The Amazing Race “Welcome to Bloody Fingers 101” Review (Season 28 Episode 7)

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The Amazing Race beat me to the incredibly obvious “Midnight Train to Georgia” joke tonight before I could get there! I was literally just typing it onto the site when Phil looked right at the camera at the beginning of “Welcome to Bloody Fingers 101” and ruined my zinger! Ah well. At least the episode was pretty good!

I talked a bit last week about how glad I was that they didn’t tell us when teams checked in last week that it was a “keep racing” leg. I always hated when the first team would be told to keep racing because it would completely rob the rest of the leg of any suspense because you knew the last team wouldn’t leave. This leg picked up right where that one left off as Sherri and Cole ran away from the Pit Stop.

The teams took a {sigh} midnight train to (the country of) Georgia, where they all seemed to have extremely varying levels of success with their cabbies. You’ve gotta love it when your cab driver tells you to get out of the car and walk the rest of the way. Yet again I don’t think the teams have been given their own cars in a single leg, and we’re in leg 7 already! I understand that cab drivers are just a part of the race and all, but giving people their own cars and truly testing their skills of navigation is a lot more fun for me.

Anyway, the Detour was a choice between dipping candy or cleaning out a wine barrel. Neither of the challenges were particularly exciting to watch. The candy making was the only one with any kind of intrigue because people were straight up stabbing themselves in the fingers until they bled! That was pretty intense!

The Road Block was definitely meant to be the flashiest challenge of the week, but it was still just another dance challenge. There haven’t been too many of those on this season, but we’ve seen dozens of them over the years. This definitely seemed to be one of the more complex routines that we’ve seen in a while, but they made up for it by letting people apparently keep trying as often as they wanted. In previous dance challenges they usually require you to keep practicing after you fail, but they let you just walk right back and start the song over again! It was nice to see the dancers finally get another chance to strut their stuff, and I was very impressed in Ashley as well. I know a bit about her from her work on Rooster Teeth but had no idea she had a dance background, so that was a welcome surprise.

Another nice surprise in the episode was the very exciting race to the finish. I thought for sure that Tyler and Korey were going home, but instead we had an exciting car chase ending in a footrace, which the younger guys won. I was sad to see Scott and Blair go home, though, if only for the fact that I really thought Blair was a genuinely fun and bright person and wished she could do more.

Random Thoughts:

– I love the confidence of the Georgian people to just straight up unabashedly speak to everybody in their native tongue. It’s like they barely knew (or cared) that the racers couldn’t understand them at all.

– I watch most of my TV shows with the captions on, and it often gets things very wrong. My favorite one tonight is when Tyler stabbed himself while making the candy string and said “This hurts like a son of a bipartisan”.

– That Scott guy is one overconfident dude. He keeps talking about how smart he is and that he could beat Tyler and Korey in a footrace, but this episode really put him in his place. Between being a terrible dancer, grabbing the wrong bag, and losing that footrace, I’d say he’s been brought down a peg.