The Originals “Alone with Everybody” Review (Season 3 Episode 16)

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On the latest episode of “The Originals,” and the first back after an extended hiatus, we began with an uncharacteristically upbeat Elijah jamming with the band at St. John’s Infirmary on piano, which was quite a sight to be sure, in “Alone with Everybody.” Off-screen, there was plenty to celebrate, as it turns out the CW renewed not just “The Originals” itself, but ALL of their shows, in an unprecedented move. (Read more about it here.)

Of course, this being the kind of show it is, the on-screen fun was not to last, as Elijah overheard talk of word that the White Oak bullet was in town and went after the man in question who said it. Alas, his guards from the Strix cut him off outside and the man gets away- for now- as Marcel catches up to them and chastens Elijah for running off alone when so many of his enemies were about lately.

Meanwhile, no sooner has Vincent found the White Oak bullet than a mysterious blonde lady (the delectable and typically brunette Taylor Cole, of “CSI: Miami” and “The Event” fame) corners him to take it, with the help of a group of thugs. Vincent tries to work his magic on her, but to no avail. In fact, she’s a little disappointed, saying she expected more from the Regent of New Orleans.

There’s a reason for that, though, as we discover later. Either way, the blonde absconds with the bullet, informing him that she’s taking it to a mysterious benefactor and that she’s just a “hired gun.”

Meanwhile, Klaus and Hayley are still on the road. Klaus wants to head somewhere exotic, but Hayley has other plans, which she won’t tell him about just yet, which does not go over well with him. Either way, it involves dressing Klaus in a “Mother Trucker” hat, so it can’t be all bad.

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They visit a bar, where they encounter Hayley’s old friend Hollis (Dan Martin, “Numb3ers,” but who to me will always be that cop who sings the funny limerick in Stephen King’s underrated “Sleepwalkers”), who says they can stay there for the time being to lay low.

Josh visits Marcel, wanting to join the Strix, too, saying that he can help with the White Oak thing. He points out that most of the Strix are old-school types that aren’t exactly up on current technology, which is where he can help. It seems that there’s buzz on the Dark Web that an auction is being held in town for the bullet, and that bids can be placed for it online.

Though skeptical, Marcel agrees to see what he can do if Josh helps with the matter. Vincent comes in, and informs them that it’s true and tells them about the blonde, who is revealed to be Sofya, which is the worst spelling of that name imaginable. (Sorry, wacky spellings of normal names is a pet peeve of mine.)

Lucien pays a flirty visit to Freya, while Kol informs Elijah about Finn’s return, which he isn’t too happy about. Elijah thinks it might be an after-effect of Davina’s spell and tells him to slow his roll, but Freya believes him and sees it as an opportunity to mend fences and bring the family together again. Finn himself arrives and it’s time to talk reconciliation, much to Kol’s chagrin.

Marcel calls Elijah to tell him about the auction and how the Strix are nervous about his well-being, under the circumstances. Lest we forget, if Elijah dies, so do all the vampires he sired. Elijah assures Marcel that all is well and that he’s safe at the compound with lots of protection and won’t be going anywhere, regardless, having bigger fish to fry with the whole Finn situation. Marcel agrees to handle the whole auction thing and at some point Elijah actually utters the word “staycation,” God help us all.

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Back at the bar, Klaus and Hayley are squabbling about whether it’s wise to stick around there or not, especially with Hope involved. Hayley gets word that a girl she used to babysit just killed someone who tried to rob a convenience store, triggering her werewolf curse. She wants to find her and talk to her, letting her know she’s not alone and what happened wasn’t her fault, but Klaus balks even further.

Marcel tracks down the guy Elijah overheard earlier and knocks him out and brings him back to his place. Josh uses his thumb to open his locked phone and look through his email and the like. He finds a log-in password and the email address for the auction website.

Upon entering it, there’s a message from Sofya, who says the bidding will begin at $5 million, but that people are free to bid with other resources and property, and the bullet will go to whoever’s offer is most alluring. Marcel suggests a Latin word meaning “anything” as a bid and the bid is accepted.

Almost immediately, the phone rings and it’s Sofya, who gives them an address and tells them to be there at 4pm. The team formulates a plan and it’s agreed that Josh will pose as the buyer and Marcel and Vincent will arrive hot on his heels to step in and sabotage the proceedings shortly thereafter and they head to the hotel the meeting will take place at.

Back at the Mikaelson compound, Finn scoffs at the prospect of making up with his brothers, who he still hates for all they put him through, with Kol right there with him for “killing” him previously. Finn says he had it worse, and things spiral downward from there. Freya does her best to keep the peace, but it’s not going well.

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Finn begs her to put him into a witch’s body, as he hates being a vampire again, something that Kol can certainly relate to. However, he’s stuck being a vampire and can’t leave his body, unlike Finn, so naturally he resents Finn even more for that even being a possibility in his case. But Finn says if Freya does, he’ll leave and never come back, thus keeping him from causing more trouble and keeping Kol at bay in the process.

Josh arrives at the hotel room, and gives Sofya a fake name, but she sees right through him and tells him to give Marcel a message that her employer will see to it that the Mikaelsons pay for their sins right before setting her group of thugs upon him. Eventually, the cavalry arrives to save his bacon, though not before Josh gets his ass handed to him.

