The Originals “Behind the Black Horizon” Review (Season 3 Episode 17)

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Field trip! On the latest episode of “The Originals,” the gang took a detour to Mystic Falls, aka the town of their birth- or is it? – to deal with Lucien in “Behind the Black Horizon.” Okay, first off- correct me if I’m wrong, but weren’t the Originals actually from Norway?

I even looked it up on the Wiki, which confirms it, so I know I’m not retconning the whole thing- but apparently the show is. Now that I’ve got that off my chest we can continue, but seriously: WTF?

We began with Lucien, Vincent and Freya traipsing through the woods to some unknown destination, where we discover that Vincent’s ongoing possession is a result of his having done that spell to connect him to the Ancestors to find the White Oak bullet.

It worked all too well, as it has proven to be a two-way street, with the Ancestors taking control of him whenever they see fit, forcing him to bend to their will. Not sure why they want Vincent to help Lucien, as he is a vampire, and last I checked, the two were normally enemies, but okay, sure, I can buy that the Ancestors hate the Originals more than they hate vampires in general and are just using Lucien as a means to an end.

Whatever the case, Lucien apparently has a plot to make himself into sort of an über-Original, with Vincent doing the spell with a little help from the Ancestors, while Freya will provide the Original blood needed to complete the task at hand, albeit not willingly. So much for Freya and Lucien’s ongoing flirtation. Nothing says it’s over before it’s even started like some excessive bloodletting!

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Meanwhile, Davina shows up at St. Vincent’s Infirmary for a meet with the man himself, only to find Vincent unaccounted for. Telling Kol she suspects foul play, as the meet was his idea, she has a look around and sure enough, finds a video message from Vincent, who realized what was going on before it was too late and hastily tipped her off, for obvious reasons.

Vincent fills Davina in, noting that there’s a loophole that Lucien didn’t know about, because of course there is. It seems that Vincent and Finn are connected by blood and that she can use Finn’s blood to find Vincent, and thus lead them to Freya. Davina fills in everyone, and Finn and Elijah head off on their own while Davina and Kol get to work on the spell.

Elijah also calls Klaus to let him know what’s going on and he considers going back to join them, but ultimately decides to stick with Hayley and continue their investigation of Kingmaker Land Development, suspecting that the two seemingly disparate things might well be connected after all.

Lucien sets up in the woods, preparing everything for his own spell, with Vincent’s help, whether he likes it or not. It turns out he had a coven reverse-engineer the spell that Esther Mikaelson used to make her children into immortal vampires in the first place and intends to make himself into an Original vampire as well, but with a few tweaks that will apparently make him even stronger than Klaus and company.

Davina figures out via a locator spell that Lucien and company are in Mystic Falls, Virginia, but not their precise location. Kol is angered as per usual by the imperfect nature of Davina’s magic and says that he knows of an object that can help but they need to get it from Cami, even if they have to force her hand. Davina balks at this and says that she will be coming along to keep Kol in line.

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Lucien tells the others that it was he who discovered the prophecy and when he did, he took it to be a sign that his rise would be their downfall and that he was the “friend” that would betray them- though “friend” is a bit of a stretch, given their past history, which is why I thought it might be Marcel for most of this time.

As Finn and Elijah head to Mystic Falls themselves, Finn laments his time spent daggered in a coffin, telling Elijah that his own time spent there is small potatoes compared to his own, which lasted centuries, not the relatively brief time Elijah spent doing the same.

The worst thing was, he was still present, in terms of his mind being able to function, meaning that he was alone with his thoughts for all that time, and it had made him more than a little loopy. Understandably so. He also cites it as the reason he is so resentful of his family- they have gotten to live such a rich, fuller life compared to his.

Kol is his now-usual typically antagonistic self to Cami and Davina sends him away. Cami gives her the object she needs, but warns Davina that Kol’s behavior is unnervingly reminiscent of her Uncle’s, right before he hauled off and killed a bunch of people. She suspects he might be a victim of the same curse that her Uncle was and tells Davina to keep a close eye on him.

Upon arriving in Mystic Falls, Elijah and Finn almost immediately run into none other than Matt Donovan (a visiting Zach Roerig, from “The Vampire Diaries”), who informs them they need to turn around immediately, as this is a vampire-free zone now. Elijah and Finn warn Matt to stand down or they will disembowel him, but, like a boss, Matt counters with the fact that, the last time he saw Finn, he was killing him. Burn!

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Klaus and Hayley finally track down Kingmaker Land Development’s home office and Klaus tries to compel the woman at the front desk to take them to the most private areas of the building, but she’s apparently immune to compulsion and sounds the alarm instead, which sends the guards running to take them out.

No such luck, as Hayley and Klaus make mincemeat out of the whole lot of them, and then proceed to explore the building anyway, finding a room in which a host of werewolves- and one lone vampire- are all being held in captivity and, from the looks of things, being experimented on. At least one of the werewolves are alive, and Hayley gives him her blood to help him heal so that they can question him.

