Elementary “All In” Review (Season 4 Episode 19)


On the first of two back-to-back new episodes of “Elementary,” a woman who came home to find a pile of stolen money and was subsequently shot by an unknown gunman sought help from Holmes and Watson, after revealing a surprising connection to the two- or so she claimed- in “All In.”

The woman in question was realtor Lin Win (Samantha Quan, “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days”), who claimed to have been romantically involved with Mycroft, right up to the point he “died” in the explosion that took out his restaurant, at least. Of course, as we know, the problem with that would be that Joan was also involved with Mycroft at the same time- although she was privy to the fact that Mycroft was still very much alive, at least, so there was that.

After confronting her about this infidelity, despite Lin’s claims that the two had been about to move in together, Lin quickly dismissed Joan’s issues, noting that the two weren’t mutually exclusive and just because they were about to get a place together didn’t mean they had to “stop having fun.” Lin also casually added that “Well, he clearly has a type”- a nod to the fact that both she and Watson were of the Asian persuasion.

Needless to say, none of this went over very well with Joan, and it didn’t exactly help when Lin all but moved in and started going through her stuff to boot. Further, this also meant that whoever was after her could potentially harm Holmes and Watson trying to get to Lin, which didn’t go over well with either of them. “This is not a shelter for wayward and wounded realtors,” Holmes groused.

It turned out that Lin had been running an illegal gambling ring out of her various properties, one of which had recently been robbed by two guys in hockey masks with guns, who took everyone’s wallets, car keys and all the money in the place, roughing up the poker dealer in the process and knocking her out. Then, to add insult to injury, someone took some of the stolen money and planted it at Lin’s place, to make it look as if she were in on it.


When one of the poker players came to her apartment to follow up on a lead that Lin had taken the money, they saw her with it and shot at her, causing her to hightail it out of there. Having nowhere else to go, or so she claimed, she went to Holmes and Watson’s, knowing them by reputation through her relationship with Mycroft and hoping they could figure out who would want to frame her for the crime, much less who did it in the first place.

They talk to Lin’s poker dealer and good friend, Sofia (Sepideh Moafi, “Black Box”), who was on the phone with Lin when she was shot. Sofia was assaulted by one of the robbers, who gave her a black eye and knocked her out. Since she couldn’t report it, it being an illegal operation, she had to lie to the doctors who fixed her up after and said she was hurt some other way.

However, she does still have some evidence of her assaulters, as there is an imprint of one of the guys’ bullet embedded in her arm, where it burnt her in the melee. Holmes recognizes it as Russian in origin, and notes that one of the players there that night was a gun dealer by the name of James Hobberkin, Jr. (Grainger Hines, “The Knick”), who he talks to next, but denies any involvement. In fact, he hired his own private detective, Ian Walker (Kevin Michael Murphy, “Actor”) to investigate the matter and has the paperwork to prove it.

Hobberkin’s theory is that Lin did it and though he never comes out and says so, he was clearly the one who shot her, and admits that he found part of his money there, but she took off with the rest. Hobberkin offers Holmes a reward if he can find her and the rest of his money, but Holmes brushes him off, knowing full well where Lin and his money are and wanting no part of it.

Given that Walker is found dead soon after, Holmes wasn’t wrong to say no, for reasons that went even further beyond his initial reservations. That said, Walker does seem to have been killed by accident, with the killer having tried to knock him out with chloroform and accidently suffocating him in the process. Traces of tobacco indicate it was likely a smoker, but other substances found on the body like coconut only serve to confuse.

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Walker’s death gets the police involved, and Gregson and Bell go to the location of the poker robbery, which is already being cleared out by a fellow realtor, thus getting rid of most, if not all evidence in the process, down to the bullet holes from the gunmen being plastered over by workmen. Bell spots an odd lighting affect that gets his attention and eventually traces it back to a spy camera installed in the ceiling.

Lin is brought to the station and isn’t happy about it, but that turns out to have more to do with Watson having called Lin’s mother to ask questions about her than being ratted out to the cops by all concerned. However, they do discover that Lin knew nothing about a spy camera, and that the only person that could have installed it was Mateo Peña (Stephen DeRosa, “Boardwalk Empire”), as the location of the poker game was constantly moving, as per the availability of Lin’s properties.

As the only one left alone in the room the game was in, Lin determined it had to be him, so a talk is clearly in order. Peña admits to installing the camera, but he says it wasn’t to case the joint, but to cheat at poker, with an assist from a guy named Trevor, who was his lookout man outside, transmitting info on everyone’s poker hands into his ear, so as to know how he should bet. As such, he was winning the game, and so had no reason to rob everyone.

