week’s big finale. Almost by design, then, “Myriad” was never going to be the most exciting episode of the show, particular with so many of the characters either out of town or under the effects of Myriad. Still, what we got was a solid episode that put all the pieces in place for what will hopefully be a satisfying conclusion to the show’s first season.

Primarily, this episode focused on Supergirl as she worked with Cat and Maxwell Lord to figure out a way to take out Non and Indigo. This led to the exploration of a theme the show has been focused on all season, one of hope and optimism versus fear and oppression. This show has never had a deft hand when it comes to this, sure, which can lead to some fairly sappy and overly-idealistic moments. However, that positivity is core to who Supergirl is, and why she’s been such a welcome addition to the line-up of superhero television this season. So, cheesy though they might’ve been, I enjoyed Cat’s speech to Supergirl, who in turn passed that same inspiring message to Lord.

It’s that optimism and belief that good will find a way that pushes all of the show’s characters forward tonight. Despite only having left a few weeks ago, J’onn and Alex didn’t hesitate at all to return to National City to help Supergirl. Their return led to the episode’s biggest action scene, as J’onn took on Indigo in one-on-one combat. It was a solid fight, and getting to see the Martian Manhunter in action continues to be one of the show’s best visual treats.

The one weird bit of storytelling was the inclusion of Superman, one the show constantly struggled with early on. With a world-ending threat appearing, it makes sense that Superman would get involved, but the show’s decision to include him so directly is a baffling one. It’s maybe a bit of a cheat, but just having him be off-world for the events of this finale would’ve been fine. Instead, he comes to National City and is immediately affected by Myriad, which necessitates a weird explanation from Lord that he’s affected because of being raised on Earth. It’s a complication the story doesn’t need, especially since they’ve continued to avoid actually showing Superman’s face. That said, if he’s secretly set to make his first true appearance next week, it’ll all be worth it.

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