Season Six of The Walking Dead

Carol, Rick, Michonne, Carl, Daryl, Glenn, Maggie - The Walking Dead

A week has passed since The Walking Dead season six finale aired. The internet and indeed pretty much all forms of social media have been abuzz ever since that hour and a half. So much has been said, and no doubt will continue to be said until season seven premieres in the fall, that instead of adding to the hubbub I would instead like to spend some time reflecting on season six. I will just simply say that cliff-hangers are not something I enjoy…


Over the course of season six, I noticed, as no doubt other fans did too, some parallels to other seasons that I found interesting.

1. Maggie on Watchtower and Glenn on Walkway

Glenn and Maggie - The Walking Dead

Back in season four, during episode ten, “Inmates,” after the prison was destroyed and abandoned, we find out that Glenn is alive and unconscious on a partly destroyed elevated walkway at the prison. The scene opens with him lying unconscious and slowly coming to, and as the shot zooms out the walkers below are shown to be very interested in him!

Flash forward to season six, episode eight, “Start to Finish,” when the tower takes out part of the wall around Alexandria and the Walkers swarm in; Maggie escapes the Walkers by climbing the ladder to a watch platform, collapsing after reaching the top after the exertion and stress of her escape.

2. Rick and Group Being Herded

Carl, Rick, Michonne, Daryl - The Walking Dead

The season four finale, episode sixteen, “A,” begins with Rick showing Carl how to trap animals by luring them to pursue a path that leads to the trap, and nothing but the trap. Despite being very careful before entering, once inside Terminus, this is what happened to Rick and his group. When they became suspicious after seeing items that belonged to their friends, a confrontation occurred and a desperate attempt to escape resulted in Rick and his group being herded by the Termites to the courtyard near the boxcar that would become their temporary prison.

In the season six episode sixteen, “Something to Fear,” the road trip to take Maggie to the obstetrician at The Hilltop Colony results in much the same outcome. Every time the RV was stopped and turned around to seek another route, the noose was tightened. And, the walker chain across the road also contained items taken from their friends! In the end, Negan’s men herded Rick and company to exactly where they wanted them to be.

3. Carol on Her Own Just Before a Disaster

Carol and Rick - The Walking Dead

In season four, episode four, “Indifference,” Rick banishes Carol for killing David and Karen when they became sick. Rick had his reasons for banishing her, and Carol had her reasons for killing David and Karen. There are good arguments for which side was right in this matter, but that goes beyond the scope of this discussion. The mere fact that she was banished meant she was outside the prison when it fell. This also meant she was separated from the main two groups when they were captured by the Termites. And, that was an important plot point because Carol was instrumental in Rick and the rest of the group being freed from the Termites.

Now in season six, Carol left Alexandria at the end of episode fourteen, “East,” and thus is outside and not with either of the main groups when Rick and his followers are captured by Negan. This does make me think there could be some similar events in the future where Carol plays an instrumental role is helping to free the survivors from Rick’s group.

New Allies?

Possible Allies - The Walking Dead

In the season six finale, Carol and Morgan meet two men on horseback wearing homemade armor. Because I do not read the comics, I have no idea who they are, but this is possibly a light shining in the darkness and a new ally. I sincerely hope we can trust them, since Alexandria needs allies desperately!

Carol’s Journey

Carol - The Walking Dead

Carol is one of my favorite characters on The Walking Dead. Gradually over the course of six seasons, Carol became, as Rick put it in season six, “a force of nature.” She started out in season one as the mousey, abused wife of Ed and mother to Sophia. By the time season three rolled around, she was teaching the children at the prison how to use weapons, out of sight of their parents. She also took it upon herself to kill infected members of the community when a viral outbreak occurred in order to prevent the illness from spreading. When it became clear in season four that Lizzie’s mind was warped beyond repair, she took the difficult, decisive action we have come to expect from her. And of course who will ever forget the amazing shot she made with a firework rocket to ignite the propane at Terminus, helping to free the group at the beginning of season five?

Considering what a warrior she has developed into over the course of six seasons, it perhaps becomes hard to understand how she could abandon the group in what became their most dire hour of need as season six was wrapping up. But, truthfully, I wonder why all of these people are not suffering from severe PTSD from the life they lead! Even the strongest soldier can be overcome by stress.

While the group occasionally gets temporary respite from the death and fighting, their entire existence is mostly consumed with it. And, in addition to the threat from Walkers and other humans, there is also the danger of life threatening injury and risk of starvation, never far away. So, in my opinion, it is not really that hard to understand her totally losing it. However, it is my hope that by being with Morgan and this new group of potential allies Carol will find her mojo and be back to full strength as an F5 tornado!


What are your thoughts on season six? Did you notice the parallels I saw? What do you think of the possible new allies and Carol’s journey? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below – I look forward to reading what you think!