Peña naturally has access to said footage, which means he has footage of the robbery, which he happily sends off to various emails, as per Holmes’ request, including to Watson. She and Lin watch over the footage, but get a rude and decidedly unexpected awakening when suddenly Agent McNally (a returning Tim Guinee, “The Good Wife”) of the NSA comes on the screen, informing them that they’ll be taking over the case from here on out and promptly wiping Watson’s computer and knocking out the power to boot.

Holmes restores the power, more than a little upset by this development, and Watson reports to him that she got in touch with his father, who confirmed that Mycroft is still alive and well, but unavailable to confirm or deny Lin’s claims. She also noticed before the NSA cut in that one of the guys had bad hair plugs in, and that she suspects that few doctors in town still do things that way, so they should be able to find one of the robbers that way, potentially.


She’s right and they actually find both of the robbers at a smoke shop- hence the tobacco on Walker’s body, but they lie about having an alibi, which Holmes oddly doesn’t press them on, much to Watson’s chagrin. It turns out that he spotted a sketchy van outside the shop and quite correctly realized that the NSA was already watching over the brothers responsible for the theft and Walker’s death.

Holmes speaks loudly beside the van, indicating that he’ll walk away if McNally agrees to meet with him elsewhere for info, which they agree to via a knock on the van. McNally drops a bombshell: it seems that, in a “Crying Game”-style twist, Sofia is actually Szofi Demir in disguise, a lethal spy that is among their most wanted and the person they are really after, as well as the one who pulled the heist, with the help of the two brothers, who are also spies.

Holmes offers to help him catch the three in question, but McNally says he’s done enough already, as all concerned left town after Holmes’ questioning spooked them and they realized how close he was to figuring it out. “Congratulations, Holmes- you just helped three spies get away with murder.” Whoops! Of course, this could have all been avoided, if they had let Holmes help in the first place, but oh well…

No longer concerned with the robbery anymore, McNally happily gives back the footage. After checking it out thoroughly, Holmes decides that the robbery was actually a distraction meant to cover up the real target: stealing keys from Peña so that they could get access to the place where the footage was transmitted- SemperFex Computers.

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The reason being, the spies wanted to plant a “ghost jack”- a sort of high-tech flash drive that would have allowed the spies to communicate illicitly with their bosses without anyone being none the wiser. Holmes finds said jack, which they had already installed and the NSA captures “Sofia” at the airport and give “her” an ultimatum to give up “her” boss or else. “Sofia” writes down the name of “her” boss and that’s all “she” (or he, as the case may be) wrote.

(Side note: I use “her” in quotes because I wasn’t entirely sure if “she” was a post-op transsexual, which would be a proper “her,” obviously; or a simply a guy in drag and thus, merely a “transvestite,” which would actually be a “he” instead, and I don’t want to offend anyone’s sensibilities if I misread things. From what I could tell, though, it was a guy dressed as a girl, although the person playing the role was, in fact, a woman for real. Aren’t you glad we cleared all that up, sort of?

This message is brought to you by a likely overtly trying-too-hard-to-be politically correct card-carrying member of the Millennial generation, albeit by the skin of my teeth, lol. Don’t you miss when you didn’t have to be so PC, everyone? I know I do, and I say that with respect where respect’s due to all concerned, as a lover of all humanity- save the evil ones, of course. 🙂 * Big sigh. *)

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We end with Watson confronting Lin in a heated debate, in which she told her she found out who she really was, which wasn’t Mycroft’s ex at all, but in fact…drumroll, please…Watson’s own half-sister! Did NOT see that twist coming. It seems that her biological dad had an affair- and indeed, an entire family- separate from Watson’s, of which Lin was the spawn. Whoa!

Ah, the old “secret family” twist- nice one, “Elementary.” It does explain Lin’s decidedly cavalier attitude towards the loss of Mycroft and her lack of caring about the fact that they were supposedly both sleeping with him, though. More on that in Review #2, so join me for that one shortly.

This was a decent enough episode, with some insane and decidedly unexpected twists, if it was all a bit hard to follow at times. The comedic elements were decidedly on point, and I really got a kick out of the warped dynamic between Lin and Joan, not to mention Holmes’ bemused reaction to it all and his typically deadpan overall lack of surprise in Mycroft’s alleged actions.

Factor in Holmes on a trampoline, a Clyde reference and some funny lines and this was a solid enough episode, though I think I slightly preferred the second one, which was even funnier and just as out there, plotting-wise, but in a way I connected to better. You know how us Millennials are about “selfies,” after all, lol. (I’m totally kidding- not much for the selfies, personally.)

Feel free to comment on the episode down below, and be sure and join me for my review of the following episode, “Art Imitates Art,” which can be found here. See you there!