It seems that someone has been capturing werewolves from all of the major packs all over the States and draining them of their venom to test it on vampires- hence the vampire in the room, who was being used as a guinea pig of sorts.

At first, Klaus thinks that they are working on some sort of antidote for a werewolf bite, which would explain how Lucien got a hold of it, but the werewolf says that it was quite the opposite, and that instead, they were looking to create a sort of super-werewolf venom from all of the packs that would be devastating- and lethal- to all vampires.

Davina returns to do the spell with Kol, using the object she got from Cami, which works, as Finn immediately collapses and says he knows exactly where Lucien and company are. Meanwhile, Lucien completes the spell and drinks a vial of the concoction that results. Vincent tries to resist the Ancestors and fight Lucien, but Lucien easily combats it and knocks him out.

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Elijah and Finn arrive, just as Lucien is set to finish off Freya as well, with Matt in tow. Lucien threatens to kill Freya on the spot, but Elijah grabs Matt’s super-powered anti-vamp gun and immediately shoots Freya without warning, with the bullet traveling through her and into Lucien, who’s standing behind her. Both collapse to the ground, and Elijah rushes to Freya’s side to give her his blood to heal her.

Freya revives and tells Elijah and company that they only played right into Lucien’s hands- he actually needed to “die” to be reborn as an über-Original. Sure enough, Lucien rises and unhesitatingly bites an unsuspecting Finn, who screams in pain.

Freya quickly puts up a barrier spell in between her and the others and Lucien to protect them, but Lucien is unfazed, saying he already waited this long for his revenge, so he can wait a little longer to decimate the Mikaelsons one by one. He points out that he wants to take his time and relish it, anyway, which doesn’t sound good and promptly takes off.

Kol’s behavior continues to become more and more erratic and threatening towards Davina, and he punches a mirror in anger before leaving in a huff after Davina confronts him about it. She notices that he left some of his blood behind on the mirror and uses it to do a spell to find out what’s really going on with him.

Klaus gets a call with an update from Elijah- this time they really do need him, in order to heal Finn from the Hybrid bite he received at the fangs of Lucien. Klaus contemplates not going, not being the biggest fan of Finn’s in the first place, but Hayley talks him into it and says she’ll continue the investigation in his wake, beginning with burning the Kingmaker building to the ground.

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Klaus arrives back at the compound and gives Finn his blood, which seems to work- at first. However, the Hybrid bite of Lucien is more virulent than most werewolves and is able to withstand even Klaus’ blood as a cure, and Finn ends up throwing it up and getting sick again almost immediately. He dies shortly thereafter, his family gathered around him, save a sullen Kol, of course.

Dead for good this time, but at peace with it in his final moments, glad to have ended his suffering, the Mikaelsons have Finn cremated and scatter his ashes one by one into the river, with each saying a few words in his memory- even Kol, who says he hopes he finds some sort of peace in death, even though he basically hated him. Talk about a backhanded compliment! Freya thanks him for saving her life, while Klaus, naturally, vows to avenge him.

Vincent finally meets with Davina back at St. James Infirmary, where she tells him that the spell she used to bring Kol back was corrupted by the Ancestors, which is why he’s behaving so erratically. Vincent is about fed up with the Ancestors as well, given their abuse of him, so the two vow to put a stop to the Ancestors’ shenanigans for good this time, by whatever means necessary.

Freya remembers that Lucien had enough of the serum he concocted for two and wonders if he will still be vulnerable in the meantime if he hasn’t drunk it yet, but then Klaus realizes what he’s really up to: Lucien wants to make his beloved Aurora into an über-Original, too. Suddenly, his decision not to kill her outright is looking like a bad one, which I could have told you.

Sure enough, they head to the place where Klaus walled Aurora up and it’s vacant, with Lucien having already absconded with Aurora, which means he’s not the only super-threat in town anymore- and the other one has even more of a reason to want to see Klaus deader than a doornail. Whoops!

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This was a fun one, with lots of twists and turns and an unexpected sojourn to Mystic Falls, complete with an entertaining cameo turn by Zach Roerig as Matt, who had that great scene with Elijah and Finn that was highly amusing. Okay, so Lucien turning out to be a villain wasn’t exactly a shocker, but I didn’t see the whole über-Original thing coming, and I like that they made Aurora one as well. You can’t say that Elijah didn’t warn Klaus that he should have killed her when he had the chance.

Count on Aurora not letting Klaus go down easy, but then, I wouldn’t count on Klaus going down, period, so Aurora had better watch her own back. I can’t help but feel like there will be at least one more major death, with it already established that one bite from Lucien- and now Aurora- can kill an Original.

Although, the death in question might not necessarily be an Original. We’ll just have to wait and see, but with only a handful of episodes left, it should be an entertaining run of final shows. Can’t wait to see how it all plays out!

What did you think of the latest episode of “The Originals”? Are you happy with the way went down? Do you think Lucien and Aurora will be formidable opponents, or is their bark worse than their bite? Who will be left standing at the end of the season? Were you sad to see Finn go once again? Will Davina and Vincent be able to defeat the Ancestors? Sound off on this and more down below in the comments section and see you next week!