Hayley tells Klaus he can leave, but she’s staying behind to help Kala (the excellently-named Amber Midthunder- see, that’s how you do it, people!), the newly-minted werewolf, whether he likes it or not. She tells him he’s his own worst enemy and that all the enemies he has are his fault for being so antagonistic all the time, pointing out that being kind doesn’t have to mean you are weak. Klaus is taken aback, because she has a point.

Kol runs to Davina to complain about Finn getting a second chance he never will in a witch’s body, assuming Freya actually goes through with it. He says he wants Finn to suffer like he made him suffer, and Davina agrees to help. They embrace and we see that Kol very nearly bites her, clearly getting more and more out of control. Might this be the actual after-effects of Davina’s spell that brought him back?

Marcel uses the blood at the hotel to track Sofya down and corners her in an alleyway with a group of his vampires shortly afterwards, telling her she’s dead if she doesn’t tell them who her benefactor is. Sofya says she’s already dead if she does tell them, but then, so are they for crossing him. Either way, Marcel secures the bullet and returns it to Elijah.

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As Davina pulls out her book of spells to find one to combat Finn, Elijah insists Finn wait before he does anything as they need to address their other problems first. Finn tells Elijah that it’s been a struggle to maintain control since his return and he suspects that Kol has been having the same issues. Davina arrives and casts a spell on him, locking him in his vampire body for good, just like Kol.

Finn attacks her in return, but Kol intervenes on her behalf. Elijah stops the two from fighting and Kol and Davina storm out. Elijah informs Finn he has the bullet and everything’s okay now, and goes to burn it with Freya’s help, but Finn snatches the bullet at the last minute before it goes up in flames.

He’s worried they might need it to kill one of them if either him or Kol get out of control because of the circumstances that brought them back. Freya agrees to cloak herself and take the bullet and hide it somewhere undercover of magic to keep it safe, just in case they need it.

Hayley takes Kala to a special place in the woods, where werewolves come to honor the dead they’ve killed when they activated their curses. She points out that Kala’s not alone- many have gone through this- and she should do the same, whether the guy she killed had it coming or not. Hayley also gives Kala a rough idea of what to expect when she changes for the first time during the full moon. Klaus overhears all this from afar as he watches over them.

Vincent and Josh continue to question Sofya, but she’s not talking. Suddenly, Vincent is possessed by the same forces as before, the ones that led him to the bullet in the first place. He snaps Josh’s neck and frees Sofya, who says she wants Vincent to help “him,” whoever that is and they leave.

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Klaus approaches Hayley and apologizes for flying off the handle earlier. He decides that a more measured approach is perhaps the better way to go sometimes and thanks her for sticking with him while he figured that out. He tells her he thinks they should make decisions in regards to Hope as equals, not adversaries.

Klaus also mentions he left Hope with Hollis for safe-keeping when he followed her because if she trusted him, it was good enough for Klaus, which was nice. Klaus notices the badge that the man who Kala killed had on him hanging on a tree, which was hung there as a sort of totem of him to commemorate his death, as per Hayley’s suggestion. He says he doesn’t think his going after Kala was an accident after all- he was doing it on purpose.

The reason being, the badge has the Kingmaker insignia on it, which, if you’ll recall, was the group of land developers that was killing werewolves back in New Orleans as well. Klaus doesn’t think that’s a coincidence and that Kingmaker might be hunting werewolves on purpose- but why?

Marcel talks to Elijah, worried that not destroying the bullet was a bad move. Elijah jokingly suggests he should get used to more sibling rivalry in the immediate future, but also wonders if getting the bullet was a little too easy. Marcel finds that to be all too true when he gets back home to find Sofya and Vincent gone, Josh unconscious and no idea what happened.

Suddenly, it dawns on Elijah what’s really going on, and that the real threat has been under their noses all along. Everything that has been going on was only a distraction from the real problem- but what- or rather who was it, really?

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We find out the hard way when Vincent approaches Freya, knocks her out and men pull up and toss her in a van and screech out of there. It turns out the real threat was Lucien all along, who ties Freya up and holds her captive, taking the bullet from her as well. He hints that he has plans for the bullet and that it concerns at least one of her brothers, and that is where we leave things.

This was a decent enough episode that served more as a set-up for the final Big Bad of the season, Lucien, than anything else. I can’t say I was that surprised that he turned out to be the “friend” that ended up betraying the Mikaelsons, as he was never much of a friend in the first place. Yes, it could have well been Marcel, but I figured it was more likely Lucien, and that proved to be the case here.

The question is, what exactly is he up to, beyond wanting to kill Klaus, if not his brothers as well? I feel like there must be more to it than that, but I’m not sure what it might be. Maybe he wants to take over New Orleans for himself, perhaps? I guess we’ll have to wait and see next week. Either way, it should be interesting to see him try to kill one of the brothers.

What did you think of “The Originals” this week? What do you think will happen next week? Which brother will Lucien go after first? What are his plans for Freya? What’s going on with Vincent? Who’s possessing him? Are you happy the show was renewed for another season? Sound off on this and more down below and see you next week!